SPOTLIGHT: Why Shadow of the Eternals Matters, and Why You Should Support It

Saturday, May 25th, 2013

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Shadow of the Eternals | oprainfall

I should start this out by putting one thing on the table – I am heavily biased in favor of Shadow of the Eternals. I think it looks like an excellent game thus far, I have pledged more money to it than any Kickstarter I’ve previously pledged to, and I want to see it get made. Which probably makes you wonder why I’m writing this article. Quite simply, I am writing to all of you because a year old article has seemingly ceased the flow of money to this campaign, and I want to convince you that Shadow of the Eternals is worth donating your hard earned cash to.

Since I am a classy guy, I won’t mention where this negative article came from, or quote it directly. I don’t want any false allegations of bullying on my part. However, I am beyond incensed by the apparent truth that, ever since a large group of people were made aware of this article, the money has dried up for Shadow of the Eternals. It would be one thing if the article in question sourced actual proof to back up their claims, like the “fact” that Denis Dyack is a tyrant, or that Silicon Knights supposedly embezzelled money from publishers, or other similar nonsense. Again, it is important to note that absolutely none of these “facts” are proven, sourced or otherwise shown to be anything more than sensationalistic fantasy. But I’m sure some of you still aren’t convinced. So rather than prove that the article was intentionally slandering Denis Dyack and Silicon Knights, I thought I’d remind you what Precursor Games is now doing that is so exciting.

In case any of you missed it, Shadow of the Eternals is the spiritual successor to a classic GameCube game called Eternal Darkness. It’s being developed by many of the same talents from Silicon Knights that crafted the original masterpiece. And while not a direct sequel, it looks to employ many of the same themes and core concepts. What is very cool about this game is that it essentially looks to be a graphically improved, larger version of Eternal Darkness. While $1,350,000 is a lofty goal for Precursor to attain, much of this funding will go towards utilizing the CryENIGNE3 to power the game. What this means is the creators behind Shadow of the Eternals want to make a realistic, deeply immersive environment to explore. Take a look at this video to see what I mean :

Another very exciting aspect of this project is that it will retain the single most compelling concept introduced in Eternal Darkness: The Sanity Effects. Only now, Precursor can create much more crazy, realistic looking events, and they really seem geared up to make the player truly uncertain of whether or not what they experience in the game is real or just a crazed delusion. This differs from the Sanity Effects in Eternal Darkness in scope only, since in the original players could usually tell when they had gone mad.

Now there are probably still some cynics saying that, again because of the notorious article, that they are still not convinced. They are concerned that Precursor Games won’t deliver on their promised product OR that they worry that Precursor is asking for more money than they actually require. To those naysayers, I offer the following video :

The final, and perhaps most important, reason I urge you to support this project is this. It is beyond evident to me that Precursor Games is staffed by passionate, creative and hardworking individuals. They have established a forum just so fans can contribute their ideas to the game, and perhaps even see them utilized in the final build. They are also well organized, and ready to make a stellar and compelling game world. The very fact that Shadow of the Eternals is composed of 12 episodes, each 2-4 hours long, that all focus on various characters, also tells me that they aren’t just sitting on their heels. They are actively working, thinking and creating, since they are even more motivated than their passionate fans for the world to see their game. I’ll offer a couple more videos to back that assertion up :

So that’s really all I can say. I hope I’ve made it apparent why you should be excited about this project, and pledge some money to Precursor Games and Shadow of the Eternals. They have about 24 days left, and still need to get around $1,250,000 to reach their goal. If you’re interested, you can find out more on their Kickstarter Page.

About Josh Speer

Josh Speer is addicted to two things in equal measure : Books and Videogames. He has a degree from the University of Washington in English with an emphasis on writing. He joined Operation Rainfall last year while following it on Facebook. His two giant life goals are to write his own series of fantasy / science fiction novels and to get into the creative side of the video game industry. He is beyond pleased to now have his proverbial foot in the door thanks to the opportunity provided by Oprainfall!

  • Coarse

    I’ll be kicking in $50 next week. It’s a pre-order, essentially. Loved Eternal Darkness, and this should be awesome as well.

  • John Ellis

    If I have a Wii U before the game comes out I will buy this.

    • Tester

      The game is also on PC, as well as Wii U.

    • John Ellis

      I prefer console

  • i kind o felt this way with project awakened, really wanted to see it grow and the audience never showed. that said, i loved eternal darkness so ill likely pop in on this.

