POLL RESULTS: Favorite Mega Man Game

Friday, May 30th, 2014

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Mega Man 6 | Featured

Well, we asked what your favorite Mega Man games were a couple weeks ago and boy did you deliver! While there were some expected results, there were also many that caught me by surprise. Such is usually the case with a series as wide and varied as Mega Man. Without further ado, let’s jump into the results!

Mega Man 8 | Tomahawk

Sitting sad at fifth place was Mega Man 3, with 14% of voters supporting it. Then again, I expected everybody to love Mega Man 2, so fifth place isn’t quite so bad in that context, especially with 45 possible games to select.

Mega Man 3 | Poll Results

In fourth place, at 15%, was Mega Man X4, a bit of a controversial one. I say that because many consider it the tipping point of the X series, if not the best overall. From that point on, it kind of spiraled out of control and got less and less recognizable as the X series.

Mega Man X4 | X logo

In third place — quite a respectable placing — with 22%, was Mega Man Legends. I knew this one would be somewhere in the Top 5, but honestly expected it to take first place. Given that it’s one of my least favorite Mega Man games, I’m fine with it sitting dead center.

Mega Man Legends

The next two are the really surprising ones. In second place, at 23%, was (fittingly) Mega Man 2. I also knew this one would be somewhere, so no big surprise. This is the one game fans love to honor and pay most attention to. Granted, it had some fantastic Robot Masters and introduced some great mechanics, but it was also horrendously unfair and brutal at times.

Mega Man 2 | Quick Man lasers

And now, if you’re all ready, I will announce the Number 1 placed Mega Man game by you, our wonderful readers. With 37% of voters supporting it, first place goes to Mega Man X! The first of the futuristic series and one of the best, bar none. It introduced wall jumps, dashing as well as iconic characters such as Vile, Sigma and Zero.

Mega Man X

I hope you all enjoyed voting, cause I plan on doing another such poll in the future! Thanks for voting, Mega fans!

About Josh Speer

Josh Speer is addicted to two things in equal measure : Books and Videogames. He has a degree from the University of Washington in English with an emphasis on writing. He joined Operation Rainfall last year while following it on Facebook. His two giant life goals are to write his own series of fantasy / science fiction novels and to get into the creative side of the video game industry. He is beyond pleased to now have his proverbial foot in the door thanks to the opportunity provided by Oprainfall!

  • Lost

    I really dislike all the love Mega Man X gets…especially when things like mega man powered up or mega man 9 just don’t get the attention they deserve.

    • Thanatos2k

      Mega Man 9 was them intentionally trying to copy Mega Man 2, which as we can see above isn’t even as good a game as X. So why would it deserve attention? It was a well made copy.

    • Lost

      Hardly. Mega Man 2 may have one of the best soundtracks in gaming, but as the whole of the series it’s not the best. Mega Man 9 had everything that was right with the series. All the weapons had utility, which is something not even the original X has. I’ve played the majority of both series, and the X series really isn’t crafted well by comparison.

  • smacd

    List looks about right to me. I’ll have to replay X4 at some point though, I found the later X games about as forgettable as the classic series 4-6. I haven’t played the Legend series, and probably wont, but it gets a lot of love too.

  • Vinicius

    Good to see that 2 is not in first place, it gives me some faith in the MM fanbase.

  • Thanatos2k

    I asked before and no one answered, but can someone explain the idolation of Mega Man 2? Is it just because it was the first game you played? I really don’t see how it was significantly better than the other NES MM games. (My favorite being 6, and I started with 3)

    • smacd

      I did answer you when you asked. You just chose to ignore it because you didn’t like the answer or something.

    • Thanatos2k


      I don’t see a reply by you here. How can I ignore something that doesn’t exist?

    • smacd

      Weird. I know I had a post on here about MM2 answering that specific question a week or two ago. No idea what topic its under, I can’t find it now.

      The long and short of it- Mega Man 2 was the first game that got the formula right, it was the freshest game for people who played them as they came out, since all the following games game out quickly and didn’t add much to the formula. And my memory is that Nintendo pushed MM2 a lot more than the following games, including tie-ins like the World of Power novel, Captain N having Mega Man as a character shortly after MM2 came out, etc. People’s memories of the later games are “ok, more of the same”. By the time 4-6 came out, it became a forgettable re-hash of the same stuff we’d seen over and over, the minor plot changes and very minor mechanics changes weren’t enough to be memorable like MM2 was. It wasn’t til X came and really shook it all up that people payed attention again.

