Dragon Quest IV Mobile Ports Heading West

Dragon Quest IV

Square Enix’s lineup for Gamescom 2014 will feature the iOS and Android ports of Dragon Quest IV: Chapters of the Chosen. Their inclusion pretty much confirms the game will see a Western release. Gamescom takes place August 14–17 in Cologne, Germany.

This will be the third time the game will get released in the West. The first was the original NES version under the name Dragon Warrior IV, followed by the 2008 DS remake. There was also a remake for the PlayStation, but that was never released outside Japan.

Square Enix has said they plan to release many games in the series for mobile platforms. Dragon Quest IV will join Dragon Quest VIII as the only mobile entries available in the West so far. While it’s not one of the Dragon Quest announcements we’ve been hoping for, it’s nice to see Square Enix hasn’t completely abandoned the idea of bringing the games over.

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Source: Press release

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