Xenosaga HD Collection Possible With Enough Fan Support

Friday, September 12th, 2014

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Xenosaga | gameplay

Tekken series producer Katsuhiro Harada has recently posted a tweet responding to fan demand for an HD remake of the Xenosaga trilogy. The main gist of what he said was that the decision is based on the amount of fans and that they need “tens of thousands” of fans to show their support. Specifically he claims that voices from many unique fans would be far more convincing and that they find it hard to believe people who say that they will buy 100 copies, which I feel is a reasonable thing to be skeptical about.

While “tens of thousands” may sound like quite a lot to some people, I should remind you all that the Xenosaga series has sold over two and a half million units worldwide. In addition to that, there is also the large amount of people who have likely heard of the series but have not gotten the chance to play them. Either way, I think you should all know the drill by now; let him know if you are interested in seeing Xenosaga HD Trilogy happen!



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  • Steven Shemwell

    only if it was on a nintendo console 🙁

  • OnyxSkies

    Only if it’s not on a Nintendo console 😉 Just kidding. I’ll take it on any platform!! Honestly though, I would prefer a PS4/Vita release.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    There are only 3 HD collections I want on the PS3 at this point, and all of them are from Namco Bandai. I want the Xenosaga trilogy, the .hack quadrilogy (?), and the .hack G.U. trilogy. I’d also appreciate DQ8 HD, but that’s not a collection.

    • No “Level 5 HD Collection” with Dark Cloud 1 + 2, plus Rogue Galaxy? Tsk, tsk. That’s one I’ve wanted to see since Sony STARTED this “HD Remaster” business with God of War. But I’d love to see some .hack collections too, now that you mention it 😉

  • Nick

    I’d like to see it on BOTH the Wii U and PS4. Why limit such a great series to a single console?

  • Issaac Wolffe

    If it was for PSVita and they made appropriate changes to make it more handheld compatible, such as quick-saves (although considering the length of some scenes they may have to make quick saves available mid-cinematic as well).

  • I would love to see it on Wii U (or PC if no Wii U). But whatever the plateform, do not hesitate to share the tweet corresponding to the Twitlonger message : https://twitter.com/Harada_TEKKEN/status/510056523549003776

    After playing to this, it will be time for us to ask Square-Enix a HD version of Xenogears (on Wii U, of course !). All the Xeno games of the three Xeno franchises on Wii U (Xenogears, Xenosaga and Xenoblade Chronicles). What a wonderful dream! Tetsuya Takahashi is the new Hironobu Sakagushi.

  • dubaloseven

    ps3! make it happen!

  • Draco Breach

    That is interesting news, and it would make a wonderful addition to the Wii U library.

    As a note, I’m not “limiting” it to a Nintendo platform. I’d like to remind everybody that Xeno assets – exempting the Gears name – traveled with Monolithsoft. It would be interesting to see Bandai Namco on the project again. However like with Project X Zone, Monolithsoft would have to co-develop.

    While I am wary of putting Bandai Namco on the development team for an HD remaster of Xenosaga as they did rush development of the trilogy, I’d be perfectly willing to give them more time to master the Wii U hardware by working alongside Monolithsoft.

    I just wonder how they are going to do Xenogears as that would require SE relinquish that name. While Monolithsoft has access to DOLLs and other assets, they just can’t touch that.

    It makes me a sad kitty, especially if SE isn’t cooperative.

  • Thanatos2k

    I’m getting sick and tired of companies dangling games over our heads and making it seem like it’ll be our fault whether they make them or not.

    Also, they’re dangling games that we already own and have already played. Make something new instead!

    • Jonah Rosen

      You and I and a few others may have played and/or even own the Xenosaga Trilogy, among others, but not everybody. I think of remakes and HD Ports as being more for people who have never experienced the originals or want to play the games again, but no longer own them and not wanting to shell out $40-$50 per game in order to play them again.

      I personally want a .hack Saga or .hack Trilogy HD remaster as aside from borrowing the first games of each from a friend, have never played those series, and I am not Shelling out $100+ dollars for the first games alone to do so.

  • Andrew

    Fan campaign for the remake is now up on FB and Twitter: https://www.facebook.com/OperationKosMos

  • Jonah Rosen

    I really hope this becomes a thing, especially if we get the uncensored versions that Japan had. (the US version removed most, if not all, traces of blood in the game, among a few other things, I believe.) Though I personally kind of wish we could get the Full Xenosaga that could have been, with the second and third arc that never was. (though this would still be almost just as good.

    • Draco Breach

      I do believe I read an interview years ago where the guys over at Monolithsoft said they’d love to revisit Xenosaga to finish it. With the time Nintendo has given them for both Xenoblades thus far, I have no doubt, if given the chance, Monolith would be more than happy to deliver.

      If they do go back to “fill out” the experience, I really would like to see them revisit the current Xenosaga arc to “fix” what they feel was rushed in the first place. Frankly, I love that Namco bothered to fun such an ambitious project, but they really weren’t as supportive as they should have been =/