Cult County Coming Back to 3DS

Cult County | oprainfall

When Cult County was first announced at last year’s PAX East, it was announced as an episodic 3DS first-person horror game. When the game was re-revealed earlier this year as a Kickstarter, it was announced to be coming to every platform…except 3DS. The Kickstarter for Cult County is attempting to use the Unity engine, which is supported by almost every major platform except 3DS at this time. This was great for non-3DS owners who might have wanted the game, but for 3DS owners salivating over the idea of a first-person horror adventure, it was an extreme disappointment. There was talk of making 3DS a stretch goal, but there were no promises.

Cult County - 3DS | oprainfall

Well, be disappointed no more, 3DS fans. After fan outcry, the Cult County Kickstarter page has been updated with news: the 3DS version is not only coming, but it is part of the initial funding goal. If you back this Kickstarter, you will be able to receive a 3DS version of the game. Whether or not the above image is representative of the final game remains to be seen.

Also, there’s now an option to buy multiple copies of the game. Does that push any of you over the edge? What do you think of today’s announcement? Let us know in the comments.


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