Sony recently posted a video montage of a ton of new offerings for the PlayStation Vita. Makes you wonder why they didn’t show this at their E3 Press Conference. In any case, what’s intriguing is what is shown at the 1:42 mark of the video provided. It’s Project Diva, a rhythm game published by Sega. A game series based on the virtual sensation, virtual-diva vocaloid Hatsune Miku. It even includes the ESRB pending rated, and this video is from Sony themselves. Like many rhythm games out in Japan, like the aformentioned and IdolM@aster. It seemed like these types of games would never leave Japan due to numerous licensing issues with the tracks among other things.

While not finalized or fact by any means, we  do hope an announcement is eminent. While these types of games may not seem like much, they’re popular outside of Japan so it has an audience itching to play them in English. We will update when the time comes.

David Fernandes
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