UPDATE: New Trailer for Mutant Mudds “Grannie” Levels on 3DS

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UPDATE: Behold, a sleek new trailer showcasing the insanity of the “Grannie” levels coming to 3DS!

Mutant Mudds. I’ve 100%ed the main game on two different platforms, and I probably got a little too excited when Jools teased Mutant Mudds: Deluxe. I can’t speak highly enough about this game, it seems, but I am happy to relay more news! Earlier this morning, GoNintendo (http://www NULL.gonintendo NULL.com/?mode=viewstory&id=187600) reported news regarding the free “Grannie” levels coming to the 3DS version of Mutant Mudds.

The Mutant Mudds free DLC update has been confirmed for Europe on Oct. 18th and North America on Oct. 25th.

Wonderful news, is it not? Before this month is over, fans of Mutant Mudds on 3DS will be able to experience twenty levels tailored towards Grannie. These levels will have you use [all] of the game’s three power-ups (power-shot, extended hover, and vertical boost) simultaneously in order to complete more complex, tough-as-nails levels!

Here’s my two cents regarding Grannie levels from my review of Mutant Mudds PC:

These extra levels were worth the effort to play, and if you’re waiting for them to come to 3DS first, they are worth getting excited for. I can’t say if I have a favorite in particular, but unlike a certain mustached plumber, I feel as though there’s a charm to each level (new and old) that competes with console and PC contemporaries like Super Meat Boy or Rayman Origins.

As far as I know, there is no reward offered for completing all of the bonus content, but unlike grinding for a million coins, I truly do feel as though “the journey is the reward”. These folks in Mario cram school should take a lesson from the little guy(s)!

Although I mentioned no “real” reward offered in the PC version of the game, Jools has mentioned a “special tiny new smidge” of bonus offered to those of us who complete the 20 new levels in the upcoming 3DS update.

Does anyone need any more incentive to purchase this wonderful game (or play through it again)? I know I don’t. We won’t have to wait much longer!

SOURCE (http://www NULL.gonintendo NULL.com/?mode=viewstory&id=187600)

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