>Phase Three is now in motion.
Yesterday, I said we will be kicking things into a higher gear, and I meant it.

First off, we’ve updated our Frequently Asked Questions PDF, so be sure to check that out.

Second, please join us in the FORUMS. It is easy to sign up, free to join, and a great place for your ideas to be heard, and better yet, for those ideas to grow into a useful part of the campaign. Here are some select areas that are in need of special attention at the moment:

1) We are currently in the process of selecting a charity.

2) We are currently accepting submissions for artwork, videos, letters, songs, poetry, and more….

3) We are attempting to communicate with Nintendo of Europe to request Professor Layton’s London Life RPG for eShop/DSiWare.

4) Nintendo of Europe is holding a contest for Xenoblade Chronicles, with the winners receiving a copy of The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower. (Contest is for PAL regions only)

5) We are in need of BOTH designs and funding to have t-shirts and stickers created.

Third, as part of Mission 3-3, we will be sending a printed copy of our petition in its entirety to both NOA and NCL. Please spread the petition to everyone possible. We will be sending the packages on November 10, 2011, we request that you please sign before the deadline.
To sign the petition, please visit this page and hit “Click Here to Sign Petition“:

Finally, our official Press Release (Dated 10/06/2011) is now available for download and immediate distribution at: http://oprainfall.freeforums.org/press-release-phase-three-oct-06-2011-t274.html

Have a great day, and LET’S GET OUR GAMES!!

– Marko

Operation Rainfall Contributor
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