OPERATION MADNESS: RPG Villain Tournament—Quarterfinals

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

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opMADNESS 2014 Bracket—Round 3 | oprainfall—RPG Villain Tournament

And then there were eight—eight of the most villainous scum you’ve ever come across in an RPG. Some might give them a certain term that is used with a certain basketball tournament happening right now. However, I think the NCAA has that term trademarked and copyrighted out the wazoo. So, I will instead call these characters…

The Evil Eight—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament | oprainfall

Well, you might recognize a few in that picture. But let’s go over the results so we know for sure who’s in.


Kefka—Final Fantasy VI (iOS/Android) | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament

  • 1. Kefka defeats 4. Ghaleon with 83% of the vote

The madman has turned into the machine, demolishing the opposition at every turn. The win over Ghaleon from Lunar: Silver Star Story is just the latest lopsided victory for the Final Fantasy VI villain.

Zanza—Xenoblade Chronicles | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament

  • 3. Zanza defeats 10. Ozzie with 74% of the vote

Ozzie’s Cinderella run is over. Zanza stands tall once again, getting his own third lopsided victory. All that’s left in this bracket is a mega-match-up with Kefka.

Sakaguchi Bracket—Quarterfinal | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament


It doesn’t get bigger than this in the quarterfinals. On one side, you have the overall number-one seed in Kefka Palazzo, the maniacal court mage from the Gestahlian Empire who poisoned the water supply of a peaceful village, killed nearly all the espers, and essentially became the god of magic. On the other, you have the third seed, Zanza, a giant of a man who used to be a scientist named Klaus who destroyed the universe in an attempt to create his own and declared himself god of the new universe. It is, quite literally, a battle of the gods.

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Magus—Chrono Trigger | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament

  • 1. Magus defeats 5. Blue with 62% of the vote

A big win for Magus in his first true test of the tournament. Down goes one annoyance…

Mithos Yggdrasill—Tales of Symphonia | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament

  • 2. Mithos Yggdrasill defeats 3. Porky Minch with 55% of the vote

…and there goes the other. A tough loss for Porky. We tried to get a comment from him on the battle, but he was stuck in his capsule.

Toriyama Bracket—Quarterfinal | oprainfall—Operation Madness: RPG Villain Tournament


We have two villains here who are so similar, it’s uncanny. They both come from the past, they both have to deal with great peril, and they both have a sister who drives them—so it’s all a matter of which flavor you prefer. Do you like the troubled character who has had to deal with unfortunate situation after unfortunate situation? Or do you like the troubled character who seeks to destroy the world and make it pay for its racism towards him and his sister?

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  • Axle_Magnum

    Furious? Fearsome Foursome?

  • multibottler0cket

    Ok but like that’s like the ugliest version of FFVI I’ve ever seen in my life.

  • Sabrina Nguyen

    Rooting for Zanza. Whether he wins or not, he’ll still be my favorite video game villain.

  • T

    Oh brother the fanboyism is strong with this tournament. I am guessing a shallow one dimentional villain will win just because they are from a classic game that everyone loves. Just because I like a game does not mean that the villain is automatically the best. Judge them on their own merits and not your love for the game as a whole. Time for a little rant, any villain with no depth beyond wanting power or destruction or chaos sucks. Villains need to have some humanity and a reason for doing what they do that makes sense. Otherwise they are shallow, poorly written, characters. But of course the average RPG fanboy only cares about how menacing and cool looking a villain is. Depth does not matter to them in the slightest. I mean why else would Sephiroth be so popular. Seriously I am not going to bother following this anymore, (spoiler alert: either Kefka or Sephiroth will win).

    • Iyamtebist

      Ouch you sure told them. I am sure they regret making this tournament entirely now because your comment. You tell em.

    • Adran

      Well, yes, fanboyism is a thing, if for no other reason than exposure (a few of these villains are from games I haven’t even played). That said, what makes an effective villain is different for different people. For instance, in my opinion, Lavos was about as dull a villain as possible: he served a purpose as an objective of what was ultimately a great game, but had absolutely nothing I could latch onto. On the other hand, I can see how an immense destructive force that cannot be reasoned with or understood could be seen as terrifying in the right circumstances to the right person. Porky, on the other hand, struck me as probably the most effective villain of the bunch, just ahead of Kefka and Albedo: great power in the hands of one who is unable to even understand the responsibility that comes with it is genuinely disturbing to me. Others may disagree.
      Incidentally, I don’t think being a great villain is the same thing as being a great character (though they are certainly not mutually exclusive). What makes a villain work -well- depends much upon what it is that makes you feel uncomfortable, or what values you hold most highly. At least that’s how I see it.

  • Thanatos2k

    Unfortunately the Earthbound hasn’t been completely weeded out yet.

  • zeezee

    I’m a bit late to this but I was surprised to see a few entries. Galam from Cosmic Fantasy? Now that’s obscure!

  • ELITE FOUR. Pokemon nod, Kill la Kill nod, whatever. Haha

  • MusubiKazesaru

    I’m hoping for Kefka