Localizing Criminal Girls 2 in the West: An Interview with NISA

Friday, June 24th, 2016

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Criminal Girls 2 release date announcement from NIS America was followed by a blog post about the content in the game being altered for the West. We thought it would be a good idea to sit down with the company at E3 2016 and get more information on the steps they are taking to localize the title. The conversation took place over lunch with, Robbie, Alan, and Jordan from NIS America.

What made NIS America choose to localize Criminal Girls 2?

The first one actually did pretty well for us. Even though there’s a segment of people saying that the first game bombed, but it didn’t and it encouraged us to do the second one. Once we saw that our fans wanted the second one, it just made sense.

Would you consider Criminal Girls 2 an improvement to the first in the series?

There are a lot of improvements in terms of story and the way some of the motivation scenes are. I thought it was pretty cool that there’s obviously this sexual overtone in the game, but there’s also this more deeper and more emotional feeling when you realize that there’s a reason why this girl is here. You realize that there is a reason she is in hell, but maybe some bad things happened in her life. Those scenes definitely pull those emotional strings.


There’s concern over some of the changes that some of images have gone through. What is NISA trying with this title that you might not have tried with the first game?

I feel like this time we are being more transparent. For the first game, I felt like we just announced that we were doing something to the game, but we aren’t going to be very specific. For Criminal Girls, the fog was a little more rushed then we’d hoped for. We were stuck with “okay we have to get this game out, what are our options here? Okay, let’s just not remove as much of the fog in the final levels.” This time, however, the way we are approaching Criminal Girls 2 is if you play through this game, you wont ever know that something was changed in it. We want the experience of someone playing this, to be the same as someone who is playing it in Japan. Doing the redrawn art, I think, puts the localized version up to the standards of the original Japanese version. Now that we have a little more time to invest in this we can make sure that it’s not a different experience for people playing.

What about the voices over during the motivations scenes, are you still working to keep that in?

I’m not too much involved in the localization part of it or dealing with the ESRB but I know that it is a concern. The problem comes with a girl screaming “No!” while you’re spanking her ass; that wont fare too well with ratings boards. They’re saying that you can’t have non-consensual sexual activity in these games. What I know is that they are looking into those scenes and the audio from them to see if they can keep anything.


So how does NISA market Criminal Girls 2? How do you keep the old audience while getting others interested in it?

I think there are two sides to that: to keep the old audience, you wanna show them like, “what did you like about the first game?” But obviously, people that played for first one were upset with the censorship. So we have need to let those audiences know that this time around we are being more careful and we are aiming to stay true to the original look and feel. As far as getting a new audience, well we wanna speak to the audience that are more into the erotic games. Let them know that “hey, this game has some elements that you might enjoy.” Also, there’s an emotional connection to the characters in the game. Whichever way you look at it, you will learn something about these characters.

Do you think that NIS America is focusing on less ecchi games due to the social climate in the West?

With NIS America pretty much everything is on the table when it comes to choosing games. It really comes down to what our head company makes and that’d be what companies we can approach within Japan. For the most part, we can’t approach the big names and publish them over here because they’ll do it themselves. That’s not a hard and fast rule, but generally speaking that’s how it works. One thing that I know, a lot of consumers don’t necessarily like to hear this, but we are a business. As a business we have to ask ourselves, is this game going to turn a profit or not? There have been times that we’ve had to pass on a project, as good as it might be or as much as we like it, once you punch the numbers it’s not going to do what you’d expect it to do. Our state of mind at NIS America is to bring fun-cool Japanese culture to the West.

When people say that NIS America “doesn’t understand their audience”, how do you respond?

Well, the people that engage with us on social media are obviously interested in us enough to do that. When our user base, the people that do really love our games, are unhappy then we are going to try to address that. At the same time, the internet is an interesting platform that people with very loud voices have a tendency to make themselves a lot bigger. Yes, we do listen to everybody, everything that comes up on our social media. And we try to address any concerns. In the case of Criminal Girls 2, there’s a group that says ” we’re boycotting you”, when we look at the numbers that’s just not the case. But people have a right to how they feel. I like to bring this up, as a kid I was playing Breath of Fire IV and when I learned it was censored, I was livid, I couldn’t believe that they would do that. They ruined the artistic integrity of the game. I understand that consumers always have the right to know, and they also have the right to make a decision with their wallets, and they have the right to say what they want.

We are being very transparent with this game, by coming out in the open with what was change. If you’re mad about it we completely understand those feelings, but we hope that you’re mad about the actual things that were changed, and not just what you think was or why you think it was. As a company we aren’t trying to push our morals onto somebody else. As a business it doesn’t benefit us to spend extra money to get artwork re-drawn, but we are doing it to get Criminal Girls 2 to the West.

My take on our conversation: NIS America wouldn’t spend the time and money to get Criminal Girls 2 localized only to suffer a loss. The company seems to care about their fans and is dedicated to being open and transparent with the games they are working on. They’re also open to criticism and are right there along with the gamers that demand games to be uncensored. What are your concerns? Let us know in the comments below.

  • MGNoxa

    Transparency is always good, it allows for more detailed discussions and for the fans to hopefully be more involved in the localisation process. Maybe Criminal Girls 3 (if there is one) will be the best yet for fans if things continue in this direction.

    • And that’s even assuming that NISA are being honest in the first place, which I doubt that they are.

      Also, how on earth will the fans ever be able to be involved in the localization process? The majority of fans want video games not to be censored from the original. NISA will not do that. Which makes the whole point of even discussing localization with the fans pointless. Unless the fan is willing to accept censorship.

      Companies like NISA (or any other big/known publisher/developer) never listen to what the gamers want. They’re all too busy getting into bed with the f*cking SJWs and feminists.

    • Robot Maid

      They’re really lying through their teeth. If GalGun can come here uncensored with an M rating, Criminal Girls would be rated M too.

    • Tiredman

      If you give fans an ultimatum, 9 times out of 10 they will give in. Do you want that game or not….is all NISA has to say. Arguing over censorship is a first world problem, and we should be happy we can have the discussion instead of not having access to all these games.

    • “If you give fans an ultimatum, 9 times out of 10 they will give in. Do you want that game or not….is all NISA has to say.”

      Agreed. But in Criminal Girls 2 it’s a slightly different case because it’s a fan-servce game and a LOT of the concepts of the art is being changed/censored.

      So it’s probably something like 7 times out of 10 they will give in. But yes, it is still the majority though.

