Tales of Zestiria Announced for PlayStation 3

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UPDATE: Tales of Zestiria has been confirmed as a worldwide release! For full details, check here.

Tales of Zestiria | Official Logo FEATURED

In honor of the franchise’s twentieth anniversary, Namco Bandai offered Tales fans a special NicoNico livestream (http://live NULL.nicovideo NULL.jp/watch/lv159761931) that’s been teased for a while now. The game to come out of this presentation is Tales of Zestiria, and it’s headed to the PlayStation 3.

Not much has been revealed yet (is anyone surprised by this?), but I can impart what little we know. Tales of Zestiria features two main characters—Slay and Alicia, respectively. The game takes place in Green Wood and focuses heavily upon elements of exploration.

The game will have a new battle system built from fan feedback. And hey—the story focuses heavily on dragons! Who doesn’t like a good fantasy story? Hideo Baba thinks that dragons symbolize fantasy; there’s a reason a dragon is shown in the logo for the new title. For those who are curious, the game will feature character designs from Inomata, Fujishima, Okumura, and Iwamoto.

I suppose that’s all there is to it, for the moment. We’ve compiled some screenshots from the presentation below, and you can visit the official site as well (http://toz NULL.tales-ch NULL.jp/). Stay tuned for more information on Tales of Zestiria as we have it.

Tales of - Presentation 001 | oprainfall Tales of - Presentation 002 | oprainfall
Tales of Zestiria | Presentation 003 Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 004 | oprainfall
Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 005 | oprainfall Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 006 | oprainfall
Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 007 | oprainfall Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 008 | oprainfall
Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 009 | oprainfall Tales of Zestiria - Presentation 010 | oprainfall


A high definition version of this trailer will premiere at Jump Festa on December 21st.

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