  • Jack

    As a Canadian, I want this developer to succeed, and put our name out there, we’re rooting for you. I’m going to put $100 down, for both the Wii-U and PC version.

  • I’ve pledged one dollar to their project just so I can get updates mailed to me. Why won’t I give more? Not so much because of the Kotaku article, but because all of their previous games except Eternal Darkness have been shit. Also do how Dyack handled the critics of their abomination of a game, Too Human. I remember the disaster of Dyack going against the critics on 1UP podcast.
    All the other game creators which have received a lot of money has done so based on their pedigree, an impressive one at that. (The creators of fallout, baldurs gate, torment etc)

    To say that they receive little money just based on thy article is silly. I’ll change my mind if and when this new game from Precursor Games comes out and I see that it’s awesome. Then I’ll change my mind. Until then, I remain skeptical.

    Too Human…I will never forget.

    • Grant Abbott

      Too Human was partly microsoft’s fault. This game looks amazing, it’s sad people are judging the team based on many things out of their control.

    • TwinTails

      It’s largely due to many folks in the gaming community taking many things at face value instead of looking for the real answer themselves, the internet is a vast well of information that many people just aren’t using enough.

    • Ibi Salmon

      And it’s moments like those where I shake my head and say,

      “So much for the Information Age.”

    • Bazor

      What answers? Because all I’ve found is them losing a massive lawsuit and releasing two abominable games.

    • Bazor

      How is it “out of their control”? Since leaving Nintendo they have been free to work on anything they want. Since then they’ve released two atrocious games and been found guilty of reverse engineering another companies software.

    • Buckykat

      You either have forgotten or have no taste, because in addition to the abortion that was Too Human, he also produced Dark Legions, and the Twin Snakes. The man can squeeze out good games, and Eternal darkness was his baby. If you believe that it was good, then Trust that he will deliver on the sequel. Remember that he is casting out without a publisher, to avoid the usual game-killer problems, some of which helped kill too human.
      I’ve asked for a gameplay trailer, and I hope it comes soon, and
      will prompt both of us to give copiously.

    • mwsandt

      There is a gameplay trailer already out…google it, youtube it…look on KS. its there

    • The Twin Snakes was heavily overseen by Konami AND Nintendo. Dyack didn’t have enough input in its design for his role to have much of an effect.

    • Bazor

      The Twin Snakes was a straight up port. All the new stuff was created by the original team.

      And no. Eternal Darkness was saved by Nintendo stepping in to fix it.

    • Denis the Douche Dyack

      Read this if you want the truth:

      It’s an unbiased account of the history of the studio you seem to have forgotten.

  • Denis the Douche Dyack

    No. These are the people who made Too Human. These are the people who STOLE CODE FROM EPIC THEN BLAMED EPIC.

    They are immoral thieves. They are incompetent fools who siphoned money from Activision and used it on making Eternal Darkness 2 assets instead of working on the game they were commissioned to (X-men Destiny, which sucked). You are throwing your money down the drain if you back their Kickstarter. Look, everyone claims to like Eternal Darkness but these people are frauds and Denis Dyack is a lying tool. They do not deserve your money simply because they’re holding Eternal Darkness over your head. Silicon Knights is bankrupt for a reason. They have been ordered to destroy all copies of Too Human for a reason.

    • mwsandt

      I bet you were the one of those people that believed Iraq had WMD’s and that 9/11 was staged.

    • Grant Abbott

      They didn’t steal anything, they brought Unreal Engine 3 and it didn’t work the way they wanted. I think they shouldn’t have sued Epic but don’t lie about stuff like stealing.

    • Bazor

      No, they attempted to reverse engineer the engine and then claim it was their own work. Hence why they’ve been forced to pay millions.

    • Grant Abbott

      huh? no they used a different engine, you sound like an idiot

    • Bazor

      You haven’t actually read the court proceedings have you? There’s a reason they’ve had to destroy all source code. Namely because it wasn’t theirs to begin with. Also it’s interesting how literally hundreds of other games managed to be made using the engine.

    • Grant Abbott

      bull, You do know SILICON KNIGHTS SUED EPIC. It’s like you read 5 seconds of an article and think you know anything.

    • Yes, Silicon Knights sued Epic, but Silicon Knights lost the suit and in the process it was revealed that Unreal Engine code was in games that SK had previously stated weren’t using the engine.