      “Arguing over censorship is a first world problem, and we should be happy
      we can have the discussion instead of not having access to all these

      It’s nice to be able to have a discussion over the issue but the result will be the same. The game will be butchered.

      I know some gamers don’t mind censored games and that’s perfectly fine. But all I’ll say is that this kind of attitude only leads to more censorship and makes it worse.

      Remember, I NEVER tell people to boycott games. I just inform them of censorship, and let them make their own decision.

    • Tiredman

      Honestly, the reason you can’t really fight it is because of the CoD syndrome. The latest CoD game has people going nuts about not liking it, making it’s youtube trailer the most disliked video on youtube. But once it launches, all those people will buy it, and nothing will change.

      I used to be a hopeful fella about stuff like putting my thoughts on a forum, but i eventually realized that nothing folks complained about ever changed unless it was with a company who works with the fans during development. That is mainly an indie ability, not a full fledged developer studio ability, so on these Japanese games that are already made, I have 0 hope changes will happen from the vast majority of publishers.

      The only thing that really works is talking with your wallet. Tell the developers and publishers that you aren’t buying the game at full price because of this, then actually follow through and buy it at 1/3 the original price. Folks know they want the game, censored or not, so instead of being hypocritical and saying they won’t buy it when they actually do, tell the dev’s and publishers you are buying it, but since they censored content, they get less money.

    • DDD-kun

      Not how the buying process works. This isn’t 1992. There is no massive gap of language, importation fees, or even legislation that prevents you from accessing content outside your country anymore. It’s as easy as googling what you want, letting Paypal stick you for 5% – 15% overhead for currency exchange rates, and waiting for your product in the mail via FedEx or some other courier.

      In light of that, ultimatums in any form by a games company would be tantamount to financial suicide. That is NOT the kind of pressure you want to push onto your customer base and potential customers. Particularly when we can get the product elsewhere quite easily.

      The games we have access to, we have access to not out of luck or some simple notion that the stars aligned and allowed us imports and localizations of our favorite strange titles. It’s because 16 or so years ago, businesses in books, video, and gaming began to wise up and realize there is a huge, untapped money market they could be in on. And that even now, there’s a demand for these titles. That’s how La Pucelle and Disgaea got over here to begin with. Not out of humanitarian work, but from capitalistic planning.

      Cash Rules Everything Around Me, friend.

    • awvnx

      Who says it’s what the majority of fans want? Clearly the first game sold decently for them to consider doing the sequel. I argue against censorship too, but at the same time I don’t view the world as black and white, where censorship = boycott, and I think that’s likely the majority opinion instead. Meanwhile, there are vocal minorities that consistently comment about this stuff online…

    • Of course I cannot speak for everyone and nor would I want to, and yes the ones who complain about censorship are in the vocal minority.

      But I never said or tell people to boycott the game if there is censorship in it. I just inform them of it and leave them to make their own decisions, after all it’s their own money and they can do whatever they want with it. Therefore I do not think it’s a black and white issue.

      And when I say anti-censorship is what the majority of the fans want, I think that wanting a localized video game with content that is 100% true to the original (barring dialogue that cannot always be 100% translated) is a reasonable comment. And this is also judging by the amount of comments I see from people against censorship, which indicates that uncensored games is what they want. So take it as what the majority of fans WOULD want. Unless you actually want censorship?

      And then there’s people who supposedly argue against censorship, YET continue to put money into the pockets of the company that’s butchering the games…

      Yeah, I comment about this stuff online a lot, I know a lot of people think I’m an asshole for doing it. In fact I am an asshole for doing it. But it’s all good intentions for the good of video games. Let’s get this out of the way before you come back with the snidey insults and digs.

      The people who bring up the issue of censorship is a vocal minority, you’re right about that. And it’s a shame, it really is. Because what these companies care about is their financial bottom line, not the gamers. And if people continue to stuff money into their pockets, they’ll keep on censoring and butchering games.

    • awvnx

      Of course it’s reasonable for people to want games to come over uncensored. It’s also reasonable for other people to want to play the game in English at all.

      If you want localizers to only pick up games that they 100% won’t censor, then there will be less variety of games brought over. It’s definitely not a win for everyone. If NISA didn’t pick up Criminal Girls, it’s likely no other publisher would have done it either. In that situation, fans can play the Japanese version. In this situation where NISA localizes and censors the game, fans can alternatively still play the Japanese version. But now the game has reached a sizable market that doesn’t care that it’s censored. Is that necessarily a bad thing?

    • “But now the game has reached a sizable market”

      And congratulations to them for doing so.

      “that doesn’t care that it’s censored. Is that necessarily a bad thing?”

      For me: Yes

      For you: Seemlingly no

      Hope that helps.

    • awvnx

      I’m just not a big fan of the argument that localizations should only be done if there’s 0 censorship. That would be a black and white view and means getting upset that people have the option to play a censored game. If you got what you wanted, you’d have to play these games in Japanese. Right now in this situation, you can do the same thing.

    • I didn’t say and do not believe that localization should only be done if there’s 0 censorship.

      I’m saying that that localizations should not censor at all.

      That’s why I’ve always advocated two versions of “risque” games – a censored one for the moral puritan bigots and an uncensored one for the gamers. I realize that kind of already exists with the Steam and the official patches stuff, but this concept should expand further to other platforms. This way, everyone wins.

      So either that, or some kind of a password-locked ‘SJW Mode’ filter in the games itself where it removes all the “offensive” content. That way feminists and children get to enjoy the SJW Mode and gamers get the full uncensored experience in the ‘Normal Mode’. Again everyone wins.

      I realize the above two methods would require some time and cost to implement (the SJW Mode actually wouldn’t be difficult), but it’s a process that’s worth it in my opinion.

      There’s the issue of the ratings boards for the methods above but that’s a whole different can of worms.

    • DDD-kun

      Actually, you make a valid point. Should NISA release or begin instilling patches in reference to the versions they release that undo all the various alterations, I might be far more inclined to see about their products. I constantly forget that’s a Steam practice, since that’s not a platform I game with. So long as it abides by vendor and software designer’s rules, I don’t see that being a huge negative. The more conservative get their titles, and we get our uncut titles. Win/Win.

    • grgspunk

      “that doesn’t care that it’s censored. Is that necessarily a bad thing?”

      Yeah, I consider that to be part of the problem.

