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Friday, August 2nd, 2013

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Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode - oprainfall

NOTE: This article is from the oprainfall Campaign Hub, written by an independent campaign, and hosted on the oprainfall website. The opinions herein may not represent the opinions of oprainfall.

During the last few years, the Digimon franchise seems to have lost the original appeal it garnered in the beginning. During the first years of the 2000’s, it was not an exaggeration to say that Digimon was one of the best animated series ever created with its awesome characters, dramatic and exciting stories and cutting-edge animation (for that period).

The Digimon franchise spawned from the creation of the Digital Monster Virtual Pet by Bandai. It was a sort of spin-off of the previous Tamagotchi, and it not only allowed players to train their personal monster, but also to fight other players’ monsters through an infrared connection. Just like in the Tamagotchi, your digimon could evolve (in this case “digivolve”) into many other forms, for a total of 4 or 5 evolution levels, according to your training. After some days, your digimon died, letting you to restart from the beginning, changing your training methods to obtain all the other digimon in the evolution tree.

From there, the Digimon brand has grown more and more, spawning merchandise like new versions of the virtual pet, toys, card games, animated series and, obviously, video games. Talking about the latter ones, the very first entry in the Digimon World series, released in 1999 in all parts of the world on the PlayStation console, is still the most loved by fans, even today, after more than 13 years.

Digimon World cover

The game’s core gameplay is pretty similar to the original Digimon Virtual Pet: you have to train your monster, raise its battle stats, take care of its needs (eating, sleeping, going to bathroom, and so on) and obviously make him fight against other digimon. Aside from the main mechanics, you are entrusted with the mission of repopulating the once glorious File City, the capital of File Island in the DigiWorld. Digimon, in fact, are losing their minds and starting to go wild. Your task is to fight against them and convince them to return to File City, at the same time searching for the reason why digimon have been going insane.

The game offered a huge, deep and very difficult open-world RPG experience, where you begin your adventure with almost no hint of what you have to do and how to do it. The player has to explore the game map in depth in order to discover all the mysteries of the world and gradually learn about its secrets. There is a great variety of situations and locations and a huge number of subquests to solve, as well as a day-night cycle. Each digimon you save unlocks something useful, like an arena, a shop, an item searching business, a traveling company and so on, making your mission a little easier the more you advance in the game. The game literally “grows” along with you, giving you a fantastic sense of achievement.

In occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Digimon franchise, Namco Bandai decided to return to the origins of the brand, creating Digimon World Re:Digitize on PlayStation Portable. The game was released in July 2012, and it is basically a reboot of the first Digimon World game, with completely different characters (drawn for the occasion by Suzuhito Yasuda, the character designer of Durarara!! and the Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor series), new digimon to train, new storylines and new quests. The game mechanics are pretty similar to the original ones, but more polished and better-refined. Sadly, the game was never released outside Japan, because of the poor sales of the PSP console in the West.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode

Sometime after the PSP release, Namco Bandai announced that a port of the game would be released on Nintendo 3DS, with the name of Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode. The game was released on last 27th June in Japan, and can count on a huge amount of added content, to the point that it could be considered a completely new game. Not only it does include a lot of new digimon to train (more than 160, doubling the numbers of the original PSP version), but also two new scenarios and an exclusive new female main character.

Operation Decode - oprainfall

The game has not been released in the West, and there are officially no plans to bring it to the West at the moment. And that is where Operation Decode takes the field. Our campaign was created in order to convince Namco Bandai Games to localize this game in North America/ Europe. We started as a Twitter campaign, then evolved (just like a digimon) into an online petition (you can find the link at the end of the article) that has reached almost 9000 supporters in three weeks. We believe that Digimon is still very popular in the West, and the amazing amount of signatures we’ve collected until now shows you how many people would love to play this game. The 3DS is also selling much better than the PSP, so it would be the perfect occasion for Namco Bandai to release it in North America/ Europe and revitalize the Digimon franchise.

Digimon World Re:Digitize Decode - oprainfall

If you desire this game as much as we do, then I warmly invite you to sign the petition and to share it with your friends who could be interested in buying it. We are in contact with a Namco Bandai community manager, who told us that we should try reaching at least 25-30k signatures for them to start considering. But the important thing is to reach the highest number of people we can, and if we work together to reach this goal, I believe we can do it. We do have other plans in addition to the petition, too, and we will also be posting other articles to give an in-depth explanation of what the game is about and hopefully attract even more people to support our cause.

Thank you very much for you attention. Viva Digimon!

