Hey, remember that rumor about Retro Studios’ latest game? The one that said that they were working on a crossover between Star Fox and Metroid? Hate to burst your bubble, but this myth has been busted.

Funnily enough, the person claiming that this rumor is false is the same person who spread the rumor in the first place. The Paul Gale Network said that “This game is not what Retro Studios is working on and it will not make an appearance at E3 next week.” He did go on to say that the idea was one of several ideas that were at least proposed to Nintendo.

I suspect the reason why many people believed this rumor and spread it like wildfire is because the Paul Gale Network had previously leaked PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale six months before it was revealed. What people forget is that they also spread a rumor that the developers behind Batman: Arkham Asylum and Arhkam City were also planning to make a mature TMNT game, which has been flat-out busted by the developers themselves.

With E3 just around the corner, we’re probably going to see what Retro’s has really been working on. Personally, I hope they’ve been working on a new Star Fox game.

…a man can dream, can’t he?


Kyle Emch
Kyle has been studying music at college for about three years now. He's played the piano since he was 6 years old and has been recently been learning how to write music. He has followed the Operation Rainfall movement on Facebook since it started and was happy to volunteer for the website. Just don't mention Earthbound or the Mother franchise around him.