    • Power_To_the_Max

      Huh…. I’m new here but I been reading articles here since it peek my interest but serious question. Are you how do I put this in a nice word. Stupid? Here you sound like an intelligent person but along the lines your word are twisted and hypocritical in a lot of articles relating to censorship. Oh and by the way I’m a girl gamer who love these ecchi games. Fave game, Senran Kagura EV with Homura loving. Just wanted to clarify before you call me an SJW or an extreme Feminist.

    • I am 100% against censorship. If you have a problem with that, then what can I say.

      I advocate for ethical journalism, freedom of expression/creativity, free speech and anti-censorship. I speak my opinions using facts, reason, logic and the truth.

      SJWs/feminists advocates for corrupt journalism, restriction of expression/creativity, controlled speech and censorship. SJWs attacks by using lies, slander, feelings and false victim-hood.

      I’m trying to defend the games.

      SJWs are the cancerous invaders wanting things banned.

      That’s the difference.

      AND I’ve never said I wanted SJWs/feminists ideas banned. If they want to inject their bullshit into games, then they go and make their own games, OR they ADD their ideas ON TOP of existing material as extras. I actually encourage them to do this.

      But instead, all they’re trying to do is censor, ban and change existing material to inject their stuff because the existing material was “offensive” to them. And they do this by playing the victim and bullying and shaming everyone else into submission. I’m the one speaking out AGAINST this.

      Therefore, it doesn’t make me twisted nor a hypocrite. Just wanted to clarify that before you call me a bully.

    • Power_To_the_Max

      Sooooo~ You’re not attacking others. Not using others words against them and giving your opinions and listening to others (Even if you don’t agree with them). Not listening to your preaching. I see. So all those comment I have seen of yours are not a reflection of what you said here. Not what feminist/SJW would do.

      Do as you please as you have your own opinion and have the right to speak your mind but and this is a BIG “BUT”. I will call you out for your hypocrisy. I like my pervy games like the next gamer but sometimes I do see it going too far even for me to bare. Might as well be a hentai.

    • “like my pervy games like the next gamer but sometimes I do see it going too far even for me to bare.”

      lol, that is a sure polite way of saying “I’m a sensitive snowflake and I don’t like it so I want it it censored”

      “Not listening to your preaching.”

      Because you know what I said is true.

      So seeing as you’re not listening to what I say, that gives me the licence to immediately dismiss the rest of the utter drivel you’ve spewed in your post. #equality

    • MGNoxa

      Is talking to the fans during localisation not involving them?

    • Yes that is involving the fans, in fact you get that with a lot of games in development via the devs and fans communicating on Twitter and forums.

      But it depends on what the fans are asking for doesn’t it? If the fans ask for a video game to not be censored from the Japanese original, well that’s a pointless and futile question isn’t it? Because we all know the answer to that.

    • MGNoxa

      It’s a step in the right direction, NISA are trying do a better job this time and they’re also being transparent with fans. If things continue in this direction it can only mean good things.

  • Mr0303

    I honestly think that NISA may want to try and localise less ecchi titles.

    Censoring a game like this when it obviously has a focus on fanservice and the whole punishment mechanic is not something the fans want. I understand the business reasons and the fear of the rating boards, but in the end nobody wins – the fans don’t get the pure version of the product and they have put all the extra work for nothing. Estival Versus got away with some pretty risqué stuff (Ryona comes to mind), so I’d really want to start seeing more uncensored games – it is possible given the recent Gal Gun announcement about it being uncensored and it too has similar content.

    I do value NISA’s openness – they give the consumer information about whether or not he’ll enjoy the final product rather than silently censoring it. It is definitely the high road. That being said I’ll most likely import a possible Asia version of the game.

    • azariosays

      I agree, they are clearly trying. and i like your explanation on how nobody wins.

    • tBanzai

      Can confirm that the korean version isn’t censored at least.

    • j0eeyy_p

      Unless it’s in English, it won’t really matter. Not many niche gamers can read Korean.

    • j0eeyy_p

      I definitely agree. They should stay away from the ecchi stuff and localise less revealing products at leas till they get their credibility back.

      This game probably won’t get released in AUS like the original at least.

  • BurgerUnit

    The whole situation is unfortunate, but to be fair, I only really had a passing interest in this game to begin with. The core gameplay doesn’t look terribly interesting. Removing audio and altering images basically closed the door for me in terms of purchasing a copy.

    Although it seems NISA has improved from their Mugen souls days, where content was straight up eliminated from the game.

  • Steve Baltimore

    ” As a company we aren’t trying to push our morals onto somebody else.”
    Number 5 from this forum post says very differently. http://nisamerica.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=64&t=9704&start=325#p456027

    Now granted things may have changed there since Mugen Souls, but I’ve not seen any official come out and and say this is not the way it is now.

    Though I think they are being honest this time about the high possibility of getting an AO, I think some of these past statements and actions are still being held over their heads by a lot of fans.

    • tBanzai

      They never bothered to submit the game to the ratings board, from what I could gather. They’re operating entirely on conjecture as to what isn’t and is okay for the game based on whether or not something seems consensual to them.

    • kerbastrar2

      ESRB re-ratings do cost time and money, I will give them that. What I won’t give them is their unwillingness to budget the time and money they would need for a re-rating for a possible once a year situation

    • ‘Power distance’ and ‘consent’. Two of the most popular buzzwords amongst SJWs and feminists.

      Make of that what you will.

    • kerbastrar2

      If they still have the same staff that treated mugen souls like crap, and showed absolute disgust with the content that they work on, then I have no reason to start believing them now

    • Steve Baltimore

      There’s been a lot of staff changes there over the last couple of years.

    • kerbastrar2

      Not in the positions that matter, apparently. Because they’re still making shit decisions

    • Obviously not enough changes given the s*it-fest that’s still happening with them.

    • Cats736

      The gaming getting an AO rating is not a high possiblility, it’s actually really low.

    • Lepito

      The hilarious thing is that I am reading this on a web page surrounded by ads for Gal Gun Double Peace — which the western publisher specifically made an effort to note would be uncensored.

      Keep lying, NISA.

    • Robot Maid

      It’s somewhat understandable that people think Criminal Girls will get an AO rating, but GalGun is coming to the west with an M rating (or regional equivalent). GalGun is a lot worse in the revealing department and has similar mechanics to the punishment mini-game in Criminal Girls.

      It doesn’t make sense that GalGun would get an M but Criminal Girls would go beyond that.