    • Thanatos2k

      That still sounds like “People just played it first.”

      Megaman 4 added the charged shot. That was a pretty big change to the formula. In Megaman 6 you could fly.

      All stuff I found far more memorable than Megaman 2. What’s memorable about MM2 is the Wily 1 stage music. Is THAT all people are voting for?

    • smacd

      MM3 added a slide too. The minor mechanical changes simply weren’t enough to make the games memorable. And I think it might have been MM4 that tried to trick the player into thinking that the main bad guy wasn’t Wily. Minor mechanical changes really aren’t important, not like the differences between MM1 and MM2.

      Perhaps you played them long after the fact. I played them when they were new, and despite playing MM4-6 several times I can barely recall anything that stands out, let alone even name half the robot masters. But I can tell you every detail about MM2. The later games were pretty much more of the same (which isn’t uncommon with annual releases using the same engine).

      Call it nostalgia if you want, but MM2 was the most memorable MM game on the NES. Nostalgia has an important impact on people, and MM2 was often many people’s first MM game. Just like how a lot of people like FF7 simply because it was their first, not because it was actually a good game. Mechanically and story-wise, pretty much every FF that came after was technically superior (and even some of the older games), but THATS the one people remember and want to re-live and want the remake of. You can dislike that argument, but by doing so you ignore human nature.

      You can like the later games if you want, I’m just saying that more people remember MM2, and the later games are just more of the same for most people. We remember playing that game when we were kids, being frustrated, talking to our friends about which bosses to go for in what order.. that conversation was boring several games later, most people didn’t even bother getting the later games. MM2 was a game you bought, 4-6 were rentals.

    • Thanatos2k

      “The minor mechanical changes simply weren’t enough to make the games memorable.”

      Completely disagree and you have absolutely no proof.

      Memorable does not mean likable either. There’s plenty of games I remember for all the wrong reasons.

      Again, it’s only “memorable” because it was the first MM game they played. That doesn’t make it the best one.

      Megaman 3 was the game I bought, all the rest were rentals. Even Megaman 2, which was inferior to 3 in pretty much every way. Except the horrible implementation of Top Man’s power.

    • smacd

      Proof? Its completely subjective, there is no “proof” either direction. However the evidence shows that more people love and remember MM2, so anecdotal evidence is the best you can get. Similarly, I could ask you to “prove” that the minor mechanical changes are more memorable, and other than a personal opinion you have no way to argue that point.

      I never said MM2 was the “best”, I explained why it was more memorable to people. Its the same as my Final Fantasy 7 example. Functionally, few people would say MM2 is the “best”, but quite frankly it was a lot more memorable and THAT is far more important than technical superiority.

      Nostalgia is not a factor to ignore. But as I apparently predicted, you don’t like the truth, so you are choosing to reject it. I’m dropping it at this point, I’ve told you why people love MM2 and don’t care about the later games as much, and its your problem if you accept or reject it. You can disagree with them all you want, but you’re not going to change anyone’s mind. I’d recommend just moving on and accepting it.

    • Thanatos2k

      “However the evidence shows that more people love and remember MM2”

      Because it was the first game they played, NOT because it was somehow “more memorable” than the others.

      If you had someone play the Megaman games in reverse order from 8 down to 1 who had never played MM before, would they say 2 was the “most memorable” one? Extremely unlikely.

      “I’ve told you why people love MM2 and don’t care about the later games as much, and its your problem if you accept or reject it.”

      And the reason was exactly the reason I espoused in my first post. Your first response to me should have just said “Yes, it’s because it was the first one they played” and avoid this nonsense argument.

    • smacd

      *shrug* you don’t like the truth, so you reject it. Sounds like a personal problem.

      Its the most memorable BECAUSE it was their first. Just like anyone who loves FF7 loves it because it was their first, not because of the actual quality of the game. Most memorable =/= most superior technically, which is a point you seem to be missing.

      It doesn’t matter what someone who played in reverse order thinks, that argument is ridiculous since most people didn’t.

      You can continue arguing all you want, but you’re completely missing the point and now you’re coming off as butthurt because people have different opinions. Get over it and move on, you won’t change anyone’s opinion by being angry that no one agrees with you. Perhaps you are the one that is completely wrong with what you find to be the best, because clearly no one else agrees with you.

    • Thanatos2k

      All you’ve done over your posts is CONFIRM that I was right in the beginning. You’ve done nothing but support my original point. Do you like arguing just to argue? I’m done entertaining you. Go on, get your last post, you’re clearly one of those kind of people.