In the last episode, we rescued Agent NiteMare, who informed us that in order to talk to Gotou and the American Ambassador Thorman.  Agent Jaymonius left to attack Ozawa, while Agent Archon left to rescue his girlfriend. The main party went exploring, and happened to find the location where the kidnapped NiteMares were being held!
Off cam, I fused a Nekomata out of the Gaian Suicide Squad and the Majuu Sanki, hopefully another family of demon that I’ll be able to raise alongside the Yousei I already have.  Now, to  see if we can deal with those “silly grown-ups”:

Off Cam, I’ll be doing a little training to try and get to Level 24 and upgrade my minions to match.
Also, I’ll try and add a little more description to, and fix up the feature-image a little each time, perhaps to reflect my minions as they change and undergo fusion over the course of this story.

-Agent Q. Mulative, Dark Weres

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