Tecmo Koei Europe: Should We Put Fatal Frame on PSN?

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Fatal Frame 2 Box Art

In a Tweet released earlier today, Tecmo Koei Europe mentioned the large number of requests they’ve had for putting some Fatal Frame games on PSN. They then asked their fans if they think the Fatal Frame games should go up on Sony’s service. Here’s a direct quote from the message:

Just wondering if there’s any Project Zero (Fatal Frame) fans here? Got some requests to put the series on PSN. Should we do it? #TKfamily

Well, European Fatal Frame fans, what are you waiting for? This is a fantastic opportunity to let Tecmo Koei know that you want to see these games released on your PSN. As they’re already on the North American service, I don’t think it would be too much trouble to get them up on the PAL one as well.

The Tweet can be found here (https://twitter NULL.com/tecmokoeieurope/status/423854381436788736). Make sure to let Tecmo Koei know!

I love it when publishers do things like this. It’s a good way to gauge interest and to keep fans of their games happy.

Be sure to check out our review of the first Fatal Frame game here, and keep checking back on oprainfall for the latest in Fatal Frame and other game news!

Source (https://twitter NULL.com/tecmokoeieurope/status/423854381436788736)

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