Hyrule Warriors Direct Recap: Enter Ganondorf

Monday, August 4th, 2014

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Link and Triforce Glow | Hyrule Warriors

Back on the December 18th Nintendo Direct of last year, Iwata teased a game that played a lot like that of Koei Tecmo’s Warriors franchise but with the design of the Zelda series. While gamers gave mixed reactions to it initially–including confusion as to if this would be the Zelda game that Nintendo was working on–people started to warm up to it and enjoyed the idea of playing some of their favorite supporting Zelda characters.

Fast forwarding to tonight, the hype train for Hyrule Warriors is in full gear as Nintendo is holding a worldwide Nintendo Direct solely for the game. Numerous characters have already been revealed. Story has been teased. Gameplay has been shown. What does Nintendo and Koei Tecmo have next to show before the game first releases in Japan this month? Let’s find out.

Hyrule Warriors - Link vs. Dodongo

The Direct started off with Producer Yosuke Hayashi showing off the first stage of the game to demonstrate gameplay. They made sure to state that the gameplay will have a mix of both Dynasty Warriors and Zelda. These will include things like new missions during stages and trying to secure keeps to increase your numbers from Dynasty Warriors and item finds and enemies from Zelda.

Hyrule Warriors - Finding Bombs

Items were given a special segment. In the game, you’ll be able to use trusty mainstay items like bombs, the bow, the boomerang, and the hookshot. As with the main Zelda series, these items will be more useful against certain enemies.

Hyrule Warriors - Zant Hyrule Warriors - Ghirahim

Characters were up next. A number of characters that were previously introduced were featured, such as Link, Zelda, Impa, Sheik, and Lana. The team also talked about characters from Ocarina of Time, Twilight Princess, and Skyward Sword. Here are the characters that have been announced from these games:

  • Ocarina of Time
    • Darunia
    • Princess Ruto
  • Twilight Princess
    • Midna
    • Agitha
    • Zant
  • Skyward Sword
    • Fi
    • Ghirahim

It’s unclear if they just decided to focus on these games during development or just for the Direct. We’ll have to wait and see if other Zelda games get some representation.

Hyrule Warriors - Lana Using Summoning Gate

New weapons and abilities for the characters can be unlocked, which can create different actions in battle. Some of the weapons include the Fire Rod and Gauntlet for Link, the Wind Waker for Zelda, and a Spear infused with power from the Deku Tree. For moves, each character will have special attacks as well as the possibility of increasing your power with a new system called Focus Spirit.

Hyrule Warriors - Lake Hylia

Locations will obviously be from the franchise. Some of the locations are Skyloft from Skyward Sword, Lake Hylia from Ocarina of Time, and Twilight Field from Twilight Princess. More stages will also be included in the game, with stages mostly focusing on those three game.

Character progression was discussed. Unlike the Zelda series, which has the improvement of Link entwined with the items you find (save for Zelda II), characters can level up to increase stats. You can also learn new skills that you can learn for battles. In addition to a level system, you can also become stronger by creating fused weapons and creating badges from materials dropped by enemies.

Hyrule Warriors - Adventure Mode Prologue Hyrule Warriors - Adventure Mode Map
Hyrule Warriors - Adventure Mode Challenge Hyrule Warriors - Adventure Mode Search

A special adventure mode was created for the game. This mode is inspired by the original Zelda, with the overhead map and items looking similar to that of the NES game. But instead of battling enemies in the overhead map, you’ll be brought into the Hyrule Warriors battlefield. Winning will result in more places to move. You can also use item cards found on the map to find new areas.

Hyrule Warriors - 2 Player Co-op

Two player co-op mode will be coming to Hyrule Warriors. However, instead of having both players play on the TV, one will be on the Gamepad while the other will play on the TV. Screen resolution will also be reduced slightly in order to accomplish this feat. Off-screen play will also be available for single player mode.

Hyrule Warriors - Chain Chomp Hyrule Warriors - Bombchus
Hyrule Warriors - Cukkos Hyrule Warriors - The Moon

During the direct, longtime Zelda producer Eiji Aonoma appeared to discuss some of the little Zelda details that will be appearing in the game. These included the return of the Chain Chomp (which, while it is a Mario character, was included in Link’s Awakening), the redesign of Bombchus (which are now giant), the role of Cukkos (along with becoming angry when attacked, they can become allies), and how to use the Moon from Majora’s Mask.

Hyrule Warriors - Gold Skulltulas

Gold Skulltulas will also be making an appearance in the game.

To close out the Direct, Aonuma revealed Ganondorf as a playable character in the game. The Demon King will wield a Great Sword and have some incredible magic to go along with his melee attack. In addition, Club Nintendo members will be able to get a special Demon King costume set for Ganondorf if they register their copy of Hyrule Warriors before October 23rd.

Hyrule Warriors - Ganondorf
Hyrule Warriors - Ganondorf Reveal Hyrule Warriors - Ganondorf in Battle
Hyrule Warriors - Ganondorf Scattering Enemies Hyrule Warriors - Ganondorf Demon King Costume Set

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Special Thanks to Karli Winata, Eric Chetkauskas, and Tyler Lubben for their help with this Direct.

Hyrule Warriors is available for pre-order on Amazon:

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