Gem Crafting 101 Part 2

This is probably the most confusing part as it involves Flames, Fever and whatnot. This is where is get’s really confusing, but in short: during crafting the Shooter and the Engineer will boost the stat values of the enhancements chosen through your materials and will fill the Cylinder gauge respectively. How many times they will boost and fill is dependent upon the Affinity of the chosen characters. 

A good exmaple would be to put Reyn in Shooter and Shulk in Engineer roles, but this may vary depending upon your personal game. Then select a balanced approach of the best boost of the Shooter and the most stable Flames of the Engineer (with a high Affinity of course) 

Now the animation will start. You can fast-forward through it by holding the A button. Depending upon the selection of your Shooter and Engineer (and just plain luck) your enhancements will be boosted and your Cylinder Gauge (the green gauge right of the ehancements list) will fill up. When they are done, all enhancements with values above 100 will be converted into Gems. If you have values above 200 these will display as ‘Heat’ and will generate a higher Rank Gem instead (as a bonus it also boosts other values)!

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