About Those Donation Cases

Wednesday, June 19th, 2013

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Here’s a day I couldn’t wait to finally happen.  The donation cases are FINALLY in!

Donation Case Donation Cases Donation Cases

Donation Cases

About Damn Time

So when will YOU receive them?  Basically I need to go through every single box and match it to every applicable donation that we received.  Don’t worry, there’s enough to go around.

I didn’t donate, is it too late to chip in for one? No, but I’d rather make sure everyone who donated before hand has theirs all set up and ready to go. So hold your horses before donating! PLEASE! (for my sanity)

Do they come with the games? That would bankrupt us, especially considering how much Xenoblade goes for nowadays.

What took so long? A long tale of theft, lies, and betrayal.  I could write a book about it, ask my therapist!  The important part is we have them which means the next step is you’ll receive them!

So now that we finally have them we hope to get them out to you by the end of the week, at most next weekend.  Thank you for being as patient as you possibly can be, hopefully you can still trust us!!

  • smacd

    Ooh. Wish I’d known about that some time ago. I’d love to have one of those.

    I’m guessing the special edition packaging for The Last Story doesn’t fit them, right?

    • Jorudenu

      Sad but true, you’re right 😐 lol

    • One of the unfortunate trade offs for the case is that it’s only going to fit 3 standard sized cases, which means you either have to open the last story limited edition case to get to the regular one, buy a new standard one or just put the one you already opened in there.

  • Ryan Littlefield

    Just want to throw this out there – this took longer to release than all 3 games it was petitioning for. Hehheheheh

    Either way, I can’t wait for mine!

    • Yeeeeeah…It did…haha (never again)

    • Eric Lavallee

      I have both The Last Story and Pandora’s Tower but Xenoblade sold out to quickly for me to find a copy… How/When do I donate and when is the deadline. Thanks

    • Keep an eye on the “live update feed” http://operationrainfall.com/collectors-case-update-feed/ We will have enough to go around aside from the original donations so we will update when others can. Don’t worry, I don’t plan on upping the price for later donators, it’ll be the same amount as before. But right now my main goal is to make sure they get theirs.

    • Eric Lavallee

      thank you

  • Nathaniel Jones

    Okay, awesome! I’ve held off on donating until the cases came in (it was a tip from one of the guys at the Op. Rain. facebook page), but as soon as you give the word, I’ll donate! I’m so excited!

  • muguno

    will there be another way to get them? since I’m not really sure I can donate

    • Like another payment way or like a contest or something?

    • muguno

      yeap, something like that

    • I would imagine if we have some extra we’d do some sort of contest. Not soon though. As for another payment, other than paypal, which is what the donation leads to, there is no other way.

    • muguno

      I guess, I better make a paypal then

      around how much would be the donation for it?

    • 10 dollars, but hold off for now until I get everyone settled. Thanks!

    • muguno

      no problem, I’ll be waiting for the chance to make the donation.
      also great work with everything you guys have done

    • Thanks!! 🙂

  • Kyle Bue

    Will we get any notification of confirmation that we will in fact get one? I donated when it was first available to do so and I believe I received an email confirmation saying I did, but that was a LOOONG time ago so I just want to make sure that that info wasn’t lost to time or whatever 🙂

    • Yes, one reason why we haven’t done anymore emails since then is because anything other than, “they’re on their way” is unacceptable. But as long as you donated I have you on the list.

  • An Tran

    Once you’ve sent all these out, I’d definitely like to donate for one as well. Especially now that all three games have finally arrived in America (still waiting for a reprint of Xenoblade or an HD rerelease).

  • Zimmer Remmiz

    Any chance of these being available for purchase at any point?…

    • Ryan_oprainfall

      Not directly through purchase, no. But soon, we’ll open back up donations through Paypal. You donate $10 or more you get a case. It’s basically the same thing as buying them out right for $10.

  • Jorudenu

    I was waiting for this for so long, even send a mail to OR since I change of place and was scared to never receive it :’)! THX LORD! WE MADE IT! :D!

    • Jorudenu

      Donation made long ago, now it’s time to rest in peace since I beat all game waiting to put them in that case :’)! !!!

    • Thank god we got them, such a load off my mind. haha

  • Ashley Lau

    I’m not too sure, but I think I used a different credit card when I paid, so it might have the wrong address on it. Should I just email you my new one?

    • Please do. Use the “Contact Us” link up top to get in touch with us, and we’ll make sure your address is the current one.

    • PayPal doesn’t give us credit card information (which is a great thing for everyone). What it will do is give us your email and address that you have associated with that account.

  • Andy Rhodes

    I wants one…. I’ve been following since far before xenoblade came out lol… I signed ever petition, I cooperated in ever e-mail barrage to Nintendo. But alas, I was dumb and never donated. When will you let people know about of there are extras?

    • Soon, there’s definitely going to be extras. Lots of them! But I just want to make sure everything is set up for the prior donators. Can’t leave them too much longer otherwise I’d have a lynch mob after me!

  • RichieBerry

    Heh heh, good to know! Our long nightmare is finally over.

    And, might I say, what stunning artwork and design…

    • Yeah…totally our own artwork >_> (thank you for letting us use your raindrop design, we credited you on the box!)

    • RichieBerry

      Oh, I was delighted when you said you were using it. It’s an honor.

  • DT

    Theft, lies, and betrayal? Go on…
    Glad they actually exist though.

  • ChimeranX

    Do you anticipate that there will be enough extra cases for people who want to donate now, or is it probably going to be a stampede/sells-out-in-hours thing? Not sure how obsessively I should be checking the live update page.

    • I’m not anticipating a stampede. But it’s kind of difficult to forecast how quickly (or not quickly) these will go.

    • I wouldn’t say you have much to worry about…there’s probably going to be about….500 extra.

    • ChimeranX

      500 extra??? Glad to know, but…how much of a loss are you taking from these cases?

    • Answering that question is actually a lot more complex than you’d think. We may clarify at a later date.

  • Lavitz

    Glad to hear there will be extras! I’m definitely looking forward to getting one!

  • Zany4

    So if we donate $10 now through the paypal button on the main page can we get one of these cases yet? Is there a guarantee, or first come first serve? Thanks!

  • ChimeranX

    Will it be posted on the Live Update Feed when we can start donating for the extra cases?

  • SE

    have the cases been shipped? its already july 11.

  • Issue13

    Where are they? Any updates to share?

  • Issue13

    Just now printing mailing labels and thinking about the logistics of this operation… These certainly aren’t things that could have happened over the past several months…

  • hola

    When will the caees be available again?