8BitBoy Gets a Permanent Price Drop

8BitBoy | oprainfall

8BitBoythe depressed boy without a job, has something to celebrate. His game sold well enough through the Steam Summer Sale that it will now be available at a 40% price drop to $3.99. Did I mention this is a permanent price drop?

8BitBoy remembers the good times he had as a kid playing his (what else) 8-bit console. He searched far into the darkest depths of his basement to find the console and a strange-looking cartridge. After plugging it in, he gets sucked into a platforming world featuring 56 levels spanning 5 large worlds.

Players can enjoy 16+ hours of the main game and countless hours exploring over 26o hidden locations.

About the Game: (From Steam)

· 16+ hours main story!
· 56 Levels + huge 5 Worlds]
· 260+ Hidden Locations!
· Coin collecting game + tons of Power-Ups
· Hardcore ‘retro’ mode
· 5 Epic Boss-battles
· Smooth 60 fps (GPU dependent)

8BitBoy | oprainfall


8BitBoy gets 40% price reduction

Starting from today 8BitBoy has been reduces permanently from $6.99 to only $3.99 on Steam.

Due to the massive success in the Steam Summer Sale, I have decided to lower the price of 8BitBoy permanently starting from today to boost sales even further.

8BitBoy on Steam:

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