Additional Donation Cases Now Available

Wednesday, August 7th, 2013

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Donation Cases

Now that we’ve gotten our initial shipment of donation cases out of the way, here is your chance to donate for one if you didn’t get a chance before.

Just like anyone who donated before, it’ll be $10 (USD) for a case. If you want more than one, it’ll be $10 for each additional case. Please signify that you want more than one; otherwise, we’ll just think you’re very generous. (If you are just donating more than $10 because you like us, then thanks!)

In the spirit of who we are, these will be region-free, meaning we’ll ship worldwide. In the event we run out, we’ll remove the donation button and refund any donations made after we run out, so there’s no risk involved!

Please note that the cases DO NOT come with the games—that would be very expensive and pretty much bankrupt us.

UPDATE 2/10/2014:

Thank you everyone for your continued support of Oprainfall.  We have decided to shut down donations for the time being.  Anyone who has donated prior to this message will get their case.  We will open up donations again sometime in a few months!

  • UncleBob

    “Q: What is the name of the printer that printed the packages?
    We will disclose the printer name after the cases are securely shipped
    to those who donated. Also, out of complete fairness, the delay in the
    cases was partially the fault of Oprainfall staff as well. For the moment, as we still have pending business with the printer, they shall remain anonymous.”

    you now release the name of the original printer that was chosen? (Not
    the second printer you chose for the reprints)? Thanks.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      We will not be releasing any additional information about the cases or the printing process. If you donated and have not received your case, you can of course request a refund. Anybody that has donated has always been able to request a refund because we were aware that the delay was taking far longer than it ever should have.

      We do apologize for the long delay. Honestly, we never should have taken on this project at the time that we did, we simply were not ready. We were just a fan campaign and as such, we had to rely on volunteers who ended up being unreliable. In fact, some of the individuals involved when we took on this project are no longer even with us which even further delayed the cases as well as other problems which we have reported on previously.

      However, we do have the cases now which means if you have ordered in the past and do not want a refund, you will get your case soon, if you haven’t already. And if you order now, you will also get a case as soon as we ship them.


    • UncleBob

      May I ask why you’re going against your previous word that said you would release the name of the initial printing company? I’m not asking for anything more than you said you’d deliver on.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      For one, we no longer have that information. That original volunteer that dealt with said printer is no longer with us and we are no longer in contact with him. Please keep in mind that statement was made by a fan campaign.

      For two, that statement was made by the same person that is no longer with us.

      We apologize for that statement, as it ended up being false but we can provide no further information. A refund has always been an option for those that donated and we have finally delivered the cases, albeit extremely late.


    • UncleBob

      I appreciate that you have offered the refund option to those who wanted it.

      I did not, because I gave y’all the benefit of the doubt that you were acting in good faith. Just like I did when I donated originally – presumed from the start that you were operating in good faith, and not a drop less.

      Likewise, I do hope that you’ll extend the same benefit of presuming that *I* am acting in good faith when I ask questions. I just want honesty.

      There has been a *lot* of inconsistency regarding the history of these cases. Things like being told that the police report would be posted, then being told that it would not be. Or that the original tracking number would be posted, then redacting that because it would reveal too much personal information (when all it reveals is the sending and destination city). Questions about where it was even delivered to in the first place, as no one was ever able to turn up a news report or successfully request a copy of the police report from any of the PDs that were contacted, as none of them had any record of anything close to the robbery that was described. Now, after all this time, we’re being told that you cannot even hold up the promise of revealing the original printer’s name because *no one* knows who that printer was except for one guy and, apparently, no one can ask that one guy what printing company he used for the first batch?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      We understand, it certainly has been a long and rough situation all around, and one that I am glad we have finally resolved now that the cases are being delivered.

      However, as stated previously, we are not releasing any other information regarding the cases.


    • UncleBob

      Understood. I intensely disagree with that decision, but it is your decision to make – no matter how bad it may look.

