New Characters Leaked for Super Smash Bros.

Saturday, June 13th, 2015

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E3 presentations don’t technically start until tomorrow, but we already have what might be some of the most interesting news from the show. Information about two new characters has already leaked, along with info on several new costumes and stages.

Super Smash Bros. - Roy Super Smash Bros. - Ryu

The two new characters are Roy from Fire Emblem and Ryu from Street Fighter, two characters that were already rumored to be coming to the game. The info comes from a patch that went live in Japan, containing info on the two characters, including their victory videos.

Along with these characters, we also get to see a little of Ryu’s stage and the Dream Land stage from Super Smash Bros 64. A few new trophies have been revealed, including one of the Inkling girl from Splatoon. Several new Mii costumes were revealed as well, including Akira and Jacky from Virtua Fighter and Heihachi from Tekken for Brawlers, Isabelle and MegaMan.EXE for Gunners, and Zero from Mega Man X for Swordfighters. Finally a few new music tracks were added to the game, including Rhythm Heaven’s Blue Birds and Monkey Watch. We also got some new pictures of Lucas which are pretty cool.

Who knows when all this content will be available for download? Although it could be as soon as tomorrow. Let’s hope anyway! What do you all think of this though? Are you happy to see Roy and Ryu get in to Smash Bros? Let us know in the comments!


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  • Tara

    I feel Ryu should not be in Smash. Capcom shuns Nintendo quite frequently, and they basically get free advertising TWICE in a game they did no work on. If any third party got two representatives, it should be Namco. I’m not saying I want it, but it seems like that would make more sense.

    • Billy Bass

      Another Capcom representative doesn’t surprise me. Capcom and Nintendo have been doing a lot of cross-promotion with one another lately. Capcom in Smash and Nintendo in Monster Hunter.

    • Tara

      While I agree on that front, did it have to be effing Ryu? Capcom doesn’t even put Street Fighter on Nintendo platforms most of the time! If they had to put another Capcom character in, why not put, say, a Hunter from MH in there? Sort of done like the Villager, where they have 4 female/4 male costumes, and perhaps have a weapon unique to Monster Hunter?

    • Billy Bass

      I do agree with you about it being Ryu. I would have liked to see a Hunter from MH instead as well. The idea of adding in both male and female like Villager/Robin would have been cool as well.

      It does make me wonder what weapon would have been chosen though. Great Sword/Longsword/SnS would have been “another sword user”, which would have led to complaints. They would have either ignored that complaint or went with a non-sword weapon… maybe the light bowgun or something. Its probably too late to guess too much, unfortunately.

    • tBanzai

      I always imagined it’d have a swap mechanic like the Pokemon Trainer did in Brawl.

    • Infophile

      Not the first time. Remember that Snake was in Brawl, and only one MGS game was released for a Nintendo platform (unless I’m forgetting something).

  • Josh S.

    Ryu is in enough fighting games already. That said, I prefer him to yet ANOTHER Fire Emblem clone. I love the series, but it has more than sword wielders. I hope they have one more trick up their sleeves tomorrow…

    • Tara

      I agree that Ryu is in enough fighting games, and I don’t want him in, to be honest. I’ll get the DLC because completionist, so I’m not really helping solve the “problem”, exactly. Either way, I’m okay with Roy for two reasons: 1) I’m a big Fire Emblem fan, and 2) He’s a returning character, so in some ways, doesn’t quite count as “taking up a slot” as I see it. But I do agree that they should represent other classes from Fire Emblem. Maybe someone with a lance or bow & arrows… though I’d really love a manakete or laguz (like that’d happen!) but we’ll see.

  • K

    Roy looks great and wow his redesign looks so different from melee! I’m kind of curious now if Nintendo is planning some other sort of Fire Emblem announcement at E3. More info on FE: If and SMT X FE seems likely but I’m wondering if Nintendo’s considering some sort of Sealed Sword/Blazing Sword remake or if this is just fan service. Either way this looks awesome though I agree their could be better Fire Emblem representatives in Smash (I for one voted for Ike’s forgotten rival the Black Knight on the smash ballot).

    • Tara

      It’s just fanservice. I figure they’re going to bring back all of the veteran fighters in this entry as DLC (that weren’t already in) except for the Ice Climbers. Who the hell are the Ice Climbers? But I’d love a remake, since we didn’t get Roy’s original game… but pretty sure that’s not happening. (If we were, then that would also suggest Lucas indicates we’re getting a Mother 3 remake… though that HAS been talked about… well, rumored. 3DS compilation of all three games… dunno, though. We’ll see.)