An eagle eyed Twitter user has posted the above screenshot revealing that the official localisation of the fourth title in the Science Adventure series, Chaos;Child, will be releasing in North America this September. This comes via a picture of the banner at this year’s Anime Expo. It is likely the European version is releasing around the same time, however this is not confirmed.

Interestingly, the flyer notes that the game will be rated T, which may suggest to people that this is not legit due to the graphic nature of the game’s guro content. However, when Reading Steiner, one of the Steins;Gate translators commented on it over Twitter the responses from Harrison Lewis and Matthew Pellett (two PQube staff) suggests that the rating is legitimate.

Chaos;Child will be releasing in the West both physically and digitally on PS4 and PS Vita. It is currently available in Japan for PS4, PS Vita, PS3, Xbox One and PC.


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