Smashing Saturdays! Week Two: November 4–8, 2013

Saturday, November 9th, 2013

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*Dramatic sigh* Well, I was looking forward to this week’s reveals of new Smash Bros.-related goodness. I really was. I was expecting perhaps another cool character reveal, old or new, and some awesome screenshots. And in return? We got the return of Marth.

I know there are plenty of fans of the speedy swordsman out there. I, however, am not one of them. I gravitate towards more tricky, annoying characters who play the away game with lots of projectile goodness. So you’ll often see me as Ness, Yoshi or Princess Peach, all of whom are completely dominated by Marth’s inexplicable ability to deflect any and every projectile thrown at him. That, coupled with his insane reach, has made him one of my least favorite foes.

Regardless, this week in Smashing Saturdays, we are trying out a new feature. First, I’ll analyze the new screenshots, and at the very end of this article, the new feature will be introduced and written by the very capable Jeff Neuenschwander. Hope you’ll all enjoy it!

Smashing Saturdays

Monday was a good start. We got this calm picture of Sonic and Olimar staring at his overly destructive Rocket. I appreciated this screenshot for a couple reasons. First, Sonic is contemplative instead of dashing around like a juiced-up rat. Second, it is proof positive that Olimar’s super-annoying Final Smash is making a return! That was by far my favorite aspect of the tiny spaceman, and I am happy to see it make a triumphant return.

Smashing Saturdays

Tuesday also offered an interesting image. Instead of an action shot, we got a play-by-play of how Villager’s wood-chopping attack animation actually works! Though I’m sure getting hit by a tree hurts, I can’t help but wonder what would happen if this sequence were interrupted by an enemy attack? Would the tree still grow and just not fall over? Either way, it makes Villager an even more compelling new addition to the already great roster.

Smashing Saturdays

Ouch. I’m sure Wednesday’s screenshot was painful for all you Samus players out there. At the very least, this confirms Link’s Down-A is still as brutal a spike move as ever. I’m also trying to place the background level, which I’m positive is from the Metroid series, but I’m not sure which game. Maybe it’s from Other M? Either way, poor Samus is taking a swim.

Smashing Saturdays

There he is. Thinking he’s all cool ’cause of his effeminate features and his cape and fancy swordplay. Okay, maybe he is cool. But Marth doesn’t have to be so cocky about it! Thursday no doubt was a day of great rejoicing for many of you. And honestly, much as I’m not his biggest fan, it wouldn’t be Smash Bros. without Marth—he’s too much of a regular. Captain Falcon, though, can stay away, as far as I’m concerned. No more explosive “manly” hugs, thank you very much…

Smashing Saturdays

Annnnd more Marth love. I do have to admit his cape looks really cool for some reason. Hopefully, the upgraded graphics will make him and all our other favorite characters shine on the Wii U. Now, as promised, something new that I like to call…

Character of the Week

JEFF: Entering into Melee, I was looking for a character who was agile yet packed a punch and was easy to control. Before then, I had Link, who was slow; Pikachu, who was weak; and Captain Falcon, who was difficult to control. Then, in a battle for a new character, with an upbeat song and a MIDI trumpet riff that seemed like it was pulled straight out of a mariachi band, I was introduced to Marth, my once, current, and future main fighter.

I like Marth for a few reasons. First, the character gave me something that neither of the three aforementioned characters could. Sure, I lost distance attacks that I would’ve gotten from Pikachu or Link, but in these types of games, I like to be in the thick of things brawling rather than being on the outside shooting at everyone else. The second comes in when you add in the Links and fellow Fire Emblem character Roy:


And of course, you can’t discount how Marth introduced a number of us to the Fire Emblem series, including me and my little cousins. Together, the three of us have played through Path of Radiance, Radiant Dawn, Sacred Stones, and Shadow Dragon. And I think it’s safe to say his lore and lineage became even more legendary in Awakening in part because of his greatness in the Smash Bros. games.

And frankly, Josh, that’s enough to earn the right to be cocky.

About Josh Speer

Josh Speer is addicted to two things in equal measure : Books and Videogames. He has a degree from the University of Washington in English with an emphasis on writing. He joined Operation Rainfall last year while following it on Facebook. His two giant life goals are to write his own series of fantasy / science fiction novels and to get into the creative side of the video game industry. He is beyond pleased to now have his proverbial foot in the door thanks to the opportunity provided by Oprainfall!

  • Axle_Magnum

    >not wanting C-Falc
    Why would you say that about one of my mains?

  • Raymond Dwyer

    The Metroid arena definitely looks like the place where you fight Ridley in Other M.

    Which, especially for western Metroid fans, is a very special place in the story of Samus.

    • James Best

      I’m pretty sure Sakurai confirmed that this was the Pyrosphere when it was first shown off.

  • James Best

    I was really happy to see that Marth was confirmed. Now I’m just wondering if Lucina will make it as an alternate skin or something.

    • Josh S.

      ^This! I was hoping for Lucina instead of Marth, personally.

    • Bec66

      As was I but even so she would probably just play like Marth only slightly different besides Marth technically is a classic Nintendo character being the first Fire Emblem protagonist and all.

  • Klagmar

    Why are these articles so negative? I don’t like reading something that’s just somebody whining about the new reveal. Seems pointless to me.

    • Josh S.

      Not intended to be negative, just to offer my honest opinion and maybe be funny. I will make sure previous articles are slightly more upbeat.

    • Klagmar

      Sorry, I didn’t mean to sound so critical. I enjoy the articles, I just don’t like the character-bashing 🙂

  • Kyle Emch

    As happy as I am that Marth’s coming back, I kinda want to see some new characters at this point. The only new ones we have so far are Mega Man, the Villager and the Wii Fit Trainer.

  • SecretX