POLL RESULTS: Favorite Mega Man Game

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Well, we asked what your favorite Mega Man games were a couple weeks ago and boy did you deliver! While there were some expected results, there were also many that caught me by surprise. Such is usually the case with a series as wide and varied as Mega Man. Without further ado, let’s jump into the results!

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Sitting sad at fifth place was Mega Man 3, with 14% of voters supporting it. Then again, I expected everybody to love Mega Man 2, so fifth place isn’t quite so bad in that context, especially with 45 possible games to select.

Mega Man 3 | Poll Results

In fourth place, at 15%, was Mega Man X4, a bit of a controversial one. I say that because many consider it the tipping point of the X series, if not the best overall. From that point on, it kind of spiraled out of control and got less and less recognizable as the X series.

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In third place — quite a respectable placing — with 22%, was Mega Man Legends. I knew this one would be somewhere in the Top 5, but honestly expected it to take first place. Given that it’s one of my least favorite Mega Man games, I’m fine with it sitting dead center.

Mega Man Legends

The next two are the really surprising ones. In second place, at 23%, was (fittingly) Mega Man 2. I also knew this one would be somewhere, so no big surprise. This is the one game fans love to honor and pay most attention to. Granted, it had some fantastic Robot Masters and introduced some great mechanics, but it was also horrendously unfair and brutal at times.

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And now, if you’re all ready, I will announce the Number 1 placed Mega Man game by you, our wonderful readers. With 37% of voters supporting it, first place goes to Mega Man X! The first of the futuristic series and one of the best, bar none. It introduced wall jumps, dashing as well as iconic characters such as Vile, Sigma and Zero.

Mega Man X

I hope you all enjoyed voting, cause I plan on doing another such poll in the future! Thanks for voting, Mega fans!

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