    • Grant Abbott

      It was a civil case, and Epic didn’t counter sue for that reason. Seriously where are you getting this information. What do you gain for making stuff up? You have no understanding of the legal system.

    • Grant Abbott

      IGN isn’t a credible news source to me anymore. Besides I just brought Too Human. Try checking for updates, because a Judge can’t order the destruction of property in the United States (unless we lost the right as well).

    • All right, let’s try some more links:

      Unless it’s a mass hallucination, Silicon Knights was indeed ordered to destroy all copies of the game. Though not all retailers may have participated in a recall and you can still buy the game used. You certainly can’t find it on Xbox Live Marketplace anymore.

    • Denis the Douche Dyack

      The ignorance of this fool is astounding. Trying to pretend facts brought out in court are somehow fake because of the outlets that reported them. Christ.

      They were PROVEN to have stolen Epic’s code IN COURT. They are officially thieves. They were ORDERED to destroy all unsold copies of the game and stop producing more. It’s why the company is now defunct.

    • Bazor

      Thats why it specified “Unsold”. Second hand is fine.

      Basically the law ensured that Dyack will never make anymore money from those two games.

    • Silicon Knights lost their suit against Epic, and in the process it was revealed that Unreal Engine code exists in both Too Human and X-Men Destiny. Both games were forced off of store shelves and all unsold copies were legally required to be destroyed.

    • raven

      haha…wish you would get your facts straight…I can buy those games right now
      so what is true or false…none of it…if your going to report at least be able to back it up….court records and propaganda is for idiots to read…the facts are correct when your are there or a fly on the wall but as I can see you haven’t a clue…lol

    • It’s fair enough that I was wrong, though I heard otherwise elsewhere, which led me to an ill-informed conclusion. But you could stand to be a little more polite.

    • Grant Abbott

      nope the games were not destroyed. I don’t know if you are old enough to understand but Publishers own the rights to the games (Microsoft and Activision) and neither was requested to destroy any games.

    • Age has nothing to do with it. I heard otherwise elsewhere, but it appears I was wrong. Fair enough.

    • bloodraven43

      are completely out of your mind huh???…bet you work for Microsoft or another publisher out there….so much hate when you don’t really know if your reporting correctly or not…denis isn’t running this game on kickstarter….paul is ceo and owner of precursor….you should pledge 5 bucks and check it out instead of trying to hurt us loyal gamers…I want games…not publisher broken games I get all the time…tired of that.

    • Denis the Douche Dyack

      The developers of these games you claim to want do not have a good track record of producing good games. Simple as that.

    • Dozer

      Thank for the opinion, however, it’s my money and I’ll use it how I like. Why do you care so much about what I do?

    • Denis the Douche Dyack

      Throw money at thieves if you want, but any argument trying to convince OTHERS to throw money at thieves deserves to be shot down.

    • bloodraven43

      something’s not right with you…at first you trash with false info…now your saying their games arnt any good…your a joke…publishers destroy games with deadlines ….not studios…if you like those broken, unfinished messes, keep buying from the publishers its all good …for me im tired of the problem…the publishers…don’t need them…crowd fund and get rid of them…developers lose their game and get 7 bucks or less a copy when its sold…screw the corp machine…I want better games and the real artists to get rightfully paid…grow up dude….as for court proceedings…there are always trumped up charges you can find about everything in life…if you believe everything you read then you must be a child and naïve as shit…..5 dollars is nothing to put towards a game…everyone I know pays 15 bucks every 2 months for DLC…or you buy that wonderful season pass…lol…publishers are the crooks not the studios….as for engine code…how much do they want to lease one of those engines…unreal,cryengine,etc…now that’s another injustice in this trade…people ripping off creative minds…ridiculous.

