TGS 2015: SAO IV Teased

Wednesday, September 16th, 2015

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Bandai Namco Entertainment held a content meeting at TGS 2015. The conference was focused on Sword Art Online and how its popularity spread worldwide. The writer of the light novels Reki Kawahara, the producer for the anime Shinichiro Kashiwada, Editor in Chief of Dengeki Bunko magazine Kazuma Miki, and the producer for Sword Art Online: Lost Song Yosuke Futami, were all present for the panel. They discussed the franchise’s popularity, how it spread overseas, and their goals when producing the projects. After discussing this they went on to speak about future announcements for the franchise.

SAO Kirito

It looks like Kirito has a special announcement.

The biggest announcement of the day was the announcement of SAO IV. Not much was said about the project but they revealed that more information about the project would be announced at a later date. It is not known whether or not SAO IV will be a continuation of the anime series, a new video game in the series, or a new volume in the original light novel series. More information for SAO IV will be announced on October 4 at 13:00/1:00 pm JST.

SAO announcement

Aside from the big teaser for SAO IV, Bandai Namco Entertainment also announced that Sword Art Online Game Director’s Edition would be released on November 19 for the Asia region. Since this edition will be released in Asia it is highly likely this edition will have English subs like previous game releases in that region. Sword Art Online Game Director’s Edition will include both Sword Art Online Re;Hollow Fragment and Sword Art Online: Lost Song.

SAO Game Director Edition

Once more information for SAO IV is released we will post it as soon as possible. Check back here on October 4 or after the date for more information on SAO IV, including what media SAO IV will be focused on. So get excited Sword Art Online fans, SAO IV is coming.

About Patrick Aguda

Patrick is a Mechanical Engineering student and an avid fan of both video games and anime. He has been a fan of anime since his older sister introduced him to the genre when he was in Pre-K. He grew up watching shows like Cardcaptor Sakura, Digimon Adventure, Gundam Wing, Dragon Ball Z, Tenchi Muyo and Rurouni Kenshin. His favorite anime of all time is Code Geass. His favorite games include Persona 3 Portable, Steambot Chronicles and the .hack//G.U. trilogy. He is very fond of Sinon (Asada Shino).

  • Gemnist

    Hope it’s a continuation of the anime. But with a marking like “IV”, it’s probably a fourth game.

  • Edith Reese!

    I’ve watch both the anime on Toonami when seasons 1 through 2 came on the network.

    I hope that season 3 will get a dub premier and a simulcast in both our nation and the rising sun like Space Dandy someday?

    Fuck the haters! SAO is here to stay. AOT who?

    • Edith Reese!


    • Edith Reese!

      Even Log Horizon didn’t have the same influence or recognition as SAO!

    • Edith Reese!

      The closest Sword Art Online got in competition in popularity alone is Attack on Titan. And even that will take a long time until season 2 comes out….

      Like Half Life 3!

    • ZeroBudgetGamer

      AoT has to let the manga develop further, which is a problem, because every monthly chapter is 40+ pages of dialogue, which builds up roughly the same amount of storyline progress as a single weekly manga chapter.

    • ZeroBudgetGamer

      Which sucks because, IMO, Log Horizon is the better series. At least until SAO decides to get to the Accel World era and we see that anime get a second season.

    • Keichi Morisato

      i doubt it, Japanese teenagers had short fat protagonists. they have to bland as fuck wish fulfillment.

      i loved Log Horizon, it really should be more popular than what it is.

    • Keichi Morisato

      that is because people thought that Log Horizon was a SAO clone, when really it was published long before SAO, and in both cases, they were influenced by the .Hack// franchise. while SAO has better art and music, it’s story and characters are terrible. Log Horizon while not having as good art, animation, or music, excels in the story and character department. sure the whole reason Log Horizon exists as an anime is because a different studio wanted to capitalize on SAO’s popularity, but in this case they chose good source material to make their clone.

    • Gurick

      I’m gonna stop you there cause you’re pretty much wrong about SAO being influenced by .hack. .hack was launched in 2002. However the first volume for SAO was written a year before that and was released as a web novel. SAO couldn’t have been influenced by .hack since it came out before it. So SAO came out in 2001, .hack in 2002. SAO came first.

    • ZeroBudgetGamer

      Be that as it may, the sheer force that was the .hack continuity is the single largest factor to bringing the trapped-in-a-game subgenre to life in popular culture. While SAO may have started being written before .hack came about, it didn’t actually get published until many years later. In the same sense that Log Horizon probably wouldn’t have been given an anime release if it weren’t for SAO, SAO probably wouldn’t have gotten its chance if it weren’t for the efforts of .hack.

    • Gurick

      No what? I don’t think you understand this. SAO was published before .hack as a web novel in 2001. It didn’t just get written before .hack came out, it was finished before .hack came out and it was published for free for the public to see. Also the only reason that SAO was published as a web novel in 2001 instead of an actual paperback light novel was because the novel was too big and was above the required length for Dengeki Bunko’s competition so he just released it to the public as a web novel.