Our petition on Link

Our official page on Facebook: Link

Our official Twitter account: Link

Our official Tumblr: Link


Our goal as a campaign is to convince Bandai Games to consider the localization of Digimon games in the West. At present, our main focus is on "Digimon World Re: Digitize Decode" for 3DS and "Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth" for PSVita. We initially started as a Twitter campaign, with the hashtag #OperationDecode, then opened an online petition on 12 July 2013. Our target is to reach the highest number of supporters possible, and to increase the awareness about these games.

  • James Best

    I can’t say no to Digimon. I just can’t.

  • Francisco

    This is amazing! I need this game!

  • Digimon World 3 was decent

    I sorta hated Digimon World 1, and I sorta loved it.

    Digimon World 2 though was a ton of crap.

    • Bryce Blalex Douglas

      I love Digimon World 3 even though it took me a couple years after I got it to finally understand how to play it (I was young at the time)

    • Renaldi Saputra

      DMW 3 was crap for me, only good at card games..
      battle system is meh, too easy comparing to other digimon world game, except blast evolution..

      best digi game for me is digimon card battle, battle chronicle (a.k.a. rumble arena 2) and absolutely DMW 1..

  • EvE

    all i want is this and digimon adventure …

  • riesza

    I really doubt they would localize something that sold like utter crap in Japan. There’s even less interest for Digimon in the West.

    • ~ハセヲさん~

      Hi, I’m the campaign coordinator.
      I wouldn’t say it sold bad in Japan. Re:Digitize on PSP sold more than 120k, that is a great result. Decode sold pretty much the half, but remember that Decode is a port (with lots of enhancements, but a port nonetheless), so it’s perfectly normal for a port to sold less than the original version (all the more so if you publish it so soon after).
      And you wouldn’t say, but Digimon is still pretty strong in the West. Wherever I tried to spread the petition I saw a lot of people that really want this game. And as the petition reached almost 9k signatures with just the word of mouth and little more, basically, this shows you that people who still like Digimon in the West are out there. The official Digimon page on FB has more than 100k fans, for example, and the one of Digimon Masters Online has 300k. So really, the fanbase is still there, it just needs to be catered.

    • riesza

      Well I didn’t meant to be rude or anything. Good luck with the campaign, we need more like those, or rather publishers that listen to people like you.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      heck, when the Re:digitze first out, there’s more than 1 million downloads on
      means there’s so much ppl who want it

    • Renaldi Saputra

      Hyper Dimension Neptunia series sold less than Digimon games recently, but they still got localized.. your Agumon is invalid

  • Zestevez

    Saying that this was the “greatest” anime of its time is a large exaggeration. It was a great series but largely overshadowed by the massive momentum garnered by the Pokemon series that was released a few years earlier.

    • ~ハセヲさん~

      In fact, “great” is not always the same as “famous” XD Digimon animated series were far superior than Pokémon ones, imho. The fact that they weren’t as famous is not a reason for denying it.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      it says “greatest of its time”, means on 1999 or 2000.. it’s not exagerrated at all.. and it’s very famous in Japan itself..

      and in fact, story and character development of Digimon series was way greater than Pokemon, and everyone knows it (except pokefags)

      “great” isn’t always popular

    • Zestevez

      Wow, pokefags? Really? This kind of series elitism is not necessary.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I mean, almost everyone knows that digimon had better story and character development rather than pokemon series (I don’t mention the movies)
      but pokefags still claim that digimon anime sucks and pokemon was still better one without any reason that made sense. whereas, they haven’t watched digimon anime or maybe clinging too much on pokemon so they say: “pokemon is the best ever, the other (monster related series) sucks”, including digimon..

    • Josh Omega

      ok i have to come in an defend the so called “pokefags” from you. not all the pokemon fans are like that. i have always prefered the digimon anime over the pokemon anime since it actually had a pretty good story and led up to stuff unlike the pokemon show which keeps having ash get to the league every season then lose again lol. basicly my opinion on the whole digimon vs pokemon thing is i love both series but prefer the digimon anime over the pokemon anime and prefer the pokemon games over the digimon games (world one is the only one that gets close to pokemon for me)

    • Renaldi Saputra

      true pokefans don’t insult other mon series..
      I like both too, but I hate pokefags who often call digimon as “cheap pokemon rip off” without knowing the real fact, or also saying digimon anime sucks without watching or finish it first.. that’s what “fags” are..

      pokefags usually say “pokemon are the original and the very first, the other are just rip-off”… however, they forgot that Megami Tensei series was far before pokemon in 1988 and was the real very first generation of -mon series..

