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Rain, the new title from Sony Computer Entertainment’s Japan Studio Division, has a lot to present for itself in its new story trailer which is streaming online now. The game is created by someone with a background as a florist, and Acquire, the studio known for its stealth-based Tenchu series, as one of its developers.

The game tells the tale of a silhouette boy in pursuit of a girl, who shares a similar condition, in a city of endless night and rainfall. In his search for this girl, he will travel around the city, solve puzzles, avoid monsters, and, ultimately, share a moment of friendship with her.

Here is the trailer below:

From the preview, Rain seems to convey a delicate and sentimental quality within its heavy and melancholic presentation. Its dark and dreary color palettes, reinforced by the gentle sounds of raindrops and the musical notes from Claude Debussy’s Clair de Lune, offer a sense of longing and affection in a world that feels isolated and frozen in time. Its exploring mechanics, mixed with light survival-horror elements and thoughtful camera placements, are as vital in delivering the same emotional experiences validated by the visuals, as the world looks attentively crafted for players’ interaction.

The game was originally conceptualized after a successful pitching to Sony’s PlayStation C.A.M.P (Creator’s Audition Mash-Up Project), a small institution from Japan Studio that lets people sell their ideas for a game. Some of Sony’s oddball titles, such as Tokyo Jungle, Trash Panic, and Echocrome came from this department.

This game will be available for PlayStation 3 this year in the Autumn season. Here are some accommodating screenshots to go with the trailer:


Andy Na
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