Two Brothers (Ackk Studios) New Trailer Revealed!

If there’s one game whose release I’m anticipating almost as much as Pandora’s Tower in just a few short weeks, it’s Two Brothers from the folks at Ackk Studios. From the moment the game was announced for Wii U some time ago, I was hooked. I’ve done my best to keep up with what Brian Allanson and his talented team has been up to, all the while more intrigued. Today, Ackk Studios released their brand new trailer for Two Brothers and offered a release window of “Summer 2013” for the PC, Mac, and Linux versions of the game. The Wii U and other promised versions are coming just a few months behind, as development on those started later on.

In case you missed them: Be sure to check out my interview with Andrew Allanson, the game’s composer; it’s from last year when the game was first announced for Wii U. Website Manager Jared Cyhowski interviewed the team while he attended PAX East not too long ago as well. Plenty of information about the game, its heart and its developers can be found within!

How do you all feel about the game? Does the trailer have you hooked? Be sure and let us know!

Two Brothers Box Art (Work in Progress)

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