    • Josh Omega

      i can see what you mean there renaldi because there are a few digimon fans like that. not to mention some of the pokemon fans are hard to please. just look at the reaction the pokemon mega evolutions are getting lol also i have honestly never heard of that series o.o need to look it up later

    • Renaldi Saputra

      their reaction to mega evolution could be 2 things:

      1. saying ” it’s really like digimon” has a similar synonym as “it looks very terrible and lame”.. this kind of person is what I mostly see according to ppl’s reaction by mentioning digimon in it

      2. they really said “it’s so digimon” because they knew they had used those terms in digimon first.. those ppl are usually fans of both franchise..

    • Josh Omega

      true and i wish gamefreak had called it something else so they wouldnt complain its becoming digimon ><

    • aiman imran

      why the heck is mega evo more digimon?they look more of super saiyan to me,they’re equevalent to burst mode of digimon,and no,i’m not a pokefag,i pretty much want digimon to survive cause,well you know,i want them to compete with the best monster rpg games lik pokemon,dq(m) and smt

      and yes,i grew up with both

    • d

      This isn’t 4chan. Don’t demean other people.

    • Renaldi Saputra

      I just want to convince that the “one of the greatest of its time” word isn’t a lie or an exagerrated thing

  • James Fox

    We can ask Nintendo to remove the 3DS & Wii U region locks you guys can import it, and before you chastise me, here’s a good reason to:

    • Youko

      Anyone can import the game and play it, as long as they have a Japanese 3DS. The point is we want it localized in English and other languages so we can fully understand it and play it.

    • James Fox

      Think for a second, Even if you do import a Japanese 3DS and/or Wii U.. Do you have ANY room for a charger when your sockets are occupied by other things in your room or do you wanna blow your money on digital codes for Japanese eShop cards? – I don’t think so

      Region free is a must, Ignore all you want but it’s necessary and what Australia is planning to do is going to hurt both the 3DS and Wii U in sales thus they MUST remove the region locks

    • Youko

      Yes, I do think systems should region free, but that isn’t the issue. The systems can be region free, but that doesn’t mean anything for this game’s localization at all.

    • rffs

      Japanese versions often don’t have english options, now, probably a weaboo like you knows japanese, but most people don’t., derp.

    • James Fox

      Most games people import ARE playable w/o knowing a lick of japanese like Taiko no Tatsujin and the Puyo Puyo series – you know that right?

  • Pedro Rosas

    and here we go again

  • B-Shak


  • Abstract Dream

    Oh my gosh everyone! We must localize Digimon World Redigitize, all of the planet must know Digimon’s awesomeness besides a cute little Pikachu. >:D

  • Hyoshen


  • Aaron Evans

    I. Must. Have. This.!!!!!

  • Nick

    More people need to sign! And fast!

  • huddAtom

    so how can i participate into this campaign? do i need to donate $1M?

  • huddAtom

    they will never beat pokemon games if they wont localize it

  • You’re dumb sir

    The new series is starting in 3 days! Which means more signatures!!!

  • Blue Wave

    Digimon is amazing, sign me up!

  • Beartic

    Ever since its release in Japan I’ve been excited to train a Gabumon! Please please please!

  • Ashley

    they have to localize this game it DIGIMON the greatest thing ever made

  • DracoWolf124


  • DracoWolf124

    Btw, why is Digimon full of girls showing their breasts all the sudden. I’m not against it, i just want to know

    • Hosakata

      I think that’s a cameo character from another game but I’m not sure

  • callum

    Will this affect me as an Australian? I know a number of people who would love to be able to have this but have no idea about this petition. Personally I find myself still playing DW1 as an 18 year old just as I did at about 5 or 6 years of age. I would pay ridiculous amounts of money for this but would an EU/US version be compatible in Aus? I don’t actually own a 3ds but would buy one just for this game…

    • Josh Nelson

      18, dude, I’m 21 and I still play DW1-2-3-4-dawn/dusk-championship-Rumble Arena 1-2 lol Some of my most played games ever :3 I last played DWI only a few days ago from a fresh start and my first digimon grew up into an andromon without dying yet xD

  • makubex nas

    with the upcoming psp vita digimon on 2015 i want the game even more.

  • Marlon D’ertie

    Coz I’m a die hard fans of Digimon. Nuf said…

  • fantasia

    The creators who are based in Japan need to understand that they are loosing out either way. If they don’t bring it out, people will most likely translate it. But to make things clear country’s like the USA, ect need a SPONSOR to buy the game and trans-it. That’s why when you look on the back of games you see they are sponsored by various company’s, for example one harvest moon game in 2005 was Spon’s by 505 Games.

  • Guest

    If this game comes to America/ ANY U.S.A Territory. I would run out of the house and dance on the grass and call Bandai to tell them THANK YOU SOOO MUCH

  • Guest

    and I would take the money outta my bank to buy it :/

  • Dragonjar1

    I love digimon, to me there are no better games than digimon games lol 🙂