A Guide to Vita Games

Monday, July 29th, 2013

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While the PlayStation Vita has certainly struggled to find its place in the market, there are some stellar titles available for it. In addition to the games that have already been released, there is a fantastic line-up of titles coming in the near future. This guide will cover a selection of games that have already released for the console, as well as those that have been announced to be localized for North America.

Current Titles

Dragon Fantasy Book I

Dragon Fantasy Book I

Take an old-school JRPG, throw in a ton of humor and pop culture references, and you get one of the best indie titles on the system. This is a must-play for any fan of classic Dragon Quest or Final Fantasy games.

Muramasa Rebirth

Muramasa Rebirth

A remake of the Wii classic with upgraded graphics and an all-new translation courtesy of Aksys Games. With stunning graphics and some of the best action gaming I have seen in years, this one should not be missed.

Soul Sacrifice

Soul Sacrifice

From Mega Man co-creator Keiji Inafune, this action RPG is one of the most brutal titles I have played in years. Its difficulty doesn’t mean that it is not fun by any means. For those looking for a decent story and challenging gameplay, this might be right up your alley.

Hotline Miami

Hotline Miami | Bull mask mode

Though I have personally not played this title, one of our co-owners, Richard Ross, really enjoys it. With its unique style and over-the-top gameplay, I will likely be purchasing this top-down GTA-style game myself in the near future.

Persona 4 Golden

Persona 4 Golden group

Take one the best PS2 JRPGs ever made, upgrade the graphics and sound, and add tons of extra content. What you get is one of the best games on the console. This is a must for any Vita owner. What more can be said about it?

Ragnarok Odyssey

Ragnarok Odyssey

You ever play Monster Hunter and think to yourself, “This game would be better if the action were a bit faster”? If so, then this game is exactly what your are looking for. It may look like it plays the same, but with much faster combat and a simpler item system, it plays totally different.

Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

Disgaea 3 logo

I know you’re thinking this is just a port of the PS3 game. It is exactly that, but when you add in all the DLC and take into consideration that this is one of the greatest portable strategy titles out there, it makes it a must-buy. With over 300 hours of content, this will keep any fan in bliss for many hours.

Retro City Rampage

Retro City Rampage

A classic GTA-style game with enough 80s pop culture references to make any retro nut smile with glee. This open-world adventure features some of the best action gameplay on the console.



This game is a zany puzzle/platform game that offers hours of entertainment. You play as a nameless skeleton who is off to save the princess. Each level offers a new variety of challenges that take full advantage of the Vita’s touchscreen. This game is sure to put your brain to the test.

Read about upcoming titles on the next page.

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  • Coarse

    I’ll be getting a Vita next week in anticipation of Ys. Already got that game pre-ordered. I’ll definitely check out some of these games as well, though. Thanks!

    • ScienceNonfiction

      Personally I’d recommend Persona 4 Golden. Not only is it the best game currently available on Vita, it’s also one of the best games ever made.

    • Coarse

      I’d want to play the first 3 Persona games first, which I WILL get around to eventually. Gravity Rush is going to be my first purchase, methinks.

    • Pedro Rosas

      The order you play them does not matter, though they do reference Persona 3 in Golden its not necessary, plus the first 2 are pure SMT. Persona 4 Golden will get you entertained for a very long time

  • Cecilthedarknight234

    Dammit now I’ve got reason to own a vita.

  • タイガー&ドラゴン

    I got my vita on launch, no regrets. I have quite a few games for it. I do kinda wish they would stop porting from the 3DS if they are not going to attempt to actually look better since the vita can do console quality graphics. Good example is Lego Batman 2, it’s ugly as sin on the vita since it’s a poor 3ds port.

  • Chris Yuen

    If Sony can agree to a localized Vita port of Valkyria Chronicles 3: Extra Edition…

  • revolvus

    One huge omission: Zero Escape.

  • Pedro Rosas

    This list is missing “Gravity Rush”, “Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward” and “DJMAX: TECHNIKA TUNE”

  • Steve Baltimore

    These are but a few of the games, there are tons of other great games for the system as well.

    • Name them.

    • Steve Baltimore

      Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Virtue’s Last Reward, Atelier Totori plus, Dragon’s Crown, and I’m sure there are a few more these are just off the top of my head.

