>In 2 hours we are starting to mass contact Nintendo of America about ‘The Last Story’. We are asking all of our supporters to participate tonight and tomorrow. Operation Rainfall is a campaign to get all three of our chosen games localized. A campaign is only effective if its supporters are participating. A few voices can be ignored, but it is not so easy to ignore thousands. We cannot just sit idly by and expect things to change; we have to be proactive. 

When you do join us in contacting NoA, please keep a few things in mind. Be courteous, not rude. Ask nicely, and don’t come across as entitled. Below are a few posting guidelines we would like people to be mindful of:

☐ Facebook: Post one time every hour or two. Do not post multiple times in a row. Don’t get into arguments with people that speak out against us. Just ignore it. You can press that little X at the corner of their comment and ignore them forever.

☐ Twitter: Same as Facebook, a message every hour or two.

☐ Email: You can use the template we have in the details link, just remember to be courteous.

☐ Phone: Remember that the people who take your calls are just doing their jobs. Being rude to them makes no sense. Be kind and courteous please.

So please, join us tonight and tomorrow! Let Nintendo know that Operation Rainfall is not going anywhere as long as there are games being made that only certain people in a certain region will ever play.

We will be posting all campaign details once the event officially starts in 2 hours. 
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