Valkyre Drive: Bhikkhuni Will not be Censored for the West PQube Explains

Monday, July 11th, 2016

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Valkyre Drive: Bhikkhuni

Just recently publisher PQube announced that they will be releasing the PlayStation Vita action game Valkyre Drive: Bhikkhuni in the West.

There’s been various news in the past that Japanese games will be altered for the Western release. PQube quickly confirmed on their Twitter that they wont be censoring the game for the West. They have now further confirmed this in a statement-via DualShockers:

I can confirm that Valkyrie Drive: Bhikkhuni will be brought to the west in its original form, with content completely intact. It will be with a Japanese dub and English subtitles.

We generally don’t take on these kinds of projects if we’re not confident we can release it in the west without cutting or changing content. Changing the source material kind of defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place, so that is not something we even consider unless we literally have no other options. In terms of platform holders and ratings boards, you’d be surprised what you can get away with. Gal*Gun: Double Peace passed quite painlessly for example.

Where issues might arise in terms of publishing, is selling the title in to retailers who might be hesitant to take it. A game doesn’t just appear at retailers when we release it; a big part of the process is to go around and sell the title to each individual retailer and negotiate numbers and prices. Trying to present a game like Valkyrie Drive to a group of executives at a major retailer, who might be in their 50’s and don’t play or particularly care about games, and convince them that Valkyrie Drive is amazing and would do really well on their shelves or their website, can be quite the challenge for the sales team.

The company seems to be hitting the same walls as other publishers. Promoting your game in the West becomes quite difficult given the material. Major news sites just wont give them press, and if they do, it’s not going to be “good” press.

Valkyre Drive: Bhikkhuni is coming to the PlayStation Vita in EU and NA.

What do you think of PQube’s statement? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Mr0303

    “Changing the source material kind of defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place” – and this is how you turn me into a loyal customer.

    PQube have been really awesome recently. I’m very happy that there will be a physical edition of Valkyrie Drive and if they do a limited edition then I’m in.

    • azariosays

      it isn’t hard to impress the group of people that want content to be as close to the original in terms of scenes. Localization is tough in it’s own ways. This company is saying all the right things and i’m glad they are around.

    • Mr0303

      I’m hoping that they’ll become an European XSEED and they look to be up to the task.

    • blackice85

      Was going to comment on that exact line too. You’d think it’d be obvious, but it seems like some companies want to sell a game on it’s titillation, but then not follow through all the way.

    • dusk


    • DizzyGear

      Seriously. Someone should write that quote on a thick piece of cardboard and repeatedly slap NISA in the face with it.

  • BurgerUnit

    “In terms of platform holders and ratings boards, you’d be surprised what you can get away with.”

    Tell that to NISA

  • tBanzai

    They’re really the Sony here to NISA’s Microsoft from back at E3 2013.

  • Shippoyasha

    And that’s how you earn a loyal fanbase. Good on you, PQube. This should be the norm, not the exception.

    • blackice85

      Yep, I’ve become a fan already.

  • BasedPQube

    This just in: PQube seen on its way to NISA to teach it about the ESRB

  • Neppers

    One of NISA’s employees on their Criminal Girls 2 forum swore that if they were publishing Gal*Gun, Valkyrie Drive or Senran Kagura, it would be uncensored. My sides are still in orbit.

    • Psyhakiasman

      can i have a link on that?

    • Psyhakiasman

      nevermind,found it

    • Psyhakiasman

      page 36 bottom

    • Steve Baltimore

      I’m just gonna lave this here, and you can decide on this one

      Thanks to Lord Gorchnik over at the NISA forum for this lol

    • Paychi

      Oh LAWD

    • Mr0303

      Holy sticky bubblegum!

    • tBanzai

      Wew, those last 30 seconds…

    • Paychi

      It’s easy to assume, based on their track record, that’s a blatant lie and some pretty poor damage control. “We could be XSEED/Marvelous too if we wanted!” Then DO IT. How unprofessional. You can’t pander to this niche audience and pander to PC mongoloids at the same time. NISA is such a f***ing joke.

    • magicalfollower

      As you said they clearly are desperate and at this point they probably know Criminal Girls 2 will bomb on sales.

    • j0eeyy_p

      The first game didn’t bomb, they said it themselves in an interview on this very site. I doubt the sequel will bomb, but considering all the edits they are doing they are increasing the chances of this happening.

    • Keichi Morisato

      could be worse, they could be KoeiTecmo and barely localize the damn game. in Ar Nosurge, the anime cut scenes aren’t subtitles, and what is translated is in engrish with spelling and grammar errors abound.

    • Alistair

      Then you got this from ESRB that they not prohibit games the case these so called SJW deed unfit as sexist & mysognist & should be prohibited or made edits.

  • Audie Bakerson


  • Nicholas Perry

    Given the game is reliant on fan service it makes more sense.

    Even if all the shit by others is pointless. I doesn’t make them unplayable, despite the frustration.

  • Alistair

    We witnessing a New xseed & it’s great to see, so they get my support too.

  • j0eeyy_p

    Really happy to see this, hopefully this means they will be picking up more ecchi projects, such as Uppers or even Omega Labyrinth.

    (though I’d really like to see them do Net High)

  • Lord Ackercocke

    Just checked out the gameplay on Youtube. So it’s in the same vein as the Senran Kagura series. I’m game.

    • Steve Baltimore

      The combat is a little deep, but yea pretty much 😀