She only eats sunlight.

In the last episode of Shin Megami Tensei, we found our allies wandering among other lost souls in the spirit world. We found a spring of soma, and gathered some of the substance (in our hands? Did we have a convenient bottle in which to collect it? Did we just pick up a chunk of solid soma and jam it in our pocket? They never explain this) to bring back to En-No-Ozuno.

Then our internet connection crashed and the show abruptly ended without me knowing. Off camera, I fused a couple of new minions and rearranged my party for maximum turn-advantage. As you’ll observe, I brought a Gandharva to the front lines again. Despite being such a low level at this point, having both Lullaby and Happy Stare as EXTRA-moves really helps out in the survivability department, provided the Gandharva itself doesn’t get hit)

Let’s hope this show goes by without any demons taking over our computer!
…unfortunately, we did run into a glitch early-on, where our Soma quest ended up freezing the game. Supposedly the “Miracle Drug” was so good it caused the game to freeze!

The “middle-ring” of the spirit world map was opened to us, and we were tasked with retrieving two powerful weapons from the phantasms that held them. However, Q had to go it alone, with only 3 demons in his party being able to tag along. This ended up being another bottleneck in our journey, but we toughed it out so far and have returned, bruised and bleeding, with one of the two weapons.

What does En-No-Ozuno have planned for us?

-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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