    • You said “great” and Uncharted is just okay. Also, Dragon’s Crown isn’t out and you’re listing ports again. So, excluding ports, you’ve adding two games, the admittedly fantastic Gravity Rush and the underwhelming (and worst entry in the franchise) Uncharted.

    • Steve Baltimore

      All handhelds start off with a bunch off ports. The best game on the 3DS for a long time after in launched was OoT’s remake. There are some ports in there, but that doesn’t mean they are bad games just because they are ports.

    • Ports don’t justify a system purchase and we’re 18 months in on the vita. If this were the first six months I’d concede that, but I can’t think of a system that had a lineup this dire a quarter into its life-cycle.

    • Steve Baltimore

      It took the 3DS a full two years to really get software flowing to the system, and still that all comes down to what kind of games you like. If you don’t care for first party Nintendo games you cut its library down considerably as well.

    • “If you don’t care for first party Nintendo games you cut its library down considerably as well.” If you don’t care for first party Nintendo games and you buy a Nintendo system, you’re an idiot. Furthermore, in the first 18 months, the 3DS had two original Resident Evils, two Marios, Kid Icarus, the underrated Theatrhythm, Shinobi, and Ghost Recon Shadow Wars, a completely new Kingdom Hearts, and a Mario Kart. And that’s not including some of the ports or the e-store. They were rolling long before the two year mark.

      My point is that the Vita was and still is in a bad spot.

    • タイガー&ドラゴン

      The vita is in a bad spot in the eyes of backers and the company. I personally own one and have a ton of games for it. To each their own opinion, stop tearing people down for enjoying the system as is.

      I’m just now getting games for my 3DS that are not first party and justify the price of the system, doesn’t mean it’s a crap system by a long shot.

    • I personally own one too, which should be blatantly obvious. To each their own opinion goes both ways; I’m allowed to express my dissatisfaction with the system. Don’t tear me down for not liking it.

    • タイガー&ドラゴン

      You should probably trade it in then, or sell it to someone cheap who has been wanting one and can’t afford it.

    • Nope. Dissatisfaction =! unwanted. Mayhaps you should read my other comments before you decide I’m a member of the anti-Vita brigade?

    • Inza

      Theres also Little Kings Story? Are we talking about Triple A titles here? Or do you want me to name any Title i enjoyed playing? Theres Reality Fighter aswell as Dungeon Hunter or something.. Theres Unit 13. We also have a Call of Duty game… Theres Ninja Gaiden.. Dead or Alive..WipeOut?! We have an Assassins Creed, too. Little big Planet. I can tell you more if you want. Add all these to the List stated above.
      You are saying Vita doesn’t have many games, which is wrong. Vita has alot of games. Just not many of them probably interest you. I didnt even start with the Indie games… I own a Vita since release day. bought many games, played many games and i will support this lil’ handheld for a long time, because i love it. I know where your opinion is coming from. Im thinking aswell, that thr Vita needs more “appealing” titles. However saying that Vita doesnt have any/many good games is simply wrong. Simply because its 1. your personal opinion 2. you cant really saying a game is good or bad just by its sales. I for one, enjoy those low budget 15 bucks titles aswell. And i dont need 10 AAA titles every year.

    • First, half of that list is absolute trash. CoD Declassified is one of the *worst* games on the system, and honestly the mere act of bringing it up in a discussion of Vita’s best should invalidate your opinion entirely. LKS is a port, Reality Fighters is average at best as is Unit 13, Ninja Gaiden is a port of a port, Dungeon Hunter is trash, Assassin’s Creed is a bug ridden mess, LBP is an inferior version of a good game, DoA5+ is good, but a port as well.

      Second, read what I’ve posted. AT NO POINT DID I SAY THE VITA DIDN’T HAVE GAMES. AT NO POINT DID I SAY THE VITA DIDN’T HAVE *GOOD* GAMES. My problem is the signal to noise ratio. Basically, why should I bother with a Vita when I can get a PS3, or a 3DS, or a 360 and have a much better selection of games?

      Third, I didn’t ask for your personal list of “my favorite vita games”. I asked for games that everyone can unilaterally agree are pretty great and are only available on Vita. It’s a regrettably short list.