      Also, .hack is not the sole reason SAO got the anime adaptation. SAO got an anime adaptation because the LN sold very well in Japan, it was ranked as one of the top 10 light novel series in 2011. As much as I love the .hack series saying that SAO wouldn’t have even gotten a chance at an anime adaptation if .hack weren’t around is just ignorant. SAO got an adaptation because it was popular with the Japanese public, because it was good and it sold well. .hack did not factor into the situation at all. Do you honestly believe that Dengeki Bunko looked all the way back at .hack and were like “hey look at how well .hack did back in 2002 we should try to make an anime with SAO.”

      If anything SAO wouldn’t have gotten its chance if it weren’t for Accel World. Kawahara won the light novel competition with Accel World and was like “hey I have this other novel SAO that I published way back in 2001 you want that too?” and they took both series and published them both in paperback form.

    • Keichi Morisato

      it started out as a dinky little web novel that had some mild success. most of the people in Japan never even heard of SAO until the novels were published in print after Excel World. so… my point still stands. while it may not be an actual clone, .Hack still holds more significance in the “i’m trapped in an MMORPG” genre. and in the end, Log Horizon has the better story. SAO is simply wasted potential.

    • Gurick

      At least spell Accel World right when you’re trying to make a point. Ok dude I’ll let you defend your point, because you haven’t given any clear reason why .hack is considered the more significant “I’m trapped in an MMORPG” genre. All you’ve done is hate on SAO and talk up how great .hack and Log Horizon are. So do give me a reason why .hack is more significant than SAO in that genre, if it was because it came first I already proved you wrong in that area.

      If you want to go into terms of popularity you can see the results now. There unfortunately hasn’t been a real .hack game released since 2010. In fact the series is pretty much dead right now. On the other hand look at SAO. Multiple spin-offs, highly successful anime, multiple video game iterations within the span of 2 years. And if you want to go with “the trapped in MMORPG” thing I’m pretty sure the Aincrad arc of SAO kicked .hack//SIGN’s ass pretty badly. I mean what’s the worst that could happen in .hack, you get into a coma, while SAO on the other hand you die in real life. Also it was only Tsukasa who was trapped in The World, while in SAO everyone in the game was trapped. So in my opinion Log Horizon and SAO did that genre much better than .hack ever did. .hack does kick SAO’s ass in the video game department but that’s about it.

      So tell me why .hack is more significant, sir.

    • Keichi Morisato

      .hack brought the genre in popularity, it may not be the first, but it is definitely the most influential. the reason the series is dead is because the developers of the games CC2 has been making nothing but Naruto/Shounen Jump fighting games since then. they moved on essentially because the team wants to work on other projects.

      also, i wrote Excel because of auto correct.

      Log Horizon has better characters, better story, and ACTUAL MMO mechanics in the show. hell Overlord (which is another in the genre) is a hell of a lot better than SAO, it’s about a person who gets trapped in an VRMMO after the servers for the game went down, and he decides rather than freaking out, that he would become the game’s EVIL OVERLORD MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!

    • Gurick

      I’m pretty sure SAO stopped being an MMO genre type show after Aincrad. It’s just the usual run of the mill Action/Adventure type show now, lol it’s not even trying to be an MMO genre anymore. This is probably one of the reasons I don’t think SAO should be judged in the same light as Log Horizon, since to me they’re like completely different genres.

      Like I know it isn’t the greatest show, I’m a fan of the series but I’m not gonna go up to everybody and say it’s the greatest show in the world because it’s not. It has many flaws which you pointed out such as the Characters and the pacing of the story. The only decent character in the series, in my opinion, is Sinon and she isn’t even a main character anymore. SAO is just fun to watch/read for me.

      Hey man I’ll agree with you, I love Log Horizon, it’s a great show, I think it’s unfair that it doesn’t get the attention it deserves.

    • Keichi Morisato

      i don’t think that SAO is entirely bad, but it is extremely overhyped, and is taking away attention from better series, because SAO fans don’t want to watch others in the same genre because it’s automatically a copy. my problems with SAO is that the characters are terribly written and the story isn’t very good, though i think nearly all the problems with the show has to do with the source material, it was that particular author’s first series, so there are going to be A LOT of problems dealing with characters and story, so i don’t really hold it against the series too much, it’s just big fans of the series really get on my nerves.

    • Gurick

      I’ll tell you from thing from my experience the SAO LN is leagues better than the anime version. I’ll agree with you there, the characters are sorta blah, except the one I spoke of in my previous comment.

      Yeah SAO has flaws, the story would’ve done better if they paced it better and developed the characters more. Like I’m a big fan of the series, but I won’t tell you it’s the greatest series in the world, because it’s not. I personally like .hack//G.U. much more than SAO because of the better characters, the story, and my god the music is otherworldly. I’m actually pretty upset .hack isn’t getting a new game.

    • Edith Reese!

      And that’s why it failed to even air on Toonami in the first place.

      (Remember when people made conspiracy theories about Sentai Filmworks back when they announced their license to Log Horizon?)

      It was doomed from the start. lol