    • RepeatingDigits

      “Though I think they are being honest this time about the high possibility of getting an AO.”
      I’m just gonna say this once: Senran Kagura.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Senran doesn’t have the bondage aspects present during the sections of the game your interacting with via touch controls, I dunno if that would trigger an AO or not but it’s a possibility.

    • Robert Cisneros

      South Park n im out

  • awvnx

    I think it’s pretty reasonable since the first game indeed wasn’t a flop. We don’t have any hard numbers on sales figures outside of Japan, but it has a decent amount of owners on psnprofiles.com compared to other Vita games.

  • kerbastrar2

    All that more “openness” proves is that the censorship issue is too big to ignore now. Nothing but PR fluff

    NISA still won’t change their ways. They say how much they really want to release the games uncensored, yet when given a golden opportunity to do just that with Criminal Girls 1 PC, they blame their own company policy for not releasing an unrated version (apparently their own rules are written in stone, if that even is the real reason). They really do have an excuse for everything

    Actions speak louder than words

  • tBanzai

    I’m smirking at how he talks about keeping the experience true to the source, yet they’re censoring the game to the extent they’re redrawing art.

    That is contradictory as fuck.

    Transparency is a nice sentiment, but it’s nothing when they’re lying through their teeth.

    I’ll stick with my uncensored korean version, thanks.

    • “Transparency is a nice sentiment, but it’s nothing when they’re lying through their teeth.”

      Exactly. There’s no such thing as transparency when a company makes a public interview.

      99% of the time it’s just lies and PR. Or if they’re being hammered by the fans prior, it’ll be lies, PR AND damage control.

  • Morgan “The Retro Goat” Hench

    While I’m miffed at Criminal Girls 2 is going to be censored, I do give props to NISA for being transparent. I do respect them just leaving everything out in the open, rather than trying to act sly.

    • No such thing as transparency when a company under fire makes a public interview in my opinion.

    • VanFinale

      They’re lying about the reasons behind everything sure but at least they’re being up front about censoring stuff and how and what they are changing. Which is still leagues ahead of Nintendo which just puts shit out and hopes nobody notices.

    • The result is still ridiculous censorship at the end of the day.

      Admitting it or not doesn’t really make a difference. The result is the same.

  • Hakeshu

    That’s why I love XSEED and Idea Factory 🙂

  • j0eeyy_p

    I still believe they shouldn’t have bothered localising this in the first place if they had to censor anything. This is like a totally different game in comparison to the JPN original. Should’ve done a Moe Chronicle instead of this. I find this PR speak very difficult to believe. If they really respected the core fans they would have done one of my two previous suggestions.

    But they are right about the vocal minority. Too many people are giving them money for inferior products compared to the original, so the desires of the games true target audience are drowned out. I’m waiting for this game to be dirt cheap just like I am with the original – if they aren’t going to go the extra mile and try to provide me with an uncensored product, why should I pay them more than a few quid for it?

    • azariosays

      I find it counter productive to assume that we are always getting spoken to with “PR speak”. This creates huge distrust to the point where I find it difficult to conduct these interviews and get our readers the information they request when comments like this have me thinking that every person I talk to in the industry is lying to me.

      This is what we have, this is the information they gave us. I should ask though, should I give up reaching out to these niche companies because they are lying to me? Or can I continue to do my job for the readers to provide them with the information they ask for?

    • Continue your job to talk to the industry and get the information from them for the readers as normal, and just blank out the stuff about “PR speak” whilst you’re conducting the interviews.

      You cannot control what the industry says to you, so in that sense you are kind of playing the role of the messenger.

      Once the interview goes public, the people will judge for themselves.

    • azariosays

      I like that explanation. Seriously, thanks.

    • j0eeyy_p

      I didn’t think of it like that. I also didn’t mean for it to sound like I was criticising you either – It’s worth asking these questions to get this information as if companies are put on the spot by game journos they are more likely to give answers than if they were to volentarily disclose. I didn’t say everything given in any answer is cookie-cutter PR speak and I don’t make that assumption but in this case I’m not fully convinced that the responses given in the interview are genuine – in other words, I don’t think NISA gave their all to please the true target audience for CG2 and that they are trying to justify their shortcomings in these responses. I don’t trust them at the moment. It’s nothing you’ve done. Like any good journalist, it is their responsibility to get this information out to their readership, so that their readers can come to their own judgements. Not all sites will ask these questions and that is to be commended. That is good journalism.

    • Lepito

      It’s great that you reach out to these companies. It’s not the interviewer’s concern whether or not you’re being spoken to with “PR speak”, because NISA is really addressing their vocal detractors with this interview.

      Ergo, NISA isn’t lying to you, you’re just doing your job. They’re lying to their (ex)customers, which we’ve known for years now anyway.

  • sanic

    I found the gameplay pretty weak when I tried out the first game, that coupled with continued censorship means a pass, I do appreciate them being more direct about what they’re doing.

  • Jake Martinez

    The ESRB only applies to games sold at retail and not direct channels and there is no legislation in the US to prevent a game publisher from selling direct to the public.

    So it seems to me the simple solution would be: Sell the censored version at retailers because you really want that Wal-Mart/Best-Buy money, then sell uncensored copies direct through mail order/web site.

    Hell, you could probably just submit the uncensored version and get the AO rating on it if you’re worried about it, and then sell it through niche sites online that have no problem selling adult content. After all it’s not like adult content is illegal in the US, it’s just that most commercial retailers won’t stock it.

    Now, overseas sales are a lot more complicated because in some countries like Australia and Germany the censorship board is run by the government (notice: censorship board and not ratings board, let’s call it what it is). But a lot of these games don’t get releases in these territories and fans are used to importing from other locales. I moved to Australia many years ago and we have one of the most draconian censorship regimes for video games, so I have always been importing games from the US, UK and direct from Japan when I have to.

    Personally I think NISA should be working as hard as they can to develop channels for uncensored game content, considering their oeuvre. The fact of the matter is that if they keep trying to sell ecchi games retail they are going to go out of business or have to switch to less risque titles.

    • awvnx

      Console games require the ESRB. Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo have to approve every single game. So no, they can’t bypass it unless they sell only on PC. And they won’t do that, because there’s a still a sizeable market on consoles.

    • DDD-kun

      “Console games require the ESRB. Sony and Microsoft and Nintendo have to approve every single game.”

      No, actually they do not. Nintendo’s fought that battle for decades to little avail. Just that the market that distributes without the console publisher’s consent is tiny in comparison. But yes, there are “adult” games you can obtain on the Nintendo DS, for example, not licensed or even approved by Nintendo.