      I would like to correct one thing – shipping the cases doesn’t “resolve” the situation. You may wash your hands of it, but several of us are left with a bad taste in our mouths after this. Not only does it put a bad light on your site and everyone involved with it, but it risks tainting any groups who might wish to do anything similar in the future.

      But, as I said, it is your call.

    • Bob

      Whether or not you like the resolution Uncle, you received what they said they would send, no matter how sketchy, shady, and false any of the previously supplied information was. They have their tarnished reputation to deal with and, if other people want to continue to support Operation Rainfall, then that is their choice to make. Just like you no longer have to.

    • UncleBob

      You are correct – I, and any others, will have to make the choices to continue to support or move away from OpR. I can just hope that the actions of this site do not risk tarnishing any other groups that wish to come forth in the future with similar goals.

      As for receiving what they said they would send – yeah. Over a year later. And the stuff they said in the meantime to placate us? They did not come through on any of that. As my previous post detailed, they said they’d post the police report, then refused. They said they’d post the name of the previous printer, now they’re refusing that.

      I’ve tried, over and over, to extend good faith trust in these folks and they simply slap my hand away every time. They continue to refuse to answer simple requests (including those that they once said they would honor), negate, trivialize, censor, and demean those who question them, and overall have treated those who supported them shamefully and disrespectfully.

      Yeah, they delivered the box – but, if you have been paying attention, you’d know, it was never about *the box*.

    • Hi “Uncle Bob”,

      First off let me just say sorry we can’t honor your questions. If we could go back we would never let that line into that Q&A, but as you pointed out it’s there. So why aren’t we honoring it? There must be some major conspiracy after all!

      Actually it’s really quite simple, it would be a breach of privacy if we did. See the person who wrote that is the very same person who was robbed. At the time he was still a volunteer here and would do anything to keep the trust of our readers. However, as Ryan said above, he is no longer with us. So for us to put out information such as a police report without the consent of the very person the police report is for would be a major breach of his privacy and could potentially get us in trouble, that is if we even had the police report. Another reason is that it really would be for a need-to-know basis. Basically if someone of importance needed the information we would give it to them. We won’t give it to any random anonymous internet sleuth.

      So why can’t you have the name of the first printer? The first printer isn’t totally at fault with anything and to give anyone that information who would potentially harass them would not only be wrong, but could also potentially get us in trouble.

      I’d like to remind you that no person here gets paid, and that donations go directly back into keeping the website running. We don’t have an office or anything, we’re just regular people like you who’s only difference is we have the ability to write for this website. We’re not perfect (far from it) and we sometimes say things less than ideal. While I’m sorry you think our reputation is totally gone, you have to understand why we can’t just do what you’re asking.

    • UncleBob

      Richard, Thanks for your time in responding.
      I’ll try and keep my reply short, as not to ruin this entire tread with my rantings.

      A) If the individual who was robbed was okay with the police report being posted, why was it not posted at the time? Originally, we were told it would be posted that Monday, then, we were quickly told that it would not be posted at all. Meanwhile, a couple of people contacted the local PDs in the California communities where it was believed this robbery would have taken place and none were able to find any incidents that matched the details of this incident (In California, any individual can request a copy of the “Public Record” version of a police report). Additionally, none of the local papers seemed to carry any kind of “Crime Blotter” report on the robbery. Now, I know the robbery happened in a larger area, so maybe every single robbery doesn’t make the paper…

      B) Posting the name of the first printer, as this site said it would once business was concluded, could not possibly get y’all in *any* trouble. Yes, there are a few (and at this point, very few) people who might contact them (I take issue with the word “harass”) to verify the details of this transaction (and truth be told, they likely wouldn’t, since it would probably violate internal policies regarding who they do business with and such). No one is saying that the original printer is at fault in any way – so I’m not even sure why you’d say that.

      All that I, or anyone, has asked for from the beginning, was a reasonable way to verify the claim through an independent third party. As you said, you’re no different than me – and if I took someone’s money and trust, then gave them a wild story about why I can’t make good, I would *fully* expect them to follow up on my story.

