While the release date for North America was pushed back with the PAL region release date, early 2013.  The wait however for both with was announced, may be worth it.  Our pals at Siliconera talked with Akihiro Hino, president and CEO of Level-5.  The question asked was about downloadable content, he said this: “In terms of the DLC, regardless of it being paid or free, we will definitely be bringing it over to the States. But in terms of other, additional content, we are still in the midst of planning that out along with Namco bandai as well as with Level-5 as well.”

Followed up with: “Other than that, we are planning for additional enhancements to the game, so what we can say right now is that it’ll definitely be more than what we provided in the Japanese version.”

Some examples would be extra creatures and the likes. The game as is, is about 100 hours worth of content, as an JRPG that’s not to shabby. Namco Bandai is really trying to fix their image with moves like Ni No Kuni, Tales of Graces, and with interest with many other games to localize before the next generation begins. With this is just another treat to behold, all we can say is a big thanks to them, and of coarse a big thanks to Level-5. Who they themselves are very interested in bringing more titles to western regions, as stated last year with their announcement with a North American branch office being made, then asked their fans to vote for which games they wanted localized.

Source: Siliconera

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