      And, honestly, there are probably some legal options publishers have to ford past what is essentially Sony’s red tape regarding their digital distribution. It’d just take a studio taking huge risk tracks to establish what would be the first adult only establishments for mainstream hardware in this country that doesn’t amount to just another $4.00 flash game.

    • VanFinale

      Unfortunately the consoles make it policy to not allow games on their platforms that are not censored by the ESRB. They also have policies to just flat-out not allow AO rated games to be sold on their platforms. It’s shitty and aggravating but it is the state of things and unfortunately unlikely to change anytime soon. Adult oriented PC games though really seem to be on the rise with the PC market in general just growing every year.

  • Both NISA and the ESRB are basically, well, c*nts.

    Regarding the ESRB, years ago these kinds of ratings boards didn’t delve into aspects like ‘power balance’ and ‘consent’. All they would judge upon is the risque aspect, nudity and amount, and would rate it just on those factors alone.

    All of a sudden now they seem to have made ‘power balance’ and ‘consent’ the two major issues. This strongly suggests that the SJW/feminist retardation has reached and infested the ESRB.

    Or of course it could be NISA who are the ones lying through their teeth and have made this preoccupation with ‘power balance’ and ‘consent’. Which is an awfully moralistic position for a localization company to take, as those two terms are two of the most popular buzzwords among SJWs and feminists.

    So are NISA lying or not? Or whether it’s NISA or the ratings board that is enforcing the power balance or consent issues? No-one knows for sure. I have no evidence or citation of course, but what I do know is that for example Senran Kagura made it past the censorship barrier intact. This may suggest that NISA are the ones screwing around moreso than the ratings board.

    I know they want to bring the game out to the West, but considering the ridiculous amount of censors… whoops I mean “CHANGES” required, they really should have not bothered at all.

    • VanFinale

      The ESRB seems to be pretty benign for now at least. Hell just look at God Eater they had more trouble with the blood than with the fan service stuff. However companies also seem to be extremely cautious of having to re-submit their game to the ESRB. In fact I think with every case of NISA censoring the game I think they’re reasoning pretty much boiled down to someone told us the ESRB would give it an AO. Maybe they’re getting bad info or they just are taking it in wrong because the ESRB really seems to be against giving games an AO. Unless they have a shitstorm around them like Hatred or are just actually porn. Which really isn’t the case with Japanese games since they are not allowed to show any actual nudity in console games in Japan. I mean the witcher games all got by without an AO and they all have sex scenes in them with bare breasts, also Order 1866 and GTA4:DLC both got by with M-ratings with penises in them.

    • CrusaderEsper

      According to NISA, the following is true. Trevor using pliers to violently rip teeth out of a screaming person to torture them warrants an M rating (among the other forms of torture he used). But playfully spanking an anime girl while she once again playfully moans “iie~” is an AO rating.

      Meanwhile in South Park the Stick of Truth, aliens anally rape an 8 year old boy with probes while other male adults are having the same done to them again making sounds of discomfort is an M rated game.

      So to summarize, according to NISA:
      Ripping a man’s teeth out: M
      Anally raping an 8 year old boy: M
      Playfully spanking an anime girl: AO

  • Valwin Mediaz

    at least we know how butchered it So no buy

    • But Toyko Mirage Sessions is censored to fuck as well?

      The only balls Nintendo have are the rubber ones on the strap-on that are constantly bashing on their buttocks every-time Anita Sarkeesian thrusts.

    • Valwin Mediaz

      i saying Nintendo lies to people faces they say the game haves fan service yet removes it

    • Lepito

      are you kidding me? Tokyo Mirage is more censored than this game is.

  • Firion Hope

    For me it simply comes down to not believing them. If they had to censor it then why can’t they just show proof? There’s all this pussyfooting around of “oh well our sources said something about it off the record” which is suspicious. If they want to be believed than put proof, that’s not asking too much. I mean hell remember ghostlight getting caught in a lie when people messaged pegi directly? What reason is there to think nisa isn’t doing the same?

    Also their thing about it bombing, well maybe it would’ve done much better if it hadn’t been censored, they don’t know that it wouldn’t.

  • MusouTensei

    The thing for me is that I don’t live in an ESRB country, but just as with Tokyo Mirage I have yet again to suffer under american puritanism that has simply no place in my country, not a single lewd game of recent times was rated higher than 16+ here, some even 12+ like Senran Kagura 2 or Dungeon Travelers 2 (I know it’s censored but only in 4 rather child pornish pics to actually avoid an AO rating). Criminal Girls in it censored form is also 16+ here, uncensored I could assume a jump to 18+ maybe, but not a ban, well maybe in swedistan but who cares about them?

    Also bs, in Estival Versus most of the girls are not very happy when I touch them or rub them till their clothes rip apart, so technically I don’t have their consent, didn’t seem to bother the ESRB and surely not PEGI nor USK.

    I could be okay with this if they would have sent the uncensored version to the ESRB and they would have actually given it an AO rating, but they didn’t, so no money from me for this game, end of story.

    • awvnx

      I think it would be beneficial to everyone if the ESRB rating process were a bit more open. However, the voices of fans of niche pervy games aren’t going to be enough to push for that. Most gamers aren’t going to care until something like GTA VI is affected.

    • Bryan

      And it won’t anytime soon because it’s not anime. Remember, Anime = Real people apparently.

    • awvnx

      ESRB did actually approve of a fairly adult-oriented visual novel recently. It had nudity and sex in it, but not genitals, similar to how nudity and sex works in other games like Witcher 3, GTA V. They rated it M. It means there isn’t a double standard for anime.


    • Bryan

      I’m just making fun of the fact Japanese publishers are more afraid of the Western Social views now more than Western publishers like the Witcher and GTA

    • MusouTensei

      Marvelous Europe also exists.

      Most niche games don’t even get localized for other languages and are english only in all of europe (like everything by NISA, IFI, Marvelous, Atlus (if Nintendo isn’t the publisher)), only the boxes and possible manuals (still happen sometimes) get translated.

  • Lepito

    “At the same time, the internet is an interesting platform that people with very loud voices have a tendency to make themselves a lot bigger. In the case of Criminal Girls 2, there’s a group that says ” we’re boycotting you”, when we look at the numbers that’s just not the case.”

    As someone who used to pre-order NISA titles directly from their online store since they were releasing titles for the PSP (when it was still RosenQueen!) and has been avoiding their products for years now, this is bullshit.

