E3 2013: Capcom After The Call of Duty Crowd With Dead Rising 3

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Dead Rising 3

During Microsoft’s E3 conference, the newest Capcom title, Dead Rising 3, got presented to the gaming masses. While incredibly beautiful looking, Dead Rising 3‘s presentation seemed off to long time Dead Rising fans. Where was the wackiness? The bright colors? The laughable dialogue? It looked as if Dead Rising 3 was not even a Dead Rising game at all. Now we got the answers to these questions, as reports of a closed room interview with Capcom Vancouver has disclosed that Dead Rising 3 was created to to go after the Call of Duty player.

As those seen in the beginning paragraph, questions were asked about where the themes and humor of the Dead Rising series had gone. In Capcom Vancouver’s closed door interview, Capcom had pointed out that these changes were not flukes at all, and that a more “realistic” interpretation of a viral apocalypse was used to appeal to a “wider” audience, especially the Call of Duty player. Dead Rising 3 is not going to have cartoonish visual designs or the exaggerated combat mechanics, instead, these features were redesigned as means to make the series more mature. This more realistic approach will also effect the blood, as Capcom emphasized the use of “real gore.”

So what do you think? Is Capcom going in the right direction with this new, more gritty take on Dead Rising? Or should Dead Rising have continued with its more comical style gameplay and design?

Dead Rising 3 will be released in November as a Xbox One exclusive.

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