Puzzle and Dragons / Evangelion Crossover Coming to U.S. and Europe

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Eva Puzzle and Dragons Featured | OpRain

It was confirmed today that the previously announced Rebuild of Evangelion-themed crossover event for GungHo Online Entertainment’s wildly popular Puzzle and Dragons will be coming to the U.S. and Europe in March.

The free update will bring a Rebuild of Evangelion-themed dungeon for players to explore where they can fight the anime’s notorious enemies; the Angels.  An EVA-01 Rare Egg Machine will also allow players to obtain special egg drops of many of the anime’s most popular character such as Shinji, Rei, Asuka, Mari, Kawaru, and Misato. All of the characters will be depicted with their iconic giant robot counterparts, except for Misato who has to somehow make due with a giant transforming flying battleship.

Eva Puzzle and Dragons Gameplay | OpRain

You Can (Not) Resist

Puzzle and Dragons is currently available in the U.S. for free on the App Store (https://itunes NULL.apple NULL.com/us/app/puzzle-dragons-english/id563474464?mt=8) and Google Play (https://play NULL.google NULL.com/store/apps/details?id=jp NULL.gungho NULL.padEN&hl=en). Gameplay is one-part Bejeweled-style matching puzzles, one-part dungeon crawling, and one-part monster collecting; a recipe that has garnered over 27 million downloads worldwide. So yeah, the game is popular.

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