    It’s true that NISA most vocal detractors are (unfortunately) in the consumer minority, but if that’s the case then of course your bottom line isn’t going to appear to be affected by their lack of purchase.

    That being said, I take great issue with how NISA butchers games, and with so many great games these days coming from teams that do a much better job with their localizations — namely, XSEED, Atlus, and hopefully SEGA/Bamco/KT improving in the future (IFFY gets an honorable mention for at least caring), I find fewer and fewer reasons to really care about what NISA thinks they bring to the table. It’s unfortunate to miss out on some great games, but the original Japanese versions are superior in every way anyway.

    NISA mostly floats by on expensive LEs, merch, Disgaea, and Love Live. I find it hard to believe they really give a shit whether a Criminal Girls or Mugen Souls does well for them, because they’ve clearly planned out the localizations so that they could still butcher the games and not lose money on them regardless of consumer turnout.

    • Dgnfly

      Even if we aren’t many it will still affect a Niche game cause the numbers themselves aren’t big eitherway and nowadays there are plenty of other games to chose from so i feel there is less reason to buy certain anime games.

      The herd mentality is pretty disgusting cause it kills creativity everything suddently needs to be looked at from a narrow line and always follow the same criteria making it boring and repetative kinda why gaming has been so dull the last few years your never allowed to break that taboo line for the sake of offending ppl yet they are the most interesting subject just look at the uproar about MGS PP with quite character or when Paz surgery scene which cause a uproar for simply being offense to some ppl.

  • Dgnfly

    I for one won’t be buying it, i bought the first one cause it had some light censorship but this is far bigger not to mention we have been shown what happens if we give em a inch eventually they will go to full butchery. NIS america doesen’t know what their audience wants they barely listen to anything they say or else they would know we want things as they were meant to be and we care little about political correcness.
    I used to like NIS america be the more get exposed the more the look like con-artist from censorship to bothced translation to not patching certain games and pretending certain DLC don’t exsist which released in japan.

  • Tiredman

    Folks here can whine all you want, but the fact of the matter is if NISA says you either deal with the changes or the game never comes here, most of you, primarily non Japanese speaking folks, will fall back. Games aren’t a right, they are a privilege of living in countries that allow us to have them. If some censorship is required, oh well. I like anime boobs as much as the next guy, but I won’t tell a publisher that I don’t want the game because they covered them up. I won’t tell them to leave that game in Japan if they choose to removed some bondage. And so on, and so on.

    The worst i will do is wait for the game to go down in price, then pick it up. I answer with my wallet, not my outraged, easily swayed voice that would make me a hypocrite when I whine and then end up buying the games anyway.

    • VanFinale

      But most people complaining about the censorship are saying just that if you have to censor the thing then just don’t bring it over. Do what stuff like Moe Chronicle or DOAX3 are starting to do and put it out in Asia with english subs. Also in a lot of these cases the censorship doesn’t really seem to be required since more and more publishers here are saying they will no longer censor games.

    • awvnx

      Unfortunately, something like Moero Chronicle sells way less by being relegated to imports than if they had released them even with censorship. From a business perspective, it doesn’t make sense.

      Plus, they’ll never go on sale either, while plenty of people are quite willing to play the censored CG or Monster Monpiece at $10 or $5.

    • Tiredman

      But why not bring it out? A lot of these games will get that Asia release anyway, and those of us who don’t import, will get the US version, rest of the folks can get the import version. Instead of complaining like crazy, just don’t buy the game, or buy it cheaper.

      I complain about censorship as much as many folks, but I also know that I will still buy the game. My last censorship issue game was Xenoblade X. I just don’t understand removing a boob size slider. But i do understand the issues with Lin, to a degree, because other than a book listing her age, she does not look like a child. Words trump character models, in this instance, for some odd reason. But that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying the game.

      Truth be told, if you live in the US, like I do, our country sucks as far as sexuality goes. We are king in the violence department though, and honestly, I really wish it was the other way around.

      As for Japan, yeah, they censor a lot as far as naked bodies go, but that is probably why they also go insane with clothing, usually as little as possible, even on characters that may be 18 or older, but look 12, and in many instances are 12 or under. I understand issues with that out west, but I personally am numb to it as i am an anime fan. But for me personally, as long as the game itself isn’t being censored, like a story segment for instance, then I don’t really care all that much. I wish they would of left the game alone, but I personally would rather have the game slightly censored than not at all.

    • VanFinale

      But these people aren’t buying the game they’re also telling the people censoring stuff why they are not buying the game. You have to do both or nothing will change. If you just buy it anyways the companies don’t see themselves as doing anything wrong since they’re getting the money anyway. If you just don’t buy it and say nothing they’ll just assume the market doesn’t exist for these games and just stop localizing them entirely. If you are someone who honestly someone who does want to stop censorship buying the game anyways is just contributing to the problem. I’m not saying you should flat-out boycott the company because that doesn’t solve anything. Just do your research and buy the games that aren’t censored show the company when they do a good job they get rewarded. Hell this isn’t even a game I’m really interested in however if NISA made a point of refusing to censor the game and brought it out anyways I would have bought it regardless because I care about this shit. If there is still a game you want to play that is censored you can at least wait and grab it used so you at least are not financially supporting the censorship.

    • Tiredman

      You got a good point there. I guess my counter point is telling a company you don’t like censorship so you are skipping, or waiting on a discount, of a game they are releasing is a good deal different than what is going on with the comments here and elsewhere. Everybody makes it sound like it is the worst thing in the world, and how that game being censored caused their kids to get cancer, and their parents to die from shock. I don’t mind constructive criticism but very little of that is here.

    • VanFinale

      Well people are just fucking tired of it man these are games they want to play and they are skipping out on them because of stupid shit that shouldn’t be happening. NISA especially has been caught lying before so people are really tired of their spiel.

      Still them being upfront about this stuff is still leagues better than Nintendo’s practice of just hoping nobody notices. They also seem to at least be consistent with shit. It seems like what NISA are censoring is anything that insinuate everything going on is not being done without “enthusiastic consent”. While Nintendo just seems to censor whatever the fuck they feel like completely arbitrarily I mean this fucking wedding dress is just abhorrent.

    • And here’s some modern and fashionable real wedding dresses that women wear to ceremonies, where family, friends and children are present…

      So unrealistic! Sexism! Misogyny!

    • Tiredman

      Yeah, the games are wanted, but how do a few visual changes hurt the game? That is what it ultimately comes down to. If no story is changed, if no areas, enemies, and so on were removed from the game, what is there to really complain about? So you can’t see some cleavage? So you can’t see a few sexy outfits?

