Battle System Demonstration of Monolith’s X

Thursday, February 13th, 2014

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Monolith's X Mech Battle

We have heard very little about Monolith Soft’s X. We’ve only had two trailers so far, which held very little in terms of actual details. That said, everything we’ve heard makes the game seem amazing, a true must-have for the Wii U. Today, we got a third update: a demonstration of the combat system. Have a look.

That is awesome! We see both on-foot combat and mech combat. While at present, there doesn’t seem to be much difference between the two, we should reserve judgment for when we actually know more about it. In addition, Iwata stated the game’s battle system is based on Xenoblade Chronicles’ but is more refined.


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  • That’s awesome, you said it!

    The coolest things in this trailer are its implicit informations:
    – No “chat box” at the bottom. Was it just a debug console? I might mean that X will not be a MMO and I am eased with that.
    – What about the “Doll fuel” level in the top right corner which was in the first trailers? Did Monolith’s developers give up the idea?
    – The map is still quite “Xenobladish”. They are definitely on Bionis’ ruins. That’s good for the XC’s sequel.
    – What about music? Was there music in this battle show case. I believed that I hear something looking like Xenoblade’s “Mechanical Rhythm” ( ) but I am not sure.
    – The last but not the least : the played character. This tank-like shape and this red and brown hair are well known in Xenoblade Chronicles, if you see what I mean. 😉 I am definitely sure that it is Reyn Time in this video 😀 ! I am sure that Reyn is returning in this “X” Xenoblade sequel (as a veteran or something like that) and that Reyn IS the played character in this video. That’s definitely wonderful for a Xenoblade Chronicles sequel.

    • Vinicius

      About the fuel, if you look near the life bar of the charachters there is a Green Bar that depletes when they are in the Dolls, and when they leave it starts filling up again.

    • Right. I did not notice it. As a consequence, it would be HPs for Dolls instead of a classic fuel level (with the necessity to let the Doll alone where it is and bring it some fuel when it run out of energy, just like your car).

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      They could have just been playing single player.

      Also, the map and the mechs remind me of Xenogears. I don’t think this is a Xenoblade sequel, myself, though the music DOES remind me a bit of Mechanical Rhythm.

    • You are right for the playing mode. At least X will not be 100% MMORPG and that is a wonderful news.

      The map always reminds me XC. I only see a mix of Eryth Sea, Bionis’ leg, and a kind of “modern” Colony 6 for the town (in the second trailer), and even the secret “Bionis’ Shoulder” which is in XC’s game files but not playable without hacking the game. It perfectly fits with the collapsed Bionis’ that is seen at the very end of XC IMHO. And what about the blond guy in the first trailer?

      I have never played Xenogears so I trust you for this. In this case it would be a Xenoda Dry : it looks like Xenoblade Chronicles, but it is not a Xenoblade Chronicles game.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      Gears was a PS1 game; the environments here make me think of the ones in Gears, but made for a more modern console. Could be just me though.

      Of course though, it could just be that this is Monolith’s style, and we’re totally over thinking it. xD

    • Egiru

      Despite the red hairand bulky body, one would find strange for Reyn to be using a sword, but then the characater’s voice between seconds 20-23 sounds just like his japanese seiyuu (voice actor)!

  • James Best

    Anyone know what they’re saying as they fight?

  • Keichi Morisato

    looks awesome, i can’t wait, it will be a day one buy for me.

  • Vinicius

    I love Xenoblade, but I expected a more dynamic battle system, and the dolls don’t seem to change the way the battles play, still can’t wait for it.

    • I do not think that the ennemies where the most convenient for demonstrating Dolls capabilities at fight. Let’s wait for Dolls fighting with birds in the airs. 😉

  • Wong Fei Fong

    Reminds me of Xenogears, except you can get out of your mech during combat….

  • Charlotte Buckingham

    Yay for new trailers!
    I’m still unconvinced that this is a Xenoblade sequel. The X in the title makes me think it’s related to Xenogears, as do all the mechs.

    • Michael Perry Walker

      I find it very suspicious that Perfect Works gets a sudden reprint. That book has been dead for more than a decade, and has little reason to be revived. Something is definitely fishy. Monolith Soft sure is good at keeping their stuff Top Secret. God only knows what their actual 3DS project is. Perhaps a new Baten Kaitos.

    • Charlotte Buckingham

      That supposedly got a reprint because it was voted by fans of that site to be the book they most wanted reprinted. But it would be good publicity for sure, if this new game IS connected to Gears

  • Carlos Mendoza

    definite day one pre-order and bayonetta 2