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Do any of you remember the title “Agito”? Long time fans of Square Enix and their Final Fantasy series probably remember this term, and not all too cheerfully either. But, even with its rather controversial history, Square Enix Japan has once again re-registered the name Final Fantasy Agito; yet for what purpose? We don’t really know yet.

For those who don’t know, Final Fantasy Agito XIII was the original trademarked title for what is now known as Final Fantasy Type-0, a PSP title that has long been denied a Western localization. Western fans have been clamoring for Final Fantasy Type-0 to come to the West, but Square Enix stills seems quite indifferent to the idea.

So, what could Square Enix be using the Final Fantasy Agito title for, now? Maybe it’s for their long delayed title Final Fantasy Versus XIII, whose development has been kept in the dark for quite sometime (http://www NULL.vg247, and who might be getting developed for the next gen consoles as of now. However, there is a hint that this might not be true, as there is no mention of the number thirteen in the title any more. This lack of the thirteenth number has left some to believe that this new Final Fantasy Agito title will have no connection to the Fabula Nova Crystallis compilation; a compilation that Versus is still believed to be a part of.

So does this mean that Final Fantasy Agito is the  new Final Fantasy title then? Maybe Final Fantasy Agito is the actual title this time around too? For now we will just have to wait, but luckily, we wont have to wait too long. Square Enix has promised that a new Final Fantasy will be revealed at E3 (http://www NULL.vg247, which can experienced on the Square Enix’s exclusive E3 stream.

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