Additional Donation Cases Now Available

Donation Cases

Now that we’ve gotten our initial shipment of donation cases out of the way, here is your chance to donate for one if you didn’t get a chance before.

Just like anyone who donated before, it’ll be $10 (USD) for a case. If you want more than one, it’ll be $10 for each additional case. Please signify that you want more than one; otherwise, we’ll just think you’re very generous. (If you are just donating more than $10 because you like us, then thanks!)

In the spirit of who we are, these will be region-free, meaning we’ll ship worldwide. In the event we run out, we’ll remove the donation button and refund any donations made after we run out, so there’s no risk involved!

Please note that the cases DO NOT come with the games—that would be very expensive and pretty much bankrupt us.

UPDATE 2/10/2014:

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Oprainfall.  We have decided to shut down donations for the time being.  Anyone who has donated prior to this message will get their case.  We will open up donations again sometime in a few months!

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