We can all dream… Can’t we?

A picture has recently leaked, with a picture of the WiiU gamepad with the title of Metroid Prime 4, but with a very reminiscent look of the Metroid Prime Trilogy menu.  Is it real or just an easy way to fool fans of the franchise?  As with the rumors of Retro making a Starfox game (Not the Starfox/Metroid rumor which got busted earlier), there doesn’t seem to be any possibility for them to be making a new entry into the Prime series. If the rumor is true, it might mean that Nintendo is trying to give the Metroid franchise to new hands, but that seems a bit doubtful. There could be a good reason to make a Metroid Prime 4, though, knowing the ending for the Prime Trilogy. But when we get down to it, the photo looks a lot like the Metroid Prime Trilogy menu, which is extremely lazy, even for a prototype.
We can only wait for tomorrow when Nintendo pumps it up with their whole 3 separate conferences over the course of E3. So if Metroid is not there for you, there might be some other stuff to interest you there.

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