      I agree that NISA does it all the time. The main reason I don’t care anymore is because I just enjoy the games. i am a huge Neptunia, Mugen Souls, and Disgaea fan for instance. Those games are highly enjoyable for far more than imagery, so when some censorship hits them, I will say they do some really stupid censoring, then get on with life, buy the game, and thoroughly enjoy myself.

      Only reason I argue this point is because people just go overboard. Anybody on here who complains like crazy, who is an actual fan of a series or company, will still buy the game, even when they act like the gravest injury that could ever be done to them was done to them by a publisher. Images are a very small part of a game, so blowing up over a few changes just isn’t worth the waste of energy.

      Course, all my personal opinion. Biggest reason I list it is because I don’t want these folks who are going nuts making publishers start to question their game publishing, because, censorship or not, I want many Japanese games brought West that normally wouldn’t be.

    • Smug

      “The main reason I don’t care anymore is because I just enjoy the games.”
      So basically you enjoy butchered products because you cant be half-assed to respect the original works. Also lel at listing Mugen Souls when it was censored to hell and back in the West.

      ” Anybody on here who complains like crazy, who is an actual fan of a series or company, will still buy the game,”
      Not everyone is a weak faggot like you

      “but how do a few visual changes hurt the game?”
      “Images are a very small part of a game”
      fucking lel

      “because, censorship or not, I want many Japanese games brought West that normally wouldn’t be.”
      Spoken like a true faggot with no respect towards the hobby

    • Tiredman

      Know what you fucking ass wipe who must of been dropped on his head as a baby? You are a sorry excuse for a human being who just comes out and starts calling people faggots. Are you a closet homosexual who has to get his jollies by tossing that phrase around when nobody even insults you? You can’t handle having people talk with you who have a different opinion? Or maybe you just get your jollies having somebody like me finally decide to tell you how it is you cock sucking, probably homophobic ass hole.

      You deserve no respect and you will get none. I am done talking with you. The first time you called me a faggot, I let it slide, this little post of yours though made me realized that you are human filth who uses anonymity to act like an ass. Must be a sorry life if you have to get on a forum and toss that word around. And for the record, I consider that word far worse than any I used. Get a life.

    • Smug

      >still cant counter any argument
      >that meltdown post
      Guess I was absolutely right at the “weak faggot with no will” part

      You should kill yourself as it would leave another less cancerous fuck to support censorship. That or man up while standing to actual principles in order to respect the hobby.

    • Tiredman

      Thanks for that. Officially ignoring you. You are the worst type of internet filth, the kind who says crap like you listed up above. I will leave this post content in knowing you are a pathetic little ‘it’ that will tell somebody to go kill themselves. You and those like you are why we cant have nice stuff on the internet. Adios.

    • Smug

      You can say “little shit” to me, you know? I can handle banters.

      Also that wont change the fact you’re still a censorship-enabling faggot. I would pardon you if you didnt know about all that first, but you seem to take quite a pride in supporting censored products and spiting on the hobby.

    • “Everybody makes it sound like it is the worst thing in the world, and how that game being censored caused their kids to get cancer, and their parents to die from shock. I don’t mind constructive criticism but very little of that is here.”

      What about the morons who think that an uncensored game (like a bit of cleavage) is the worst thing in the world and caused their kids to get cancer and their parents to die from shock?

      Studies have already shown that video games do not cause violence and sexism to the player.

      I guess fictional female characters have more rights than the women/girls in the Paris attacks.

      But don’t let me stop you cucking away though.

    • Tiredman

      Hmm, I am guessing you and that Smug fella are the same person since you use the same vernacular. Glad I learned that, I won’t forget.

    • If you honestly do judge and think that based purely on the icons a person uses then I pity your narrow-mindedness.

    • Tiredman

      Not the icons, the use of the word cuck. Never heard it before save from you two.

    • Then I suggest that you broaden your horizons.

    • Tiredman

      Not sure learning insults is broadening your horizons. I am a military brat. Been over most pf the US and Iceland, and never heard that term.

    • I’m not asking you to learn insults, I was just suggesting that you be more aware of how Internet folk communicate, seeing as you accused me of being the same person as Smug.

    • Tiredman

      I had a good reason for that. But sorry about that. Now I wouldnt wish being smug on my worst enemy.

    • Smug

      Seems like being in the military didnt strengthen your will and backbone at all

    • Smug

      Of course people are going to mad when their hobby get trashed, you fucking faggot

    • Tiredman

      I swear, no clue what a cuck is. Thanks for the laughs though, love seeing folks think they are special by calling folks names.

    • Entitled

      Spoken like a true cuck.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Come on, name calling is not necessary.

    • Smug

      Being nice to faggots isnt an option

    • Minuteworld92

      not really but it doesn’t hurt.

    • Smug

      >he hasnt learned japanese yet
      >he will continue to suck up to western localization teams
      >he supports censorship
      >le privilege meme

      Found the faggot

    • Tiredman

      Man, you really got your panties in a bunch, dontcha. Must hurt having an IQ of 5 since you can’t say anything constructive.

    • Smug

      The fact you cant counter any of my points prove you’re dumber

  • razisgosu

    Wow. There are some paranoid people on here. Lying through their teeth… right. Because companies like spending money they don’t have to. Comparing this game to Gal Gun is silly, it’d be much better to compare it to the Estival Versus dressing room, which still doesn’t feature what Criminal Girls does, where you’re interactively engaging in something that could push your game over a sellable limit. Look at Mei Q, it just got refused classification in AUS due to interactive features. That’s exactly what they’re toning down, to appease these ratings boards.

    • VanFinale

      But you’re wrong because in everywhere besides Australia MeiQ received a T rating. Holding up Australia as a standard setter is also really poor since a bunch of games have been refused classification there and the population is growing really tired of it. Especially after they fought so hard to get the censorship board to finally add an “M” like classification which was supposed to stop all these games from being banned there. People are tired of NISA because they always come up with the same excuse of being informed by mysterious “inside-contacts” that stuff needs to be censored. Then when bringing out the game on PC which does not require a rating at all they come up with more excuses about it being “against company policies”. If they are not flat-out lying they are still using lots weasel words and convenient excuses to get around stuff.

  • Cael

    Friendly reminder that NISA is actually pro-censorship. Look at how this dick is writing censorship. Notice anything? Yep. He writes it as “censorship”. The only people I know that writes it like that or those that are pro-censorship.

