Sword Art Online Premieres Tonight on Toonami

Saturday, July 27th, 2013

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Sword Art Online Kirito   Sword Art Online Asuna

It’s not every day that a new series is added to the Toonami line-up, but Sword Art Online will premiere tonight at 2:00 AM EST. Originally scheduled to debut sometime in August, the series will be shown with Aniplex’s new English dub. Bryce Papenbrook (Masaomi Kida in Durarara!!, Rin Okumura in Blue Exorcist) voices Kirito while Cherami Leigh (Lucy Heartfilia in Fairy Tail, Shana in Shakugan no Shana) will be voicing Asuna.

Sword Art Online follows series protagonist Kirito, a teenage boy who logs into a virtual reality MMORPG and soon learns that he can’t log out. Thousands of other players are locked into the game too, and if their HP reaches zero they will die in real life. When it premiered last year in Japan, Sword Art Online was almost an instant hit with a global audience. Between this year’s Anime Boston and Otakon anime conventions, multiple guests who’ve worked on the series have made or will be making an appearance. Aniplex of America will be releasing the series on DVD and limited edition Blu-ray boxsets starting next month.

I covered SAO last year as the series premiered in Japan, and other members of the oprainfall staff have covered the PSP game Sword Art Online: Infinity Moment. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on the English dub after it premieres on Toonami, so share them below!

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  • ScienceNonfiction

    I watched 5 or so episodes of SAO last year when it first came out and I really didn’t get into it. I liked the premise and the first couple of episodes, but I kinda stopped caring when they went for the whole “character of the day” approach later on. Also, the way the story skips around destroyed the concept of progression through the tower. I mean, I know the main character is supposed to be this badass mad skills player, but when he goes from floor 2 to floor 45 in the course of one episode, it makes it a bit hard to believe that the characters’ lives are actually in all that much danger. All that being said, I’m planning on watching the series again starting tonight. I’ve been told it gets a lot better right after where I stopped, and I tend to prefer English dubs, so I’m looking forward to sticking with it this time and hopefully liking it!

    • Anhinck

      Those were some of my beefs with the series- it seemed to move a little quickly and bounce around without focusing on issues or people long-term. Still, it’s a solid show, and I hope you enjoy your second viewing!

    • ScienceNonfiction

      Thanks! I’ll try!

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      “Still, it’s a solid show”

      lol no

      Most overrated pile of crap ever.


    • NegaAnon

      Better than your other post but still a bad job. Nice try though.

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      It gets way, WAY worse. If you didn’t like the first 5 episodes, you are going to HATE the rest. The second half of the series (starting around Episode 13 or 14) is completely different to the first half, but not in a good way. The writing is atrocious, old characters become one-dimensional (if they weren’t already) and the new characters that are introduced are some of the most boring and predictable I have had the misfortune of seeing.

      The plot COMPLETELY changes. Seriously, it totally kills the interesting idea that the show started with and just becomes this bullshit romance/incest/fan-service drama about emo teenagers “in luuuuurv”. I felt embarrassed watching it.

    • NegaAnon

      Get your toll up. You need to try harder and not be so obvious. No, wait. I think it is that you are trying to hard. That being said, if you reply to this comment I may never know because this is the first time I have heard of this site and ever used it.

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0



    • Bigger

      I like how people have nothing better to say back and think they’re acting cool when they make a few spelling corrections. Ohhhh I can spell I’m above you all. I feel like that’s what your comment is actually saying. Just because the anime wasn’t to your liking doesn’t mean that it is a bad anime. Of course you have your own opinion but that doesn’t mean that the anime actually sucks. A more accurate piece of feedback would both benefit you and the community. But this is the internet so there’s nothing I can do. 😛

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      “But this is the internet so there’s nothing I can do.”

      Except reply to a two-month-old comment. Fucking moron.

    • Bigger

      Well thanks for staying relevant. Just goes to show how ignorant people can be. And by people, I mean TrollingForColumbine2.0. Anyway, maybe next time, instead of trying to curse me out, you’ll actually think about how stupid you’re making yourself look. I’d say just let it go, lesson learned. But we all know you will most likely post again out of anger. And you called ME a fucking moron, hah.

  • TrueWiiMaster

    I loved the show in Japanese, and was worried about the English dub. After seeing the trailer I was pretty impressed, and I’d definitely be interested in watching it again in English. That said, 2:00am is pretty late. Just a little later and it would be bordering on early. I doubt I’ll stay up that late just to watch it again. Maybe if I can’t sleep.

    • ScienceNonfiction

      Yeah, the trailer was pretty good! I’m glad they got Bryce Papenbrook for the main character instead of the usual Yuri Lownthal or Johnny Yong Bosch. Lowenthal and JYB are talented, but they’re in everything. It’s nice to see some variety. As for the time slot… it is pretty late. I know I won’t be able to watch it every week. Luckily I’ll be able to record it. Though if I had already watched the entire series like you have, I’m not sure that I’d even bother. Oh well… I guess you can’t really blame them for airing shows like Bleach and One Piece earlier on. Higher viewership and whatnot.

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      “I loved the show in Japanese”

      You like teen dramas about incest?

    • TrueWiiMaster

      First, incest never happened. A guy’s cousin had a crush on him. That’s it. Second, I’d hardly call SAO a “teen drama”. Sure it has drama, and it stars teens, but that’s very common in anime, and doesn’t usually reflect the genre. I’d say SAO was more of a fantasy adventure.

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      I bet you had fun fapping to that Sugu bath scene.

    • TrueWiiMaster

      I don’t even remember the scene you’re talking about. Clearly you do.

    • TrollingForColumbine2.0

      I can see you blushing from here. It’s okay, we all fap to ecchi at some point in our lives.

    • Saorocks

      …why are you still comeing back and what happend to your nevef going to read the reply comment.or do you really have nothing to do with your life that your going to creep on..”a website you have never heard of” and do everything you can to be a dick to people?

  • Sword Art Offline

    Wonderful show, and I’m sure the English dub will suck like usual.

  • Ashitaka1110

    Oh dem English dubs…*sigh*

  • GasaixYuno


  • TrollingForColumbine2.0

    *Fan Service Online

  • Kreynor

    The best thing about SAO is the haters, that have the physical need to say how much they dislike the anime in every discussion they find. Something like Lightning and FFXIII. I find them funny.

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a rusty knife…

  • InfernalDinosaur

    That second half.


    I’ve watched several better anime since finishing SAO earlier this year.

    It’s not bad. Just highly overrated.