The new installment for the Far Cry series is going back to its roots. Unlike the second game which took place in the African savanna, this takes place on several tropical islands in the intersection of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Though taking back its tropical setting, it will be taking the second game’s major change from its predecessor, the use of an open world, full of areas for you to explore at your leisure.

In Far Cry 3, you take on the role of Jason Brody, a tourist who has been stranded on an island chain in the grips of violent local conflict for years. Jason has been separated from his girlfriend and, in his search for her, has had to deal with unstable characters who have been trapped on these islands for some time. One of these characters, Vaas, is definitly one of the more unsettling, and insane inhabitants of this island.

At Ubisoft‘s Press Conference at this years E3, more footage was shown. Not only showing off some of the game’s impressive environments and action packed scenarios, tigers included, but they also showed off the interesting concept of a much deeper and engaging story. It started off with a usual site of a tribal ritual going on, then closes that up with Jason jumping from a waterfall next to an encampment, witnessing two armed men engaged with beating a helpless woman. While seeing this, stealth is shown, with quick time button presses to apply your knife and quickly kill the two men. Vass, who seems to be the main antagonist, has all the psychotic men attack you on sight with loud speakers continually taunting you. Jason then engages in a gun fight, using the cover base gameplay shown back at last years E3. With a surprise twist, Jason even freed a tiger from it’s cage, which proceeded to slaughter its captors. Then we see the use of a grenade knocking back a foe with a flame thrower, then swiftly killing him with the knife, all the while explosions everywhere; which the player can cause of coarse.

Then the player corners Vaas, who tricks Jason into a room, stabbing with the tip on the knife what seems to be coated in poison. In a hallucinative state, Jason sees all sorts of weird and strange things. While in the maddening state, Vass still taunts him, revealing the woman he is looking for is his sister while stating “My sister will make a man out of you.” The end of it shows him trying his best to have Jason kill him, warping into him and back. The gun shot is heard, then the screen cuts to black with Vass finishing off monolouge, “You are me, and I am you.”

Then it ended with a montage of different locals, with impressive visual flair. If you were not a fan of the open world of the second game, these sites are sure to please you.

It’s scheduled to hit stores on September 4th in North America, while Europe get’s it on the 6th, both of this year . It will be available for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.


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