[April Fools 2014] EA Sports Announces Madden NFL 30, Coming to All Consoles Except Wii U

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Madden NFL 30 - Logo | oprainfall

It has become a tradition all its own: the release of a new Madden game happening every year. Well, EA Sports decided to make things official today by revealing the newest iteration of football’s 33rd franchise, Madden NFL 30.

This will be the second year in a row that the legendary franchise once known as John Madden Football will be doing away with the traditional year number. While last year’s edition dealt with the 25th anniversary of the first game, this year will feature the 30th game created for the franchise.

Frank Gibeau, President of EA Sports, said that EA Tiburon has tweaked the Ignite engine to make running, tackling, and passing even more intense than before. He also said that the crowd will become an even bigger part of the game, acting like “the 12th man they’ve been known to be for many teams.” In short, “Madden NFL 30 will be the most realistic football game ever created.”

Madden NFL 30 - Teaser Image | oprainfall

Gibeau mentioned how the game would be coming to all current consoles. However, when asked if that meant the game would be returning to Nintendo consoles on the Wii U, Gibeau responded by saying “I don’t know what that is, but we don’t plan on the game coming to the Wii. Nintendo has moved on from that and so have we. As to what they’ve moved on to, I haven’t seen any information about a new console. We’ll see what happens.”

I guess that’s more bad news for Nintendo. However, EA Sports did clarify in a press release that Madden NFL 30 will be coming to PS4, PS3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360. Release is expected around the later part of the year. A poll for cover athlete will be happening leading up to the NFL Draft on May 8th.


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