    • A)If we had it, we don’t, asking us for something we don’t have is leading you no where and is going keep going into this circle of asking us and us telling you no.

      B) Because there will always be people who will harass (even if it’s not you, someone will), and that they have nothing to do with us other than a very limited of time of printing our cases first. Besides the person who would know that information was the original person who was taking care of the cases…which I will direct you back to answer A.

    • UncleBob

      Wow. There was no reason to delete my reply. I have been nothing but respectful to your crew. Bad form.

    • UncleBob

      I keep trying to be respectful and polite in my posts… yet they keep getting deleted. This doesn’t go very far to help build confidence in the openness and honesty of those running this site.

  • Jason Honaker

    I really wish they would reprint Xenoblade Chronicles, or put it up as a digital download.

    • Brandon Schoreit

      i know completely. someone broke into my apartment and stole the game along with some other stuff. now i cant get the game unless i want to pay like 100 bucks. terrible idea to make it a gamestop exclusive as well.

    • Jason Honaker

      That sucks. I really worry about that happening to me too. It’s an aggravating choice whether to buy it digital or physical. I like digital, but worry about a future when the content is no longer available for download. Then, if you buy physical, it can be damaged or stolen. There’s just no guarantee either way 🙁

      This game kind of flew under my radar b/c my Wii has been in its box in the closet since 2009, but now I want to be able to play this game when I get a WIi U eventually. I’m holding out hope that maybe when Nintendo/Monolith Soft releases “X” on the Wii U, they’ll have some sort of dual pack with the first game (not holding my breath though, but it would be great if they did that).

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      I hope they do as well, but honestly, don’t count on it. My guess is Nintendo is done with this game and we were lucky to get it in the first place.

      FYI, gamefly does have Xenoblade available to rent. I know, you’d much rather have a copy to keep, but at least people can still play the game without having to pay $100 or more.

    • Bob

      Did you not have renter’s insurance?

    • smacd

      Yeah no kidding. I’m glad I got it when it was new. I didn’t expect it to be so expensive and hard to find so quickly. I mean, Gamestop had a few used copies go up on their website this week, for $90. Which is pretty cheap compared to ebay prices. Makes me wonder how much that art book goes for. I did tell everyone I know to get it if they wanted it, when it came out. Although few of my friends are RPG fans.

    • sammaster9

      It has benefited me in my own greedy way. Whenever I sell the game, it will fetch a pretty penny.

  • Matt

    This has nothing to do with the article, but I’d like to mention it – has anyone told you, Richard Ross, that you look a bit like Gennaro Gattuso?

    • No, that would be a first. Had to look him up, I suppose when I let my hair and facial hair grow yeah I guess I sorta do. But that picture is rather out of date since I’m about 60 pounds lighter with a less bouncy haircut, haha.

    • Matt

      60lbs! Congratulations. And, obviously, congratulations to everyone here at Operation Rainfall for their efforts, and dedication to the genre over the years.

    • Jared Cyhowski

      Someone needs a new profile pic. :p

  • grego

    I donated.I think this was a great success getting all 3 titles localized.

    Great job guys.

  • Grant Chamberlain

    I donated, looking forward to getting my hands on the case!

  • Magnumsally

    thank you so much for mine

  • grego

    Any word on when the next batch will be shipped out?

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      It won’t be very long. We’ll probably wait a couple of days since we just started accepting donations again, just so we can group everybody together and bulk ship them all out. Probably 2 weeks give or take, but that’s an estimate, not a promise.

    • Saturday, I’m sort of busy until then, but I’m not gonna make you guys wait.

  • SEGAMew

    So what should I do if I received my case but it’s really creased up in varioius areas? 🙁

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Send us an email via the contact form. Explain the situation, include your name and paypal info, and you might want to include your address as well.

      Unfortunately these things happen, the mail passes through machines and the hands of people and sometimes they get roughed up along the way.

