From the developers who gave us Heavy Rain, and Indigo ProphecyQuantic Dream comes what looks to be another interesting game in the works here. Lets just get this out of the way: like Heavy Rain, the game looks gorgeous to say the least. The dubbing this time around, from what little we heard, seems to have gotten an improvement over its predecessor.  Motion capture, one of their key traits, is shown. And from what we saw, phenomenal work, as always. Using this to really grab a player emotionally, trying to connect to them, making the character in-game feel like real people. This has always been their staple when it came to making games; this looks to be no different.

The game is centered around questions about what happens after death. The game’s producer noted that players might be able to find out “what lies beyond” after playing the game. The game features a dark graphical style, like Heavy Rain. Jodi Holmes is voiced by Ellen Page, and the game will revolve around her 15 year story. The game tracks the different paths her life takes as she tries to come to terms with who she is. Player decisions will impact how events unfold, much like Quantic Dream’s previous game, Heavy Rain.

Sony‘s E3 Press Conference demo showed our main lead Jodi sitting an interrogation room, with a police officer trying to get some answers from her. “I found you by the side of the road in the middle of nowhere.  Was there an accident?”  Even though politely asking her, she remains dead silent. The officer leaves to check the ‘missing persons’ list, but as he was going to leave, the coffee cup he left her earlier suddenly levitates and tossed to the nearest wall, smashing it to pieces right in front of Jodie.

While he tries to  leave again, she finally utters a word, “They’re coming“. Right and then a SWAT team bursts in looking for her. Jodie is on the run when we meet her, and something dangerous and clearly supernatural is keeping her going. The demo ends with a series of scenes showing her escape. “Tell them to leave me the f*** alone,” she tells a downed SWAT agent. “Because next time, I’ll kill everyone.

Whatever made her lose trust in people and turn violent, must have been a horrible experience coupled with terrible memories, and something super natural exists that haunts her.

It seems the guys at Quantic have another story to tell, and like their previous games, it’s a dark twisted tale worth checking out. Beyond: Two Souls is an exclusive for the PS3.

Screenshots courtesy of Kotaku

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