UPDATE: Pixel’s Gero Blaster Possibly 3DS-Bound

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UPDATE: It didn’t take very long for someone from Nicalis to chime in, did it? The following comes from the Twitter (https://twitter NULL.com/tyronerodriguez/status/310243804747812864) of Tyrone Rodriguez, a notable name from the noteworthy company.

Gero Blaster 3DS Nicalis

This is by no means an official announcement or confirmation. But anyone who bet “tomorrow” or “within a few hours” when I originally posted this story up late yesterday evening should pat themselves on the back.

Ladies and gentlemen, I bring news of a frog with a gun and his epic quest for love, headed to iPhones this spring. If that premise alone isn’t enough to whet your appetite—it’s the latest game from mastermind Daisuke “Pixel” Amaya. I’m not going to tell you for the hundredth time who this gentleman is. But let’s just say I know what he’s known for very, very well. …Did I mention I’m a fan? Feast your eyes upon Gero Blaster!

Gero Blaster Screen 001 Gero Blaster Screen 002 Gero Blaster Screen 003 Gero Blaster Screen 004

Here’s a trailer, courtesy of Pixel himself (https://twitter NULL.com/amaya_pixel/status/310430761159364608):

As soon as you’ve absorbed all you can, let us begin to take bets on when the wonderful folks at Nicalis will pick this game up, bring it westward,  and attempt to port it on every platform imaginable. News seems to reflect it’s headed to other platforms, anyway. More exposure is always a good thing, right? It may not be freeware, it may not be Frog Fractions, but…color me excited. And I’m out of frog-related quips for this evening, so… we’ll offer more information as it comes.

SOURCE (http://www NULL.polygon NULL.com/2013/3/8/4078818/gero-blaster-screens)

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