  • bloodraven43

    its funny that their are some horrible games out there and people pay 60 bucks for them…and don’t say a word…I have many times…geezzzz
    5 dollar pledge gets you in the door and gets you an actual game…what kickstarter does that???…none plus your helping make a series of great games…..built on an awesome engine,cryengine3,with controller support on pc….this is a story driven action adventure game…how can you pass this up…come on in and join the fun on kickstarter.
    btw for the fools that think you know what’s going on in the industry cause you read some bs or just like to start trouble…suck it…makes no sense to kill a game that is made by precursor games…denis is an employee of this company….paul is the ceo…post s–t about paul if you can but you cant so pledged…some of you don’t have a clue..wish you would stop the kiddie bs and grow up…cheers

  • bloodraven43

    like in one article I read…which said…denis s problem is…he’s a perfectionist…he wants the game to look great and flow correctly with every aspect of the gameplay and story….publishers don’t like that about him…he takes too long…huh??? this is why too human wasn’t topself…think about it…get rid of the problem. Yes…the publishers are the problems…crowd fund games and say goodbye to the problem

    btw im LMFAO….hell I praise the denis for caring… not bash denis cause he loves what he does that much…please wake the fk up people and pledge…thx

    • Matt Molander

      As Shigeru Miyamoto once said, “A delayed game is eventually good, but a rushed game is forever bad.”

  • Alexandra

    What happened to people who simply want to support a game that they want to play? Drama aside, I think a lot of people who are caught up in the Kotaku drama can admit that this game looks fucking sick. If you want to hate on Denis, fine. But don’t NOT support this game because of some stupid shit. Gaming is supposed to be fun!

    • Marty

      Well, I think the game and studio look pretty darn good. I’ve given them my support (~$50) and I have no reservations. With kickstarter there is 0 risk anyway. I for one would really like to see a fresh game and I’ve been having a good time on their forums. It’s a pretty good community over there in the Order.

      I may even give them a bit more.

    • Denis the Douche Dyack

      It’s not just Kotaku, but the courts of the United States that have shown what thieves these guys truly are.

      Also their track record over the last two games speaks for itself.

    • bloodraven43

      you got the Douche part right…the usa courts are felonious with truth and justice…its really who has the better lawyer and who can throw more dirt…that’s what the court system is like here….I don’t know where your from or how old you are but you need to get a clue what real life scenario’s are about about…

    • Peter

      Their law suits has all been solved the legal way. What more could anyone demand?

      Their first two games, from before Silicon Knights had suits breathing down their neck every waking moment, were stellar experiences, so I’m sure Precursor can do great stuff without publisher setting dubious goals and deadlines to pander to 13-year-olds.

    • Bazor

      Their lawsuit was solved in that they lost. Hard. In the process they were shown to be borderline criminals with terrible working practices.

    • Peter

      If your point is that they can’t be trusted to make video games because of this, then I disagree.

    • bloodraven43

      I can tell your young by your avatar but borderline criminals???….lol…big business has a lot of crazy stuff like this going on all the time….who’s to say who’s is telling the truth ….if SK,denis or anyone was that corrupt there would have been jail time…their wasn’t…..don’t believe everything you read in this world….some of it is blown up out of proportion bigtime.
      fund this game and have fun…that’s what gaming is about not this crap.

  • I’ve already donated.

  • Name the last good game “from the creators of eternal darkness”.

  • supplicant

    Setting aside the whole Dyack thing, I don’t think Shadow of the Eternals is a good fit for Kickstarter. $1.5M is clearly not enough to fund the game they want to make, so they have to resort to an episodic format and hope the money comes in. If the money doesn’t come in, the people who pledged for multiple episodes get screwed. At the same time, the full first season cost twice as much as games like Project Eternity and Torment: Tides of Numenera. Promises of swag can bring in a lot of money, but a lot of people prefer just being able to get the basic game for cheap. It doesn’t help that Precursor Games is an unknown quantity. My gut reaction is that if they do fund, they’ll end up going over budget. I’d be a lot more confident if the gameplay preview wasn’t voiced, to be honest. Voice acting is going to cost them a lot of money.

    • bloodraven43

      lmfao….and you know all this because of why???….go play your silent games and ill play a game that grips you right in…. with awesome story ,graphics, combat, magic and everything else that makes games great
      example….god of war, uncharted, halo, and many others that would have sucked if there wasn’t any voice acting……this game is 5 dollars an episode….some people are so cheap and have so much bs in them it pains me to read it.
      btw…I have pledged to PE/TORMENT and many others.

  • david jarman

    Silicon knight tried to sue epic cause unreal engine had issues and wasn’t working properly. Silicon knight stated that epic was using the money that was suppose to be used for fixing the issue on their gears of war project instead. They accused epic for breaching the contract and the jury ruled that sk breached the contract.
    Keep in mind sk served epic. I think Epic really won cause they had deeper pockets(microsoft).