One of our staff members emailed Nintendo to ask if “their friends” should pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles and this was the response they received:

“Thank you for writing. While this is expected to be a hit, there’s no way of knowing how quickly it will sell. If your friend knows that they want to purchase Xenoblade, my suggestion would be to pre-order it. Why take the chance?

As added incentive, GameStop is offering a pre sell Xenoblade art book (quantities are limited). See your local GameStop for details.

Nintendo of America Inc.”

Now, let’s consider what they have said:
“Xenoblade is expected to be a hit. There’s no way of knowing how fast it will sell.”
Would you like to be the person that walks into Gamestop and find out there’s no more copies? Why take that chance?

With that said, there’s a little over a month until Xenoblade is released, and would you want to take the chance of not getting Xenoblade? Who knows when Gamestop will get their next shipment of Xenoblade, we’ve heard stories of Xenoblade in Europe being sold out and people waiting for the next shipment to arrive. We do not know if Nintendo will be sending out another shipment or not. This is a limited and exclusive release.

Even if you are not someone that typically pre-orders, it is still HIGHLY recommended.

Remember, you do not have to pre-order it from Gamestop, you have two other alternatives; Nintendo’s online store and Play-Asia.

You wouldn’t want to be that person waiting for Xenoblade used hoping that it will drop in price only to find out that it’s holding its value for years, and missing out on one of the last and most critically acclaimed RPG titles for the Wii.

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