>(Now through January 31st)

Get it? REYNfall! Operation Reynfall is now in effect. We told Nintendo we wanted Xenoblade Chonicles and if they released it we would buy it. Well time to pay up. Xenoblade Chronicles will be released on 04/02/2012. It may seem like a long ways away, but it will be here before you know it.

Our number one priority at Operation Rainfall right now is going to be promoting Xenoblade Chronicles and here is why. Not only is it the right thing to do since we all said we would buy the game if it came here, but also because we fully believe that getting The Last Story as well as Pandora’s Tower will be dependent on Xenoblade Chonicle sales here in the Americas.

So what can you do to help?

Pre-order the Game!
Well most importantly, pre-order the game! You can pre-order the game right now on GameStop retail stores and on their website as well as from ShopNintendo on December 19.
GameStop- http://bit.ly/rxdQCq
ShopNintendo- http://bit.ly/s0y58g

Gift Xenoblade Chronicles
Here’s an idea. Christmas is right around the corner. Why not pay for the game in full and gift it as a Christmas present to that special gamer in your life or to a fellow gamer friend? You can pay the game in full from retail Gamestop locations.

Spread the Word about Xenoblade Chronicles
Tell people about Xenoblade Chronicles
Tell people about how awesome the game is. There is plenty of information about Xenoblade out there and it really is an incredible game. Share the information with people you know; steer them in the right direction.

Here are some great resources:
Official Xenoblade Chronicles Website with Trailer: http://www.xenoblade.com
10 Reasons You Should Want to Play Xenoblade: http://bit.ly/uE3DRJ
Operation Rainfall’s Xenoblade Information Thread: http://bit.ly/tn4CHz

Let’s Get Xenoblade Chronicles up to the Number 5 Spot on Gamestop!
Right now Xenoblade Chronicles sits pretty nicely at the #9 spot for the whole online website, but we would like to see it hit the top 3. We can do this if we work together.

If you live in Canada
If you live in Canada and would like to help us find out if GameStop/EB Games will carry Xenoblade Chronicles, please send @gamestopcanada a tweet via their twitter page: https://twitter.com/gamestopcanada or email/call them using the information found here: http://www.ebgames.ca/gs/help/OtherIssue.aspx

If you live in Mexico, Latin America, or South America
If you live in Latin or South America and would like to help find out more information about how to get Xenoblade Chronicles in your country, please send an email IN SPANISH to [email protected] or [email protected] AND if you use Twitter, send a tweet to @RevistaCN by visiting https://twitter.com/RevistaCN
Club Nintendo MX posted this on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/RevistaCN/status/142677410830233600
Try sending them a tweet in Spanish asking how you can pre-order the game.
We hope to have more information very soon!

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