Final Fantasy IX Side Quest Rediscovered

Wednesday, May 29th, 2013

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Final Fantasy IX | oprainfall

A member of the GameFAQs forums recently found a previously obscure side quest for Final Fantasy IX, which was released way back in 2000. Said quest is on the fourth disc of Final Fantasy IX, and requires 17 events to happen in order for it to start. After each event, the player has to return to the Tantalus hideout and talk to the various members of Zenero and Benero’s family. Each time you visit, there will be a new member for you to talk to. Once you’ve completed all 17 events and talked to each family member, you obtain a Protect Ring and finish the quest. Someone even made a walkthrough video for it, just to prove that this quest exists. You can view it below:

Of course, I should point out that this quest hasn’t exactly been “discovered.” It was listed in the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania back in 2004. It’s very likely that it was known by only a small group of people up until now. Still, the fact that a quest like this has eluded the majority of Final Fantasy fans is kind of interesting. Perhaps there are other things about some of our favorite games that might’ve slipped past us.


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  • Wait…that you had to keep going back to talk to them wasn’t obvious to most people? #gamersthesedays

    • The fact that you had to go back to them after 8-9 specific events in Memoria. Or event instances, for example.

    • Still…it’s not like there was no clue to do this. Getting the events gives you the hint that there might be something to go back and talk about. It’s just that a lot of people don’t care enough about non-main stories, or assume that NPCs never have anything important to say, so they won’t make the effort.

    • -Majin-

      Let’s not forget that it’s not possible to 100% FF9. There is an item that you can only get by getting to the 4th disc in a set amount of time.

    • smacd

      Wasn’t there someone a few years back who mapped out a method to basically 100% the game including the Excalibur 2? I don’t recall for certain but I thought there was a guide out there for it somewhere.

    • -Majin-

      If there is, then I can’t imagine how not fun it will be.

    • No kidding. I never had a desire to go for the Excalibur II. Sure it’s Steiner’s best weapon, but you can easily do the 9,999 max damage using Magic Sword with Vivi meaning it’s pretty much useless. Though I suppose it could be useful against Ozma, but really, I’ve beaten Ozma just fine without it.

    • smacd

      Yeah, I can’t imagine that either. Despite being one of my favorite games in the series, not something I have the patience to try.

      I found it at GameFAQs, in the In Depth Guides section for FF9 there is an “Excalibur 2 Perfect Game Guide” by Atomos199 that was last updated in 2011. It claims to be a 100% completion with Excalibur 2 guide.

    • For people who speedrun or go for complete 100%, they don’t do it for the same fun that you may have in playing a game. They do it for their own reasons which in turn become fun for them.

    • Nathan Wallace

      these days? Dude, this was 14 years ago. What the hell are you talking about you pretentious douche?

    • Resorting to petty insults…really? Also, no. To quote the article, “It was listed in the Final Fantasy IX Ultimania back in 2004”. The only reason that more people didn’t know about this quest is because people are lazy and don’t pay attention.

    • Nathan Wallace

      People meaning: People who aren’t you.
      I stand by my pretentious comment. And still stand against you saying it’s because of “Gamers these Days.” I’m happy not many people found it. It means there’s less of a chance of the gaming world breeding people like you.

    • You mean intelligent people with a capacity to pick up on contextual clues, patience, reading comprehension (incidentally, I didn’t say “people” meaning “people who aren’t me”, I said “more people”…meaning literally “more people”, so that kind of proves my point on that one), and attention to details? Yes, heaven forbid that gamers seek anything but the most watered-down “Hey, Stupid! Do this!” clues, try to think, or experience any kind of delayed gratification…

    • Nathan Wallace

      I’ll agree that Games these days are watered down, but that’s not the fault of gamers, and that doesn’t change how pretentious I find you to be. I made it through Zelda 1 and 2 with no walk-throughs, and played through the early castlevania games. I think those are more cryptic than any of the FF installments, Puzzle solving comes naturally to me and I’ve yet to play through a game with necessity to resort to walkthroughs, but I don’t put myself above any other gamer for this, and I certainly don’t denote the vast majority of gamers. Why would I want to destroy and belittle the community I so tightly interleave myself with? I’d rather the people I relate to be soft and “Lacking intellect” than be pretentious, know-it-all, rub-it-in-your-face douchebags. Of course, as stated, this is nothing you are rubbing in my face as I never played FF9, I just can’t stand to see such douchebaggedness.

    • You may not be pretentious, but you certainly lack a sense of humour. Yes, I admit that I have been rather defensive throughout all this. However, it might have something to do with someone treating me like a complete bastard because they couldn’t take a bloody joke!

  • Xx_Kares_xX

    o.O This was a secret?

    • -Majin-

      Like it said; It’s not. But you need to be so specific that it’s easy to miss.

  • Nathan Wallace

    Now we just gotta sit back and wait for the pretentious pretenders to start leaving their, “People couldn’t figure this out?” Comments.

    • Also, we have to wait for the fools to start leaving their, “I wasn’t able to figure this out, so I’m going to act like anyone who could is the one with a problem.” comments, apparently.

    • Nathan Wallace

      Jokes on you, I never played FF9 lol.

    • Soooo convincing…

    • Nathan Wallace

      convincing? What am I to convince you of? The only FF game I’ve actually managed to give the time of day too was Tactics and tactics advanced. I sipped a good deal of this article because it didn’t make any sense or difference to me lol.

    • Right, so you got all up in arms about something that you don’t know or care anything about. You have continued to devote your time to arguing about it, because it’s just so very unimportant to you. Sure. That makes perfect sense.

    • Nathan Wallace

      Up in arms?
      I’m not up in arms about anything lol. This game isn’t something I care about at all. You accuse me of perceiving you the wrong way, but perhaps I am not the only one?

    • My perception is shaped wholly by your actions. You saw fit to respond to my comment with namecalling and posturing, right from the start. So, forgive me if it’s a bit difficult to see you right now in anything but a negative light.

    • Nathan Wallace

      As my perception is shaped wholly by your actions. You saw fit to claim rights to the title of “Pretentious Douche” by virtue of actions and I saw fit to have fun by “Calling them as I see them.” Nothing more, nothing less. I don’t claim to put myself in a positive light, I aim only to knock the pretentious off their high horses. As stated, FF9 is not a game I ever bothered to play, I have no reason being here, I have nothing to defend myself over relating to this game or article. My only relation to this is calling you out as I see you. So what do you have against me and my actions? I’m the bad guy because I make you look like a “complete bastard?” If you didn’t act like a complete bastard I wouldn’t be able to make you look like one. Make sense. Subvertly, you can brand me any reasonable title by virtue of my actions here and I won’t deny it, but first you have to know what you are talking about and not make misguided and unfounded claims such as “I wasn’t able to figure this out, so I’m going to act like anyone who could is the one with a problem.” Making false and unfounded claims like that makes you look like a “complete bastard” even further. So think before you write. “Gamer’s today,” by association of games today may appear soft, but the gamers of the past, by association to you now appear pretentious. Stop destroying the reputation of my favorite community. I am a gamer today. I was a gamer 10 years ago, and I was a gamer 10 years before that and I will not have myself in any of these time periods by guilty by association with some-one like you.

  • Not-so-lost sidequest

    If you beat all the missions at fort Condor and have the key to re-enter Midgar, you should find a special NPC in Sector 6. If you hand him a mastered copy of every materia he’ll give you a special Phoenix Down that you can then use to resurrect Aeris.