Nintendo has Launched its Miiverse Redesign

Wednesday, July 29th, 2015

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The promised redesign of Nintendo’s Miiverse has gone live. This update changes how Miiverse posts are organized, but that only affects new posts made after the update. In a somewhat controversial move, the update also adds a 30-posts-per-day limit (though the limit does not include in-game posts). This will reduce chatter on the Miiverse service, but may be problematic for some people who like to chat. The new redesign of Miiverse is live on Wii U, 3DS, and in your web browser now. Nintendo says “The makeover is not only visual – the update comes with new features that make sharing tips, drawings and comments about Wii U or Nintendo 3DS games more enjoyable than ever.”

Upon entering your own profile page on Miiverse, you will notice that it is now split into several sections. They are Journal Entries, Recent Drawings, Discussions, and Screenshots. The Play Journal allows you to write journal entries about the game as you play it, potentially providing hints or tips for other players to view. Simply hit the Home button and enter Miiverse while playing your game to do this. Another new feature is the Screenshot Album. The private album can only be viewed by you, and can hold up to 100 screenshots (which can be sorted by game name). Drawings from the community can be viewed in order of popularity now, and you can post in the Discussions area if you need help or just want to chat about the game you’re playing.

Nintendo’s Miiverse redesign is poised to make Miiverse a better place, now that it is a bit more robust than before. The daily post limit mentioned above may be a sticking point for some players though. Of course, Nintendo may update some aspects further depending on how well they work now that the update is live.

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Michael is also a computer programmer. This started with a toy he got as a kid called PreComputer 1000 that was made by V-Tech. It had a simple programming mode which is what started him down the road of being a programmer! Michael can program in BASIC, Visual Basic, C++, C#, and is familiar with Java and Lua Script.

Putting programming and gaming together, Michael became a hobbyist game developer which may give him some good insights on game development! Most recently, he has been playing with the free version of the Unity engine (a powerful and easy-to-use game engine).

I love Nintendo but I also play a lot of game's on PC, many of which are on steam. My favorite Nintendo game's include Zelda, Metroid, and Smash Bros to name a few. On PC I love the Half-Life games, as well as most all of the Source Engine games just to name a few.

  • blackice85

    I’ve just now logged into it for the first time, so uh, cool I guess lol

  • JDobbs

    I got to check out the new design and its not as drastic of a change as I thought it was going to be. The only thing that irks me is the 30 post limit per day. I understand they didn’t want long chats on the posts, but they need to increase the limit to 50 or 60.

  • ragunaxl

    Maybe focus on… games.

  • I’m perfectly fine with all the new additions… Asides from the post limitation of 30 a day.

    What Nintendo needs to realize is that the people who chat with others in ways that aren’t strictly talking about games most likely bonded over games! I had 10 close friends on Miiverse before this update & now all I’m left with is 4. And they’re barely ever online now because we’re no longer able to talk.

    Nintendo should bring back the ability to post on activity feed so that the people who wish to talk with others who’ve had a serious impact on them as a person & mean the world to them can talk casually without needing to talk about a game strictly.
    They could also change it so it’s still limited to 30 posts. Except that it’s 30 posts ever 1-2 hours, while this is still going to upset a lot of people. It is most certainly better than only being able to post 30 things a day.

    Also Nintendo may not realize it, but for example the “despicable people who use Miiverse ‘incorrectly’ and post/take part in RP’s” as they call them, are having fun taking their spin on the game! Think of it as a adventure RPG game, but instead of having a definite ending, character design & what not. It’s got millions of possible endings that depend on how you wish to play them! And if you’re stuck, in seconds you can ask for help & get back on track! The characters are up to your design, how they act & who their best friends are is up to you! It’s basically an improved form of all games! If you wanted to experience what it’s like living inside your favorite game, then create a world where you can!
    I’m particularly wanting to defend the RPers because I feel their pain. Imagine if you will, that you were just given the game you’ve wanted for years to play & there would be no limitations to it’s endings, beginnings, & plot.
    Oh and I must not forget to mention that the people who do RPs…. Are doing RP’s based around games!

    And Nintendo says that “the update also adds a 30-posts-per-day limit (though the limit does not include in-game posts). This will reduce chatter on the Miiverse
    service, but may be problematic for some people who like to chat.”. Is that seriously the type of thing they believe? That this will only cause problems for people who like to talk? I’m sorry Nintendo because before this re-design I held you in the highest respect & I was even considering going into game design for a possible future carrier in your game development areas if it continued to interest me. But now after this, the fact that you could think that literally stopping people from being able to have fun & take what’s suppose to be a joyful & exciting thing “seriously” is the right thing to do, is complete and utter bullshit! Get your self out of what ever oblivious trash pit you’re in & open your eyes!

    What is the main reason people play games?
    Why do you think so many people enjoy games?
    What is it about Miiverse that so many people loved?

    I can’t belive that I called Miiverse the one place that my life isn’t hell. That I actually felt safe in Miiverse.
    How Nintendo could basically say that we need to shut up & get serious about something that’s meant to entertain & make people have fun, is moronic!

    I’ve spent over 5 hours reading every piece of information as to WHY Nintendo made this limit, and the only thing Nintendo has said to explain it is all “because people are having long conversations that aren’t specifically game related”, “because it annoys other gamers”, & “because Miiverse isn’t a place for socializing”.
    Okay, firstly Nintendo has made the option of the “Youtube” community. How are you suppose to post game related stuff on a community based around a site that can be about “ANYTHING”?! I seriously want to know how, why, what, and with who game related things could be talked about on this community?

    Also you’ve got a “Crunchy Role Community”, which while I’ve never personally used crunchy role. Is suppose to be an anime & cartoon site I believe? Once again I’d like to ask, can Nintendo please tell me how, why, what, and with who game related things could be talked about on this community? It