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oprainfall | Adventures of Pip


Retro-inspired platformer Adventures of Pip, has arrived on the Nintendo Switch. Jump into a quest to save abducted villagers, Princess Adeline, and the land of Pixelonia from the evil Queen DeRezzia. You’ll need to make your way through five pixel art worlds using Pip’s ability to transform between an 8-bit boy, a 16-bit sword wielding hero, and a single pixel. The new Nintendo Switch version includes the debut of some additional game improvements. These include gem auto-collection, in-game achievement menu, quicker access to the town via a map shortcut, and 16-bit Pip runs faster now. Here is the Adventures of Pip Nintendo Switch trailer:


Adventures of Pip originally launched in June 2015 for PC and Wii U, and also saw several other releases since then on various platforms. The soundtrack is by Jake Kaufman, who you may know from his work on Shovel Knight, and Shantae: Half-Genie Hero). The game is full of secrets to unearth, including a total of 108 kidnapped villagers to save. Use the gems you collect to unlock upgrades to make Pip more powerful. These include the mighty Cerberus sword for 16-bit Pip, which can launch sword blasts. Another upgrade are the Heavy Gloves that let 8-bit Pip destroy blocks.

So what normal abilities does each of Pip’s forms possess? 1-bit Pip (a single pixel) can glide through the sky and slip through small gaps. 8-bit Pip can punch, climb ledges, and leap off of walls. 16-bit Pip can slash through his foes using his sword wielding prowess. You can find out more about the game at its official website. Tic Toc Games Director, Marc Gomez, had this to say about the games’ Switch launch:

“Giving Adventures of Pip a new home on the Nintendo Switch system allowed us to make some tweaks that make the game even more delightful. We hope Pip’s journey charms new and returning players alike.”

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