8-4 Not Working on the Localization of Xenoblade Chronicles 2

Saturday, February 18th, 2017

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It appears that 8-4 will not be working on the localization of Xenoblade Chronicles 2 for the West. In a Tweet last month  Co-founder John Ricciard confirmed that they were too busy with other projects to handle it.

Nintendo announced at the Switch event last month  that the game would release in both North America and Europe sometime this year. If we learn anymore information about Xenoblade Chronicles 2 we will pass it along.


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  • Paychi

    Not a Xenoblade guy, but hopefully 8-4 and Nintendo are done working together for good. That’s very wishful thinking though.

  • Yes!

  • Mr0303

    I’d imagine that most people will be happy about those news.

    • PanurgeJr

      Of course you imagine that. But you’re wrong. Most people don’t care, and the people who do care don’t realize what a tiny minority they actually are.

    • Mr0303

      So you are saying that the people that would care would be happy? I agree.

    • PanurgeJr

      Neither saying that, nor is it my point.

    • Mr0303

      But it is the truth.

    • VanFinale

      The vast majority of the customers do not care at all and will be completely unaware of it. However the people who do care are against editing, not to mention that costs extra money to do the work. So editing content is just spending money to anger some of your potentially most dedicated fans. There is a reason why localizers like Atlus, Sega, Xseed, and Pqube have proudly said that their games are not going to be censored. Hell even NISA was upfront with Criminal Girls 2 and told everyone that they were changing stuff exactly how they were doing it and why. It also resulted in Criminal Girls 2 selling rather abysmally on Vita. Which probably prompted them to pin a fan mod thread to the front page of the steam page for the first game. While they’re nowhere near majority the people who care about this stuff are still a substantial minority that are very passionate and vocal about it. I just hope NISA learned their lesson and are putting out an excellent translation of YS8.

    • Steve Baltimore

      It’s region free, so just buy the Japanese version and make up the story. It would be about the same as if the Tree House localized it.

    • PanurgeJr

      A ridiculous solution in need of an imagined problem.

    • tBanzai


    • Savage.

  • bomblord

    Sorry who is 8-4? Wouldn’t treehouse do the localization just like the previous game?

    • DizzyGear

      Their known SJW’s who cant separate their ideology from their work so you end up with bullshit pronouns like xir/xer/whatever crowbared in games. One of the NeoGAF mods also works for them.

      Besides that the quality of their work is horrible. Lots of typos, memes and sometimes even flat out made up translations.
      Just look at any recent Tales game and you get the idea.

    • PanurgeJr

      “Lots of typos” describes your comment perfectly. “Paranoia” describes your use of “SJW” perfectly; it’s just a code word for your politics, and doesn’t mean anything else.

    • VanFinale

      Not really 8-4 did put those xir like pronouns into their Gunvolt localization and fans complained. It actually made Inticreates hire someone to re-translate the entire game and patch it into the 3DS version and ship it with the PC version. Not to mention Capcom pulling them off the Monster Hunter series specifically citing that customers did not want memes in their games, see picture pulled from a GDC talk held by Capcom. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4ba9074dbea0f6eda830d28b70979cb99d3328177294904360760c31a6093fa7.jpg

    • No_Good_Names_Ever

      Treehouse didn’t do the localization, they threw it at 8-4 who butchered it with memes and ripped content. In all honesty though, Treehouse is almost as bad if not worse so it’d be in the Xenoblade fans best interest if they threw it at someone else (but not NISA).

  • MusouTensei

    I just hope someone who isn’t shit is doing the localization, I want this to be great.

    • Azuki

      The guy that said a year ago he would never give Nintendo a cent and turned into a Nintendo hater want XB2 to turn out great. Oh the irony.

    • MusouTensei

      Because you never ever said something and regretted it later.
      Guess what, I’m also buying Zelda, for Wii U though, the Switch is absolutely pointless right now.
      It is a fact though that I havn’t turned on my Wii U for almost a year nor did I buy any Nintendo product since the release of Xenoblade X, which was a huge disappointment, never finished it.

  • neptuniafan

    On one hand this is good news, on the other, I can’t relax just yet, cause there is still a big chance that Nintendo Treehouse will localize it.

  • Audie Bakerson


    Though going by FE If., NoA is more than capable of screwing it up on their own.

  • Brian OLeary

    Damn it. I should’ve known this would happen.

  • VanFinale

    As much as I dislike 8-4 they’re only responsible for the bullshit writing and crappy meme insertion in their games. Nintendo dictates asset alterations and the like it’s why even though Atlus localized Tokyo Mirage Sessions it had the most altered assets out of all of Nintendo’s games except for maybe Fates. Hell just because 8-4 isn’t doing it doesn’t even mean the script will be ok either I mean 8-4 did Awakening and NOA did Fates and if you think Fates had a better english script than Awakening you’re a crazy person. NOE is probably the only chance we got at having an accurate translation unfortunately I think the game is just fucked if it has any sexual content in it, as long as Nintendo is publishing.

  • MonsterGogo

    Now this is exciting!

  • Panpopo

    First of all, I don’t think the game will be released this year. I could be wrong, but the game still looks in early development and will probably be delayed.

    Second, a tweet is not a binding contract. Just because he says this now, does not mean they will not work on it later. I think it will all be done inhouse, however.

    I just want to play the game. Everything else is just noise to me.