    • SEGAMew

      Alright will do! 🙂

    • Yeah that sucks, I really meant to put a “Do Not Bend” stamp on every one but considering how long this whole process was I wasn’t going to make you guys wait that much longer. Unfortunately that opened up the possibility of that stuff happening… So yeah, do what Ryan said and I’ll work on replacing it.

  • Stealth

    I was blown away the team offered me one

    • grego

      Hey Stealth 😀

    • Stealth


  • JJ Jingerheimerschmidt

    So where does the $10 go this time?

    • davidvinc

      Costs associated with running a website, I would imagine.

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Yes. Operation Rainfall is no longer a fan campaign, but, we are still involved with helping games get localized. We have the campaign hub and we also have a partnership with LAI, a localization company.

      Any donations will be used for the various costs associated with running the website.

    • Basically what they said, no one here makes a cent off of this. Any donation stays in an account where we use it for various expenditures such as hosting fees (we’re forced to go with a dedicated server due to our load) domain names, and for E3 stuff such as food, transportation, and part of the hotel fee. If any of us make a dime off of Operation Rainfall in the future it’ll be off of other ways such as advertising, partnerships, etc..Basically what I’m saying is NO DONATION from readers goes into our pockets. It’s purely to keep things afloat here.

  • Jeremy Collum

    i got my case in the mail a couple days ago and it is awesome! 😀

    thanks so much to everyone in operationrainfall for helping to bring these games stateside so that i could play them and have something to put in the case!

  • Jared Cyhowski

    I got my case today. It’s really nice!

  • Ryan McConnell

    How long will this be available out of curiosity?
    I really want one, as I’m one of the first fans onboard this place and i’d like to show my dedication, but I don’t get paid until next week :/.

    • You should be fine, we’ll probably put a last minute warning if we start to run really low (like say under 100 left), but for now you’re good.

  • Joseph Locke

    It’s a shame that The Last Story’s limited edition won’t fit in it :/

  • grego

    I just received mine and it’s nice and shiny. Pristine condition, and arrived very quickly if anyone is wondering.

    Now i’m of to the internet to share my wonderful item with the masses. Follow me on IG “@Games_of_legend”.

    Thanks again guys!

  • Games_Of_Legend

    Just ordered another one for a friend of mine who lives in Mexico(as i assume you dont ship internationally), Plus plugged you guys in on my instagram page so hopefully you get a few more donations 🙂

    • We actually ship globally. 🙂

    • Games_Of_Legend

      Nice.i will spread the word.

  • loyal_ethics

    I ordered mine a few days ago. Hopefully I get it sometime soon

  • Daniel Arantes

    Could not miss this! It will be absolutely beautiful besides my three games. 🙂

  • Bado

    Looking forward to getting mine! (I assume we’ll be getting some kind of confirmation email when it’s shipped…?)

  • Luis Kråke

    damn it the only one I don’t have is Xenoblade….

    • Aunna Terrell

      Same here. But I’ll still donate, whenever I can. I’ll get it… Eventually. ;_; *looks at her poor wallet*

  • dubaloseven

    How long is this going on?

  • mario gb

    ships on mexico city?

  • Yousef

    Hey guys I’ve been with rainfall from the start and bough all 3 games so I would want the case so I donate the 10 and how doe it give the the option to get the case? Thanks a lot

  • Roy360

    still have any cases left?

  • Brosef91

    Are the cases still available?

  • Tranquilla

    Wow I really want this case. I didn’t know this article until now
    If it’s alright, I’m going to donate and get it.

    But… would it be a problem if I’m living in island country in the far east?

  • Shy

    How long does it take for this thing to show up at your house, it’s been almost 2 weeks and I have yet to receive this in the mail? And no I do not live outside the U.S.

  • Dan

    Its been 3 months. Are you planning on making any more of these?

    • ndolphin64

      Agree!!!! I want one!!!

  • hola

    when will the cases be available again?