E3 2013: Fez 2 Announced at Horizon

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Fez - Nice Hat | OpRainfall

In the very last moments of the Horizon indie game press conference at E3 2013, it was announced they would show one last thing. No hint as to what it was, no visual clues, nothing. The live feed went into overdrive with guesses as the short preview rolled. And then it hit. Fez 2 is coming!

Fez 2 Announced | OpRainfall

Fez 2 is being created by Polytron (http://polytroncorporation NULL.com/). Musician Disasterpeace (http://disasterpeace NULL.com/) has joined the team as well. The systems and release dates are still unknown at this point.

Here is the teaser trailer that was shown at Horizon.

SOURCE (http://www NULL.twitch NULL.tv/venuspatrol/)

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