oprainfall E3 Predictions: 2013 Edition

Monday, June 3rd, 2013

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The Staff Predicts what WILL happen during E3 2013.

Golden Sun Cast & Djinn

Jonathan: Golden Sun 4 is coming, folks. It may not be released this year, but I’ll be damned if Nintendo isn’t going to do just like they did in 2009 and show us a brief tease, only to make us wait a year or two. An absolute deluge of Pokemon-related stuff is happening as well. There will be way more games talked about in addition to X & Y, like a Wii U “Battle” game that lets you take the fun onto the big boy console, and more. Furthermore: a new Starfox game is coming. That 3D Mario is going to be amazing. Sony is going to absolutely bring the heat when it comes to the PS4, announcing tons of games people are waiting for and a huge partnership with various independent developers to push the “smaller” crowds to compete with Microsoft’s “big business” system and establish a rivalry of sorts with Nintendo. So there’s that.

– What WILL happen- Playstation 4 DRM up to publishers
– What MAY happen- Playstation 4 price announced
– What WILL happen- Microsoft will actually show off some games, and it will turn out they got some great exclusives.
– What MAY happen- May announce a way to loan a game to a friend via a pass. Will announce that renting is still possible via a system.

Nintendo – Pictures of Smash Bros.; Mario games for Wii U; Dragon Quest VII and Fantasy Life being localized.
Sony – Montage followed by games; The Last of Us and Beyond: Two Souls announced for PS4 launch; PS4 price announced; new $599 clip but with a Welsh accent.
Valve – Steam Box.
Ubisoft – Watch Dogs; Just Dance 5; Rayman Legends.
Microsoft – Shooters, shooters, and TV.

– More info on X, Zelda, Smash Brothers
BD:FF release date for Europe, narrowed down for America
X/Y release date given, more info on the game
– PS4 release date, more on games
FF:XV announced

Steve Baltimore: Sony and MS will have some sort of DRM. The game Retro is working on will be revealed as a new Metorid game. Nintendo will announce a new F-Zero game for 3DS or Wii U. Sega will develop it. Project Diva f will come for Ps3. In a longshot: Namco will bring Sword Art Online for PSP. Most of the XBone games announced will be free-to-play titles for the cloud. Both Ps4 and XBone price revealed: $399.99. Smash Bros. will be seen, as well as Mario Kart, the new 3D Mario, and Wind Waker HD. Of course X will be there, too. There will be no Wii U price drop, they will bring bundles instead. Vita will get a price drop and some big mainstream title announced. Monolith’s 3DS title will be there in a very early form. Here is the longest of longshots: it will be a tie in to Xenosaga.

David F.:
Sony: Reveal the PS4’s final design. Announce a few new exclusive titles for the PS4. Clarify their state on the used game DRM matter. New Vita games.
Nintendo: Show off the usual Mario & Zelda title and fanfare, demos for W101 etc. At least one new title for the Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.
Microsoft: Show off some gameplay on a few or all of the Xbox One’s 15 exclusive titles, revealing Rare’s secret title code named “Historia”.

Arik Yates: I hope there are loads of new I.P.s from Sony and Nintendo, though. The 2 continuations i do wanna see: Anything Metroid, 2D Castlevania. Nintendo will bring it. I wouldn’t even put it past them to reveal a new model/color for the Wii U.

Microsoft: will show off new titles in some form, however I’m pretty confident that the majority will have heavy emphasis on Kinect. Also a new Perfect Dark or Killer Instinct. There may be a few exclusives that won’t be shooters. Microsoft will not shift the entertainment focus of the the Xbox One to a more game oriented one.

Sony: there will for sure be a final model of the PS4, info regarding Vita and PS4 connectivity, and a new Naughty Dog title. There might be a new title in a classic RPG series that hasn’t been revisited since the PSX (like… The Legend of Dragoon).  Sony WONT fail to impress this year.  Gosh, as much as I love Uncharted, I hope the series is donskis. The trilogy was flawless, and I’d hate to see unnecessary spin-offs. (As much as I say I don’t want another numbered game in the series, I’d jump on it like white on rice, day one of its release.)

Justin –
– Nintendo shows off new trailers for Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, Bayonetta 2, and X, with a solid release date for Bayonetta 2. It’s revealed that Retro is working on an update of an ancient IP. The inevitable Smash Bros. reveal showcases at least one playable Kid Icarus character that is not Pit.
– Sony reveals PS4 price and shows off Infamous: Second Son again. Kojima takes the stage to talk Metal Gear. The Last Guardian is either unveiled as a PS4 launch title or not mentioned at all.
– Microsoft tries to make everyone forget the Xbox One unveiling by carting out some of those new IPs that were hinted at (and also blasting everyone’s brains with excessive dubstep). Rare’s “classic IP” revival turns out to be Battletoads Kinect. Also, TV sports Call of Duty.
– Square Enix reveals information on Final Fantasy XV. It looks suspiciously like Versus XIII.
– Tecmo Koei announces a localization for the next Nobunaga’s Ambition, shows off Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z in playable form. Samurai Warriors 4 is shown off for the first time.
– Capcom announces Darkstalkers 4. And I am not making any Mega Man or DLC jokes. Sorry!

Next Gen

Kyle Emch: Nintendo: This is where we’re going to see Nintendo rolling out its big guns for the Wii U. Aside from the new 3D Mario, Mario Kart, and Smash Bros. games, we’re probably going to see more info about the Shin Megami Tensei/Fire Emblem crossover and Monolith Soft’s new game, Bayonetta 2, the new Sonic game, the new game by Retro Studios, and maybe Earthbound’s release date. For the 3DS, we’re definitely going to see some new information about Pokemon X/Y. I kinda hope Nintendo also reveals some new eShop titles it’s working on for the Wii U. The fact that indies are bringing their games to the platform en masse is awesome, but Nintendo really needs to get behind their own platform in order to really make it attractive.

Sony: Thus far, Sony is the only one who hasn’t revealed what their console actually looks like. We’re definitely going to see what it looks like here, as well as further details on its online structure. Sony previously stated that, although their system isn’t backwards compatible with digital PSN games, they said they’d honor their accounts somehow. I hope this means that they’ll at least try some form of backwards-compatibility via Gaikai streaming, or something. Other than that, we’re probably going to see some interesting games from Sony, Square, Capcom, etc.

Microsoft: Hoo boy. Not even sure why I’m bothering with X1 predictions at this point. Unless Microsoft shows off the best games in the world (which they won’t), core gamers just aren’t going to flock to this system. All Microsoft seems to have at this point is Halo, Gears, and Forza. That’s just not going to cut it. We’re probably going to see Rare’s new game, which is probably going to be another Kinect Sports title. Then there’s that Crytek game Microsoft’s been hyping for a while now. Maybe they’ll show it off here. But I really don’t have high hopes for Microsoft this year. The past couple of E3 presentations have been flops, at best. And if Microsoft is going in the direction it seems to be going in, prepare for another massive disappointment.

And, last but not least…

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