    • Lol. Always amusing to read PR speak from companies.

    • razisgosu

      Right because businesses love spending money when they don’t have to. *rolls eyes*

  • CrusaderEsper

    They can sugar-coat it all they want, but censoring a game is corrupting the original artistic vision for the game. Changing the art, adding more steam, it doesn’t matter what you do. You’re still censoring it. Criminal Girls may not have bombed, but Mugen Souls certainly lost them a lot of sales as evidenced by the fact that they had limited edition copies of that game available for TWO YEARS after the game came out.

    But if they want to reduce their total sales I guess there is nothing you can do about that.

  • Ging

    They claim they’re “aiming to stay true to the original look and feel” and they “want the experience… to be the same as someone playing it in Japan”, yet they turn this from a bdsm experience to a consensual experience. And they’re blatantly accepting this hypocritical logic… The only conclusion I think NISA may have is “well it’s still an erotic experience”. But this specific subgenre may be totally erased with unknown amount of censorship left to be announced. Also, it could even disrupt the flow, or consistency of the game. For example the mini game was originally called “punishment time” but will now be called motivation time. The game appears to have a dark undertone: the girls have had a rough past, they’ve done some malicious acts, ended up in the underworld, but now they get some consensual erotic things done to them as their motivation? I doubt something doesn’t feel off about that.

    Anyways, a lot of you guys are saying stuff like “Galgun/Senran is ok, so this is ok” and “NISA is lying”. You guys are kinda jumping the gun though. There are clearly some differences between the non-consensual abuse with tools in this game compared to those games. I doubt NISA is lying about their (albeit paranoid) beliefs. They’re trying to be transparent and that deserves some credit.

    If NISA gave us the option to help fund an uncensored ESRB review of this game, do you think this would succeed? Do you think it wouldn’t displease NISA’s fans even if ESRB said “sorry guys it’s AO”? I think the reviews costs a couple thousand, keep that in mind.

    Fun fact: The ESRB doesn’t play-though the entire game. http://www.esrb.org/ratings/faq.aspx#17
    Developers tell them what they need to see. And apparently the ESRB only needs to do a post-release checkup for games that reach a “broad audience” and games that are reported the ESRB for incorrect ratings.

    Hypothetically speaking, a game could get away anything as long as no one reports them. More importantly, the ESRB rates using a group of raters. The individual raters frequently disagree with one another and generally use a majority vote to decide the rating. That indicates that their rulings will involve some serious subjectivity. So just because one game received a M rating from one majority vote doesn’t automatically mean it’ll fly with another group.

    Regardless, it’ll probably get a pc version which will eventually get modded anyways. xD

    • j0eeyy_p

      Well Invite Only isn’t on Steam anymore, so it’s probably not happening. Just import the Nipponese version.

  • grgspunk

    “Do you think that NIS America is focusing on less ecchi games due to the social climate in the West?”

    Nice job dodging the question, doods. A simple yes or no would’ve sufficed.

  • DDD-kun

    Consider this my warning that I’m about to talk about some extremely upsetting topics covering sexual assault and rape. Skip everything after indent/paragraph 3 if you feel you must. I usually don’t bother, but the gravity of the example kinda compels me to warn you NOT TO LOOK UP THE MENTIONED GAME’S AUDIO FILES BECAUSE THEY’RE NOT PLEASANT FOR ANYONE TO HAVE TO LISTEN TO. First & last time you’ll catch me giving content warnings.

    Transparency provided the information that helped me confirmed Criminal Girls 2 was not a title I’d be buying as a western release, second-hand or otherwise. One instance does draw curiosity to me, and I wonder if the three that were interviewed are aware of the ESRB’s stance on it….

    “The problem comes with a girl screaming “No!” while you’re spanking her
    ass; that wont fare too well with ratings boards. They’re saying that
    you can’t have non-consensual sexual activity in these games.”

    From the ESRB site for Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes: http://esrb.org/ratings/search.aspx?from=home&titleOrPublisher=ground%20zeroes

    “… One
    cutscene includes a depiction of blood and gore (e.g., a character’s
    intestines exposed during a dramatic procedure to remove an object). The
    game includes an audio file in which a female character is sexually
    assaulted by male characters; while there is no visual depiction, sounds
    of ripped clothing and struggle can be heard.”

    I want this to be clear to those that do not know: the tapes that the ESRB refrence here depict two characters (a young woman and a young boy) being brutally tortured and also coerced into sexual assault and rape. The gravity and atmosphere of the recorded audio files leave no room to wiggle: consent doesn’t exist. It’s flat-out, full blown sexual assault and instances of alluded and iris’d out (in an audio sense) rape. Nothing cutesy about it. It was designed to purposefully upset and disturb. And it was given an M rating.

    Given knowledge of that precedence—that violent, sadistic, brutal sexual crimes were allowed in audio format were still allowed not only an M rating, but to be published with no further public or known private contest between Konami and the ESRB, would the employees at NISA change their answer regarding the idea that non-consenting sexual activity is disallowed?

    I am extremely interesting in finding out the answer to that question.

    • Tristan (Chili1)

      Please post this on NISA’s forums.

    • DDD-kun

      You have my full permission to C&P the whole thing. I don’t have an account there, and honestly don’t feel the need to jump hoops there when I could send this direct to their contact pages. But again, feel free to C&P, just please be sure not to edit anything.

  • Minuteworld92


  • Shelly the kid

    Game looks like an iPhone 7 app.

    This seems more boring than that time my mom was naked at the supermarket and I have to tell her that she’s not at Disney world anymore while smoking high on weed.


  • Robert Cisneros

    You can’t have no consensual sexual activity in games……. Randy Marsh getting anally raped in South park sot by a anal probe while going Argggg and saying no, so when it happens to men the esrb is cool?

  • Nakua

    If you don’t want censored games then do not support censored games, easy and simple, BUT seems some of you guys in the end buy them anyway. So blame yourself too, because the more you buys censored games the more they continue to import and butcher them.

  • […] the way we are approaching Criminal Girls 2 is if you play through this game, you wont ever know that something was changed in it.

    So, backdoor censorship? (The fact they openly announced they were censoring it not withstanding.)

    >I like to bring this up, as a kid I was playing Breath of Fire IV and when I learned it was censored, I was livid, I couldn’t believe that they would do that. They ruined the artistic integrity of the game.

    Oh, the irony and hypocrisy…