UPDATE: NEW Nintendo Direct to Air in Japan / Europe / USA

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Nintendo of Japan has announced that another Nintendo Direct presentation will air at what amounts to 11PM EST on Thursday, June 21, 2012 (that’s today, if you’re in the aforementioned time zone).

This presentation is said to be Wii and 3DS focused. I wonder what news it will bring, if any. And I wonder if North America and Europe will eventually jump on board.

We’ll be sure to keep you updated, especially if other regions announce a Nintendo Direct of their own. Is anyone excited for what’s to come? Discuss in the comments below!

UPDATE #1: Nintendo of Europe has confirmed that they ill be hosting a Nintendo Direct presentation as well! Here’s a few words from NOE.

Nintendo Direct is coming soon – check back here on Friday June 22nd, from 5am BST

Nintendo of America is probably going to announce their own soon. Once again, we’ll keep you updated.

UPDATE #2: And finally, Nintendo of America chimes in. The Nintendo of America presentation will air at 9PM CT Thursday, June 21st / 12AM EST Friday, June 22nd.

Official Page (JAPAN) (http://www NULL.nintendo NULL.co NULL.jp/n10/nintendo_direct/index NULL.html)
Official Page (EUROPE) (http://www NULL.nintendo NULL.co NULL.uk/NOE/en_GB/news/nintendo_direct_47764 NULL.html)
Official Page (AMERICA) (http://www NULL.nintendo NULL.com/nintendo_direct)

Operation Rainfall will provide coverage of tonight’s Nintendo Direct for any and all unable to watch the stream(s) this evening.

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