      Finally, I have a right to want my systems to be excellent. I don’t want the Vita to fall in the same pit the PSP fell into; where some of the most brilliant games for the system never make it out of Japan because the publishers know they won’t make any money (AKA Sol Trigger, .hack//LINK, Frontier Gate, and Final Fantasy Type-0). There are already some kickass Vita games that aren’t coming out here and I’m not okay with that. So, no. I’m not going to settle for a system being mediocre when it should be great. You shouldn’t either.

    • Inza

      Yea, like i said ure saying these games are trash based on your opinion. And your entire post is as questionable as mine, if you compare a handheld with a home console, tough guy.
      + To go back to topic. The Vita isnt 2 years old yet. Far from it. So lets just wait till next year february and see whats on the plate then, yes? Dont compare the vita to the 3DS in terms of availble games. Also funny how you completely ignored the Mobile and Indie point. Its a handheld, buddy. And i didnt list these games cos i liked them, but just to show you how that makes as much sense as your “all these games are crap” posts. Basically you say -, i say +. We cool?

    • タイガー&ドラゴン

      It’s like talking to a hateful wall with this person. Determined to hate the vita imo.

    • Did you actually read what I posted?

    • タイガー&ドラゴン

      It just sounds like you don’t like anything, or are just ultra picky. You also stated your Vita is just laying around. Selling it seems like the most logical route.

      At any rate, cheers.

    • “I’m not going to settle for a system being mediocre when it should be great.”

  • Need new RPGs

    It’s unfortunate so many on this list are ports of existing games….

  • My vita has a quarter inch of dust and a dead battery. The only thing I’ve even remotely been interested in was Soul Sacrifice and that was simply out of an obligation to play every Monster Hunter clone on the market. Honestly, I’ve had more fun playing PSP titles of late (though the best ones seem to not make it out of Japan. I’m looking at you Frontier Gate, Sol Trigger, and Type-0.) That and the 3DS is absolutely killing it right now. I hope that all this PS4 connectivity breathes some life into the system.

    Also, it’s worth pointing out that if you take out the ports, you only have three games on your list, which is quite sad to be honest.

    • That being said, I do absolutely love RO. I feel my purchase was justified with that game alone. I just wish there was more content.

    • Norbert Gespenst

      RO is why I bought the Vita and there were a few games that carried me to where I’m at now. Vita’s going to get there but I think after august it should really start picking up here. If you ever get the chance try the God Eater 2 demo.

    • I got it for AC3: Liberation. RO was something to play because AC was a) broken and b) difficult to play for more than a few hours at a time. I love MonHun clones and I love God Eater. But it’s an up-port too :<

      I want it to at least play like RO: somewhat optimized for the system.

    • mirahsan2

      Ys Celceta should be good. Good mix of story with great action.

    • I emphatically dislike the Ys series.

    • mirahsan2

      Why is that?

    • It’s just a series that I’ve never been able to get into. I recognize that it’s good and I can understand why people like them, but I don’t. We all have series that we understand are good, yet still dislike; Ys is one of mine.

    • Oh and the game replacement thing just makes it all opaque to a new player.

  • Lightthrower

    There’s a ton of good games on the Vita, but where it shines the most (for me) is with the PSP games. The new OLED screen on the Vita really makes the PSP games shine. Take Corpse Party for example. On the PSP whenever you moved your character, the blacks in the screen would move with your character (kinda hard to explain, those who played it on the PSP would know), but on the Vita it’s crisp and clean.

    Also, Atlus games on PSN are really cheap right now 😀

  • James Best

    Another Vita game I’m interested in is Gravity Rush. Although, I don’t have a Vita so my interest doesn’t mean much.

  • mirahsan2

    Can’t wait for Ys Celceta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • InfernalDinosaur

    Also Uncharted: Golden Abyss. Not a niche game, but good.

  • Roberto Ruiz Contreras

    Wait a minute………. I already own all of this.

  • Stealth

    no wonder steve is my best friend lol

  • SecretX

    i’m gonna wait for another 2yrs to get a vita. my mistake back then was getting a psp 1000 instead of the ds. i had to buy a memory card and then buy games which was stupid.

  • HassanJamal

    Ugh, when are having more options to play game you want a bad thing people?
    Anyways, good list. Btw, PS+ owners, Dokuro will be free for ya starting this weeks Store update for the US. Enjoy!